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“Whereas Steve, you put him in a social situation and he immediately wants the microphone.”. Scars Clue Explained, Warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual assault. How does this sort of sweet guy, who looks. “After the show took off, I remember writing Liz a congratulatory email, and I said: ‘Is there any way you can sustain a head injury, plus drowning, and still live? © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Reading the scripts, it was hilarious how arrogant and cocky and manipulative he was — from an actor’s perspective, this was a gold mine.”, “I liked that contrast in the characters,” Marsden adds. Is Steve Alive In Dead To Be? “I had so much fun with Christina and Linda,” Marsden says. How do I come back?’ She laughed, and was very graceful. In Grand Army’s pilot, there’s a bomb — that is, a literal one. I’d want to kill myself too.” As a final straw, Steve calls Jen a “miserable cunt.”. But getting more serious, he explains why the role of Steve attracted him. In eighth episode “It Had to Be You,” Jen sees a photo of the Wood twins as children and young Ben is wearing a long sleeve turtleneck at the beach. According to Scott, “James fit the bill as the character was written.”, “When we were talking about the components of the role,” Thomas says, “it was going to be very complex. Marsden plays two memorable supporting roles, but “Dead to Me” is anchored by the lead performances of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Meaning they can’t just be a jerk. ", "I didn't want to bring [Steve back from the dead] because that would be crazy," she continued. Everyone just clicked and got it. And we were like: ‘What is going on? The subtext of the statement is: if Ben takes his shirt off and doesn’t have the surgery scars, he is actually Steve. "He was like, 'I don't know if there's any way somebody can survive a traumatic brain injury and drowning, but if there is I'd be down,'" she shared with TV Line. Yet, when we see a shirtless Ben in “It’s Not You, It’ Me,” we glimpse a huge scar on his chest. The fact that Steve and Judy were the ones who, Finally, in penultimate season 2 episode “It’s Not You, It’s Me,” we get the full picture of what drove Jen to kill Steve. It’s like this perfectly constructed playset. Marsden is no longer playing Steve, Judy’s (Linda Cardellini) wealthy, aggressive former fiance. When it’s really sharp and the humor is really intelligent, it just makes our job that much easier and that much more fun. To me, it’s a testament to the writing. Don't miss the chance to stream Dead to Me, starring James Marsden, Christina Applegate, and Linda Cardellini, on Netflix today. Reading the scripts, it was hilarious how arrogant and cocky and manipulative he was — from an actor’s perspective, this was a gold mine.”. He’s sympathetic. The words just kind of flow. Season 2’s fifth episode, “The Price You Pay” starts laying the groundwork to confirm such a massive twist isn’t true. It’s really about what’s happening in the scene. When you enter Dead to Me season 2, one thing is certain: Steve Wood (professional handsome person James Marsden) is dead. When James Marsden signed on to play Steve Wood in Netflix’s ‘Dead to Me,’ he never imagined he’d wind up also playing Steve’s semi-identical twin brother, Ben. James Marsden is back on 'Dead to Me' — this time, as Steve's twin. Netflix's Dead to Me couldn't have dropped its second season at a better time, but the Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini drama begins with a huge twist: actor James Marsden is back, as his twin. “[Christina] is so fiery and angry and annoyed, and brilliantly portrays that. Thomas says: “For me, it should always be about the work. I have to be able to make fun of them and pull the comedy out of them. Instead, he turned around and began to taunt Jen, calling her a “poor widow” with a “miserable,” now dead, cheating husband. The stuff that I do well is jumping all over the place from genre to genre, and playing different extremes. While the full story of Steve’s terrible behavior before his death seems extremely Steve. In another flashback from that night, Steve tells Jen, “Ted. The Chilling Meaning Behind That Email You Keeping Seeing In, We’re Getting A Season 2 Of NXIVM Docuseries. Read Next: CAA Foundation Celebrates Quarter Century of Philanthropy, Marsden deflects the compliment: “When was, cast, and when was he let go?” he jokes. I don’t fucking blame him.” Steve then claims Jen is the cause of Steve’s supposed suicidal ideation, continuing, “If I was married to you, I’d want to put a fucking gun to my head. The title of Netflix’s dark comedy “Dead to Me” suggests that mortality is a relative state, but it’s still a bit surprising to see James Marsden — whose character ends season one face down in a swimming pool — return for season two. Marsden says he wasn’t planning to return to “Dead to Me,” but may have planted the seed for the move. Is there any world where someone can survive that?’” he jokes. And Steve is dead. Casting directors Sherry Thomas and Russell Scott join the actor to reveal how a dead villain got a big-hearted twin. After the first season wrapped, Liz recalls that James sent her an email. As a casting director, you learn to see the soul of an actor when they come in, and that’s what I care about. July 1, … HBO just announced that the docu, If you binged the stranger-than-fiction true crime Netflix docuseries The Tiger King, then you may have a lot of ideas for Halloween. After watching Jen go down an anxiety spiral about murdering Steve in her backyard pool, she, Judy, and viewers alike were understandably shocked when that same man appears at their doorstep. "You don't want it to come off like a gimmick. He’s dead!’”, When Thomas and Scott were originally casting “Dead to Me,” they had no idea they needed to find an actor who could play both a self-assured, Mafia-connected attorney and his polar opposite. "I'm fully aware that stepping into this kind of thing could be very tricky," he said. “To me, bad guys are no fun unless they’re fun. 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Usually, that breeds a better human being, and Ben, for all his dorkiness and his awkwardness, is a good man.”. The 'Dead to Me' Season 2 Cast of Characters Has Some Fantastic Surprises. And you know what? I have to be able to make fun of them and pull the comedy out of them. Thomas and Scott struck a goldmine when they cast Marsden for “Dead to Me,” but what are the things they look for in auditions? Vivica A. The two play women with dark secrets who befriend each other at a grief support group. This came my way by Liz saying: ‘You can be the sweeter brother who’s kind of dorky, and he has a heart problem, but the irony is that his heart is much larger than Steve’s ever was.’ He’s a good man. “[Christina] is so fiery and angry and annoyed, and brilliantly portrays that. Amanda Bell. In the mid-season episode, Ben reveals that he had a heart defect as a child, which resulted in multiple surgeries. Meaning they can’t just be a jerk. As show creator Liz Feldman explains, the decision to bring James back as Steve's twin took a little bit of time to arrive to. Fans will remember that James Marsden's Steve Wood was killed by Christina Applegate's Jen in the Season 1 finale, so we were all shocked to see the familiar face knocking on her door at the end of the first episode. Thankfully, if you really pay attention to, One of the biggest question marks throughout, Season 2’s “You Know What You Did” confirms Jen didn’t shoot Steve, despite pulling a gun on him. I grew up with two brothers very close in age, and I know how competitive that is, and how you can feel like the runt of the litter if you’re not the family superstar. Oh, yeah, he wanted to get hit. Why are we talking about James? It wouldn’t be “Dead to Me” if there wasn’t a twist. Explicit descriptions of sexual violence as well. I'll be honest, I was nervous. Marsden plays two memorable supporting roles, but “Dead to Me” is anchored by the lead performances of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.

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