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Having trouble finding the right online gambling platform?

Don’t get your hopes down because we will help you choose the best Online betting site that suits your style and taste.

Whether it’s sports betting, online casinos in Singapore, or slots and fishing games in Asia, ask us because we know the best among the rest.

We ensure that our reviews are well-researched and curated by our professional punters in charge of studying every betting site from worst to greatest.

We will go through every angle and aspect of the popular and least-known betting sites globally.

We look into the bookmakers’ bonus offers and how fast they can give these offers to their players. This includes sign up offers, first deposit bonuses, rebates and cashback, and loyalty promotions.

Furthermore, we check the type of games and providers each bookie offers. For example, if they have free slot games or the latest casino games for new members to try.

In terms of their online sports betting platform, we take a look at their odds and the number of betting categories they have.

No information will pass our keen eyes and we make sure that what you’re looking for in a bookmaker will be looked into by our ThinkBookie punters and professional reviewers.

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FAQs About Betting Sites & Betting Bonuses

The best betting sites are subjective and you may also find a pool of bad ones.

The real question is: what makes a good betting site good? A good betting site must have the greatest games that come from known providers worldwide.

A lot of games that are not from a great provider might have glitches and other defects that can ruin your gameplay experience.

Also, a good betting site has great security measures in terms of protecting your personal information.

Lastly, you must always take into consideration their bonuses and promotions because not all betting websites have good bonuses that can boost your winnings.

We have a list of betting sites that have been ranked from the best to worst but take note that every now and then there may be changes that can affect their overall ratings.
It really depends on what kind of a bettor you are.

If you're someone who looks for the best odds in a sportsbook or if you want a specific sport in particular. You like casinos more than sportsbooks or other games that you really like. But we guarantee you that you will never see any betting sites here in ThinkBookie that are a bit off and suspicious.
To start your betting career you need to register in a betting site.

You can choose from a wide variety of betting sites here to check our review so you can be sure that the bookmaker suits you best.

And before you sign up to any betting sites, it's best to know whether they offer free credits to new members so you can maximize your betting experience from the very beginning.
It depends.

There are betting sites that are a bit off the edge but the real basis here is how they fix or deal with various situations.

Every betting site has its ups and downs. But we try to do our very best to only list the best betting sites available on the market. When in doubt, check our reviews for the bookies here.
Yes. There are a lot of illegitimate and sketchy betting sites. It's best to stay away from such sites if you ever encounter them.
Yes. All the power comes from the betting sites, but they will not terminate you without a valid reason. Some instances where a betting site may ban a person is because of money laundering, cheating, and other mischievous acts.

There are also betting sites that may ban you if you make too much profit.

Responsible gaming is also practiced on some gambling sites if a player's loss is too high.

In any case, please make sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up on a gambling website.
Almost every betting site has bonuses and promotions available.

Take a look at the list of bonuses and promotions we've compiled. Make sure to check the rebates, cashback, turnover requirements and their validity period before signing up.
Yes. Most of the betting sites either old or new offer free bets as their bonus or promotions.

There are some instances that they offer this after you sign up or as a reload bonus.

You can compare different reload bonuses on our website so you can gauge your options in choosing the perfect gambling platform fro you.
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