dormammu vs galactus

show 1 reply . Displays preternatural senses. I've already argued before they're not as bad as most people think. Dormammu (Classic) vs Galactus # Dormammu (Classic) Galactus stomped modern dormammu But Classical Dormammu is something else. The novelization of the events written by Morgana, who's an old friend of Strange who wrote a magazine according to Doctor Strange's own view of the abstract shows that: Something backed up by Strange once again seeing entire universes inside of Eternity in the same series where the scan above comes from: The multi-universal effects and such status of that Eternity are also canonically backed up by many other sources such as Kaluu being set free in a dimension/universe far away from the 616 and the very Book of the Vishant mentioned the battle causing a transdimensional holocaust: And transdimensional thing means multiple dimensions/univeses, which the same book says that doesn't make a difference in how its called because they're same thing: Thus the 616 doesn't need to be complete obliterated and the universe was actually burning. @zetsumoto: Well we can only give Galactus his best feat of absorption, and it's nowhere near the amount Dormammu has. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol.2#27/28: GoS/SS Loki casually put the entire Asgard in a story-bubble(With Odin, Hela and many others inside) and stalemated God of Magic Strange, who's bathed in all magic of the Yggdrasil tree and can warp entire dimensions. Galactus probably couldn't beat Dormammu in Dormammu's own realm unless he's extremely well fed. VS Agamotto(in Agamotto's realm/place of power). Is there anything stopping Galactus from eating him like Dr Strange did in the animated movie? Stated as having the power to destroy a galaxy, and lay waste to a universe. Dark Dimension ? Not all Cosmic beings are above the Mystic ones, and it's just look at Sise-Neg for example. So much better of a character. Tampers with Human Torch's powers. Casually enters the core of a galaxy, and exploding star, and manipulates a black-hole's gravitational pull. Surtur from everything I have seen is very much a brute and powerhouse. I dunno if he'd be able to do it fast enough to win the battle that way, but it seems theoretically possible to me at least. It has done by one of the weakest versions of Dormammu as well. @josephgomes619: Galactus started eating Mephisto's dimension and Mephisto yielded. I am pretty selective when it comes to Marvel/DC stuff. Oneshots Thunderbolt Ross being written by Jeph Loeb. If he was somewhat close, he could have done somewhat of that. BUT: Agamotto fought galactus for like ten minutes or something. I guess kids could find it entertaining. Technically speaking Dormammu is more powerful, nearly omnipotent but that is in the Dark Dimension. I’d love to say, “Yes, absolutely,” but instead I am forced to say, “No way, she’s trapped on Earth, she barely knows where they are, and she has to defeat THE DREAD DORMAMMU before she can go anywhere!”. That was accomplished by one of the WEAKEST VERSIONS OF DORMAMMU! Galactus stomps because he have the feats and the power to do so, not for being a cosmic being. Here's the feat: Completely unable to harm Eternity, you say? Even recently he was about to kill Jean Grey with the Phoenix Force(before her past self intervened). but if galactus is at full i mean if he ate all the multiverse, which is infinite, then i guess only one above all can defeat him or he will starve to death. He was eating Mephisto's realm, so I don't see why he couldn't absorb Dormammu's energies as well. They shouldn't be that far apart. Post it on our PM so that we can tweak our posts accordingly. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. And galactus hungers by time so if dormammu will fight him long enough galactus will hunger and lose his power then dormammu would strike and destroy galactus. Is able to reconstitute himself after seeming destruction. @zetsumoto: Yeah but that's just Mephisto's realm, not Mephisto himself. Thanos admits his power as being pathetic in comparison, and is stated beyond the Soul Gem's power. However, given as we (or at least I) haven't seen Big G at full fed level, I'd have to give this to Dormammu after a long and brutal fight. @106me: Dormammu never, and I repeat never beat Eternity without a Plot Device, he damage Eternity which is good considered how powerful Eternity is, but this isn't enough for win against Galan and a Fully-Fed Galactus maybe more powerful than we ever think, and I'm not just referring to the Chess Match, but to Dormammu's Bio and Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#1 too. • And with LOKI standing in as Sorcerer Supreme, it’s not like this battle is going to be A) easy or B) at all winnable. Dormammu & Galactus vs Anti-Monitor & Trigon # Dormammu & Galactus Agreed. @killers10333: Dormammu is definitely more versatile than Surtur. I don't mind wacky comics but Squirrel girl is too ridiculous. @zetsumoto: Galactus has to be really well fed and absolutely not jobbing/held back by PIS to fight against Dormammu (like he was against The In-Betweener). Claims he can strike with the power of "a thousand suns". This can be seen by the very art when Strange is sent way to the edge of the universe, which was in basically in flames and destroyed: It's also officially confirmed by Marvel - Absolutely Everything You Need To Know that Dormammu indeed nearly destroyed the universe on top of all: That's why not everything ceased to be, but these effects still reached out to other universes and ended up on a multi-universal scale. I've never seen Galactus devouring mystical energies(Or at least in this scale) and it's been shown that Galactus can't really consume some things such as specific types of planets, for example. 2 years ago. Has defeated Odin who has destroyed Galaxies. Wait... Dormammu is made of energy, right? So much better of a character. In the latest Dr. A blast from Thanos only sends him flying physically, and proceeds to piss him off. DeanDinosaur6 4 mo 25 d . I'm sorry, but that's a terrible logic. Dormammu however once absorbed all of Eternity's energy (with the help of his sister Umar). Dormammu has nearly destroyed a universe. Galactus is severely overrated on this board. Eternity is stronger than Galactus so Dormammu wins or tie with Galactus. Really? =P. Also, like I said in the same argument, not only nearly destroyed the 616 universe, but affected others as well: Thus the 616 doesn't need to be complete obliterated and the universe was actually burning. @empressofdread: You're a little obsessed... Dormammu has nearly destroyed the universe and affected several others in the process though, in like, one of his weakest incarnations.

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