goodnight mommy spoiler

Yeah I think that was a nightmare the kid had. In the kid's head? For more than a decade /R/HORROR has been's gateway to all things Horror: from movies & TV, to books & games. For the most part, “Goodnight Mommy” avoids cliched slasher-movie violence, jump scares and supernatural gobbledygook. The story centers on creepy twin brothers Elias and Lukas (played by real-life brothers Elias and Lukas Schwarz). Indeed, it is shot in German, meaning the viewer relies on the subtitles; while I thought that might do something to mitigate the film’s scare factor, in my opinion, that was not the case. Here’s how it works. And she does do some weird stuff, like walking into the woods naked in the middle of the night. To me the opening lake scene is just like all the other times Elias cannot find Lukas. On second viewing, a lot of the more bizarre scenes seem to be Elias's dreams being displayed on screen. Elias, for instance, is shown peering into a pond, in which Lukas has presumably submerged himself, for a disturbingly long length of time. And, for better or worse, I thought about the film as I was going to sleep. In any case, Goodnight Mommy is a chilling addition to the horror pantheon. 3.) No, I'm beginning to think it's like what shouldigetitaway said, Elias burned the house down and killed his brother on accident. And the cockroaches. When the twins communicate with their mother, Elias does most of the talking; if Lukas speaks, it’s to whisper in his brother’s ear. Press J to jump to the feed. Lukas guiding Elias to throw the candle into the tank with the cat filled with formaldehyde and onto the couch(?). Some people are going to stare at a magician’s left hand no matter what he does to draw your attention to his right. But if my impression is accurate, that just seems like such a strange plot device. I think the hay fire scene might have been mainly shown to further demonstrate Elias's obsession with fire. So you burn it off, to clear the land for the next crop. The burning house at the end is not even close to the house they are currently in. I was never bored; if anything, I felt a little bombarded and overstimulated by the film, despite its sometimes subtle approach. ( Log Out /  “Who’s there?” Another. Are scary movies suddenly getting all classy on us? It's some of the scenes in hindsight just don't make a lot of sense in terms of contribution to the overall plot. Aren't those human skulls? Is it a dream sequence? I think this movie was excellent and will be even better the second time around at appreciating the whole process. Have a question about our comment policies? Someone pointed out in some other discussions that the final shot of a house burning isn't the same as the house throughout the film, and the mother freaks out when she finds a lighter in his room. Finding the lighter in the bunk bed causes her to up her freakout. In the film, it’s the mother whose behavior seems most suspicious, not Lukas and Elias.

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