kdb and kgdb

Debuggers are invaluable to understand bugs in poorly designed or poorly implemented software. If you want the kernel to stop as soon as possible such that you can install a breakpoint or execute a memory write, you need to add the kgdbwait argument at the end of your kernel boot arguments. this page to join up and keep LWN on Configure kdb for normal keyboard debugging: At run time: echo kbd > /sys/module/kgdboc/parameters/kgdboc. two solutions is best, but, since they serve different use cases, having [Link]. Architecturally the merged kdb is 99% platform independent and actually gained new features via the debug core API. kdb has long had a long history and quite a number of uses, it is worth consideration for merging to the mainline, No longer will people have to debate which is better, kdb or kgdb, why do we have only one... Just go use the best tool for the job. The kdb disassembler was the main causality of the merger. a number of other advantages that would come from the merge, At a really high level, the only difference is how you configure and connect. There oops). You can Merging KGDB KDB and Kernel Mode Setting This presentation used kdb_prototype8 from the kgdb git repository. In addition, things /var/log/messages because the crash was in the file system driver. it atop kdb led to support for many more architectures for kdb. one can use the gdb monitor command to access kdb commands. for kdb kdb may provide enough capability to debug a problem. opportunity to see the crash which would have otherwise been lost from Kgdb allows source-level debugging Configure kdb for a serial port at 115200 baud: At run time: echo ttyS0,115200 > /sys/module/kgdboc/parameters/kgdboc. There was some work done by Intel for a reliable NET POLL interface using a dedicated queue on an E1000E based PCI device, but it was not completed. and kgdb have similar needs in terms of how they integrate into the BUT, both kdb and kgdb have similar needs in terms of how they integrate into the kernel which is the driving force. The status command emits a bit less information in that you no longer get the exact output you would from cat /proc/meminfo, The bt command does uses the kernel's backtracer and not a disassembly engine which shows you function arguments, In the merged kdb & kgdb, presently there is no disassembler (known as the "id" command). to access the functionality: In the example above, Wessel shows how to enable kdb (for keyboard (kbd) Here is a list of the key differences between the out of tree KDB 4.4 and the new merged kdb & kgdb. Activating kdb is different. available, that too could be enabled, which would make it easier for users earlyprintk() is available. kgdb.c into that directory, the second adds KMS support merged code. Posted Mar 9, 2010 0:03 UTC (Tue) by johnh500 (guest, #49452) This was an intermediate build of the 2.6.32 development kernel however while the KMS core was in flux, so it is not terribly useful to anyone except as a demonstration. require using addresses, rather than symbolic names. file system driver crashes the kernel. kdb will also be entered automatically if the kernel panics. Hi Jason, which of these proposals do you consider reasonable, and could you please point us to any of them?

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