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Now that she has the objects of her quest, Ree is changed. Harold and Sonny ask Ree if the money means she will “go away,” and she assures them that she won’t. The act has forever transformed her, and her old self is left behind with her daddy’s blood and bones at the bottom of the lake. Ree wakes in the torture chamber of the barn, surrounded by the dark and stern faces of her captors, including Little Arthur. See also Joseph Campbell’s monomyth explored in The Hero With a Thousand Faces for more examples. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. “You own me now. Ree investigates the ruins and quickly determines this has been a ploy to get her off the track. She is met by Merab (Dale Dickey), literally a threshold guardian who stands between Ree and Thum, presumably lurking inside the house. Angered, he tells Ree that people throughout the Ozarks are talking about her, telling each other of her ill-advised hunt for Jessup. The bailbondsman also shows up, returning the remainder of the bond put up for Jessup: an envelope of cash which is now Ree’s. Meanwhile, her younger siblings play hide-and-seek among the hay bales, a counterpoint to the quest Ree has seemingly failed. Ree greets them with a shotgun and an admonition to get off her porch. Die Herstellung der Droge Crystal Meth ist für viele Bewohner der einsamen Gegend die wichtigste Einkommensquelle. You purty much own me now, girl. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. They “need to put a stop to [the] upset talk” they’ve heard spreading through the Ozarks, they say, and they tell Ree that they will take her to her father’s “bones.”, The Thump women drive Ree, with a bag over her head, to a frozen pond, bring her out into it in a small boat, and tell her to crack the ice, reach down, and find her father’s body. ...need to “run [Jessup] to ground and get him to show.” As she says this. Blond Milton drives Ree to the ruined shell of an exploded meth lab, which he claims was Jessup’s last-known whereabouts. Es sind jedoch nicht nur die Laiendarsteller und die natürlichen Schauplätze, die ‚Winter’s Bone‘ eine dokumentarische Ader verleihen, sondern auch der weitgehende Verzicht auf rein filmische Mittel.“[4] „In einem Interview mit dem Magazin Rolling Stone erzählte Jennifer Lawrence etwas über die Szene aus dem Film Winter’s Bone, in der sie ein Eichhörnchen häuten musste. Woodrell describes her as a brunette with green eyes and “a body made for loping after needs” (3). By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. He leaves. Finale: Ree and Teardrop search a graveyard for Jessup but find nothing. The three of them and Gail eat heartily, and Ree falls asleep peacefully on the couch. They will confirm Jessup’s death. She tells him she “won’t touch crank,” but he tells her that there are other things she can do to earn money, if she’ll agree to do them. Back at home, Gail and the women of Rathlin Valley tend to Ree’s horrific wounds and soothe her with the help of painkillers. I’m loving this. Der Kautionsmakler kommt vorbei: Jessup ist zu seinem Gerichtstermin nicht erschienen. Wenig später avancierte sie durch ihre Rollen in "Die Tribute von Panem - Catching Fire" und den "X-Men"-Filmen zum Superstar und erhielt für ihre Rolle in "Silver Linings" den begehrten Oscar. Die 17-jährige Ree lebt mit ihrer Familie in einem verwahrlosten Haus in der tiefsten Provinz von Missouri. B Story: The hidden element in this journey is blood — blood relations and the blood spilled in murder. Woodrell kannte und mochte den ersten Langfilm Graniks Down to the Bone von 2004 und war gerne bereit, Granik und Rosellini die Verfilmung zu gestatten. Teardrop returns and offers Ree some money. (“Some of our blood at least is the same. View All Photos (20) Winter's Bone Quotes. He is currently on the staff of NBC's, Login to add posts to your read later list, Save the Cat!® Live Storytelling Workshops. She tells him she “won’t touch crank,” but he tells her that there are other things she can do to earn money, if she’ll agree to do them. You are muchly missed here. He sternly questions Ree about Jessup’s whereabouts and for the first time, Ree says Jessup is dead. These images are counterpointed with an off-screen lullaby sung by a maternal voice. The Thump women help Ree to sever Jessup’s hands, as Ree imagines that she is far away, “on a distant tranquil shore.”, Deputy Baskin is called, and he comes for the hands the next morning. Ree wird eindringlich davor gewarnt, weiter nach ihrem Vater zu suchen. This is home. “That’s a real good way to end up et by hogs, or wishing you was.”. Her words are met with silence. Satterfield, the bondsman, arrives, and Ree lets him in. Alvaro Rodriguez is a writer living and working in Texas and Los Angeles. This week is my first time to the site. My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. The next day, Ree hitches her way to Hawkfall, a village where some of her distant relatives live. Ree considers splitting up the family, having her younger brother stay with Sonya and Blond Milton and seeing if Teardrop will take her little sister. Ree implores Merab to give her a chance, invoking their distant blood ties. Merab sends her away with a warning not to return. Ree notes that the meth lab is full of “chin-high” weeds, and thus a false lead. Ree assures the bondsman that if her father missed his court date, he must be dead. The next day, Gail shows up at Ree’s house; her husband, upset that she stayed out so late, took their baby to his parents’ house and kicked Gail out.

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