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Influenced by western aesthetic standard, traditional Chinese Qi Pao was shortened and became more fit (see picture) . In Shanghai, 1920s-30s are the period when formed and developed the frame of a modern consumption culture while the rest of China is in the hands of war Lords; during this time Shanghai built a financial and commercial empire, attracting banks, traders  of the whole world and adventurers, becoming in the popular mind "the Paris of the East”. After independence in 1804, the name was adopted by the military generals, many of them former slaves, who expelled the French and took possession of the colony then known as Saint Domingue. One of the famous Chinese writers Lu Xun once remarked that "Jingpai is bureaucracy and Haipai is commercialism",[10] which fully illustrated the commercial character of Haipai culture. Their works mainly focused on romance between men and women and celebrated hedonism and materialism. It is the mythical period of the golden age of the Chinese cinema. The architects made live in the city the neo-classic constructions or "Art deco" with the industrial buildings; offices, hotels, luxury villas and leisure centres along with lilong, a traditional urban housing environment. It is however in Mu Shiying news that this Shanghainese style doubtless attained its most elaborate expression. Said, E. W., "Orientalism: Western conceptions of the Orient," London, Pantheon, 1978. Shanghai's culture is called "Haipai" culture, which literally means "Shanghai style" in Mandarin. Their works mainly focused on romance between men and women and celebrated hedonism and materialism. On the contrary, it continues to influence modern Chinese culture. The other is the Public Concession which was established when Shanghai port opened in 1849. In those districts, Sha… Many locals also gave a hand to these newcomers. It is expressed in the number of variety of Antiques available. Learning Western styled dances, while enjoying painting elements with Chinese and Western cultures. Basically, Haipai was considered a sell out for some Chinese and even foreigners living in China, kind of what’s happening today. [7] The power of Chinese feudal government was weak in Shanghai concession, which actually paved way for the New Culture Movement and subsequent cultural innovation. [6] Population growth infused great vitality into the production and consumption of cultural products. For example, after 1919, some new literary schools such as Love Birds and Butterfly School, New Sensation School emerged in Shanghai. The city is, and has always been, a melting pot of different ethnic groups, both domestic and international, all drawn here for the same reason: to make money. Haipai culture has continued to evolve as new Chinese and western influences make there way into today’s modern Shanghai. It is no longer had 3-5 rooms, but only 1 or 2 rooms. The Shanghainese are self-confident; they don’t fear the erosion of their past by international trends, since it was largely these very forces that shaped their city in the first place. In 1945, Chinese government completed the legal proceedings to recover the French Concession. Though to Chinese people it is a history of humiliation, it introduced developed civilization and modern concepts to China and still has its value in today’s China. During the 19th century, various new cultural undertakings and industry started from Shanghai. Western style buildings were built, big theaters and malls found way to Shanghai and literature saw its heyday at this time. Chefs began to experiment with Shanghai cuisine and infusing it with British, French, Italian, German and Russian. There are more Western styled restaurant today [sadly] in contemporary Shanghai than Haipai restaurants. Haipai fashion, culture, literary arts and cuisine came out in the 1920s Shanghai with a bang! First, Shanghai was one of the first five Chinese cities that opened to the outside world. Haipai culture, the root of Shanghai city, came from the 1920s and 1930s. FAQ Conversely, the Chinese generally stand closer to each other than Europeans or North Americans when they are speaking. He's a freelance writer/journalist and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. Many rich businessmen and officials from Jiangnan area fled to Shanghai. But its concentration of culinary arts were formerly in the known areas of “Little Russia” on Xiafei Road and later throughout Fuzhou Lu. But like everything innovative in China, it usually began in Shanghai! Terms and Conditions Tree-lined avenues and beautiful western style buildings with gardens make a romantic walk in the afternoon. In 1930’s, Wuma Road (now Guangdong Road) became the center for up to 210 antique stores. The French Concession Culture refers mainly to the building culture of the French Concession. The new Shikumen was simpler with western decoration. When in doubt, be lavish with compliments, or at the very least be quiet and respectful. Following the defeat of China in the First Opium War by the British Empire, several ports were opened to foreign trade including Shanghai. FutureHandling brings the best and most updated info on HK lifestyle, events, gadgets, politics, business and more. Shanghai is also the birthplace of China’s new white collar professional. In 1849, the French Concession was established between Shanghai suburbs and Shanghai English Concession. In contemporary terms, Haipai culture is seen as the symbol of diversity and inclusiveness, a special style which boasts for both orientalism and western culture. Besides stores, new places of entertainment, Guangming Grand Theater (大光明), today transformed into a cinema, Paramount Dance hall (百乐门) with its art deco hall and air-conditioning were built as well. The economic prosperity led to the growth of other industries, which include cultural industry. Nanjing Lu (南京路) the commercial and cultural district construction begun with four big stores. For example, never insist on paying for a meal hosted by a local, especially if it is in their home. Called Jiangnan, the doorframes are made from stone with solid wood for the door panels. Shanghai was involved in western capital system after its opening up and became the forerunner of Chinese modernization. Haipai fashion, culture, literary arts and cuisine came out in the 1920s Shanghai with a bang! In fact, Shanghai had its own cultural school, "Haipai", who was a mixture of Chinese and western cultures or a new literature of modern style in contact with the foreign countries. Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues. Confrontation and public criticism are guaranteed face-destroyers and will inevitably be counter-productive. Between the 1950s until practically the 1980s, the culture in itself was remembered and almost vaguely, nearly disappearing. This is a form, fashion and culinary infusion in Shanghai; however, presently, not unique to it! It was the fundamental infusion of east meets west, but for many Beijing writers at the time became extremely critical of Shanghai and its too liberal culture. After the issue of Nanjing Treaty in 1843, small enclaves were formed and ruled by foreign settlements (see picture). An exhibition of film, Cheongsams and vinyl records opened in Xuhui District yesterday as part of the 2020 Shanghai Tourism Festival. Most of the old alleys in Shanghai are examples of Shikumen buildings. From taking a grand dame in Cheongsam in adding a European/French scarf across her neck and a beautiful beret on the woman’s head. Therefore, all cultural industries such as painting, singing, dancing, performing are also organized as commercial activities. In modern china, Haipai Culture doesn’t cease or lose its attraction. Wow, marvelous! It has become a must-visit place for travelers with a passion for literary history. Before colonization (1843), Shanghai culture was mainly influenced and shaped by the ancient kingdoms of Wu and Yue (districts of now Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces). Get an authentic experience by contacting one of our specialists. Sign up for more information and updates straight to your inbox. [2][3] According to History of Chinese Painting,[4] which was published in 1937, “During Emperor Tongzhi’s and Guangxu’s reign in the Qing Dynasty, most Chinese painters lived in Shanghai and made a living by selling paintings. Said, E. W., “Orientalism: Western conceptions of the Orient,” London, Pantheon, 1978. They are Moses Hall, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, Huoshan Park, the Former Site of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Shanghai and the Former Site of Jewish Refugee Camp. Shanghai is also a cultural center for China not only because of its modernity but because of its long and varied history. Typical was Wing On, the subsidiary of a company from Hong Kong, established in 1918 and precursor: tearoom, hotel, roof-terrace and dancing room in the same building. They experiment with expressionistic narrative techniques that break with a standard textual flow by juxtaposing disconnected visual images. Second, Shanghai was a city of migrants and it attracted many immigrants domestically and internationally after 1843.

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