why are rangers fans unionists

It was early evening. The time for sitting idly by complaining to your cyber buddies and banging your keyboard has passed... it's time to UNITE and STAND AS ONE. He's a shrewd politician thats respected by other politicians from parties on both sides of the spectrum. when the democratically elected leader of there country who has been voted by the true "people" of scotland,wants to break away from the union? * Oh grow up, for Pete’s sake. While Hibs supporters will rightly wish to celebrate winning their first Scottish Cup in 114 years that can be no excuse for the reported assaults on players and officials, nor the destruction of the fabric of our national stadium. And a unionist. What does the queen have to do with football? It’s fair to say both possibilities seem unlikely, but none of those approached by The National returned our request for a comment. Once more your rebel foemen demand a Home Rule Bill. Still have questions? * Typical Tory Unionist wee mindset. Choosing not to vote for them purely because you’re a Rangers fan and Rangers fans don’t vote for the SNP is, however, utterly ludicrous. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. They were Catholic, many of them Gaelic-speaking, as big a proportion semi-literate at best. A Gannett Company. Graeme Souness, a self-professed right winger and trophy hunter who had spent little time in the country of his birth and his good friend David Murray took over ownership of Rangers at the beginning of 1988/89 and established close friendships with a number of Thatcher’s Tory party MP’s and associated activists. Its story represents an imperfect microcosm of contemporary Scottish and British history. Four emergency workers needed medical attention after the Network Rail manager allegedly forgot to activate the handbrake in the powerful SUV. It is the job of MSPs to press for answers to questions such as these and you may be assured that I will not rest until I have them. Hugh wasn't impressed by the Hoops' performance at Parkhead yesterday afternoon. You’ll find them too. * Excellent reply from Mr Tomkins, it’s good to know we have a politician on our side, I may need some advice later. Very few of the democratically elected leaders of any part of the UK has ever been elected with more than half the votes - suggesting that more than half the voters don't agree with their policies. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Regardless of who you vote for on December 12th, ignore the worst take in Scottish Football Twitter history and leave your football team outside the polling station. Looking for that one person who values Adrian Durham’s opinions on Scott Brown? This year, the UK in general and Scotland in particular are going through a period of febrile, internal strife. As for football - fans follow the mob culture of the crowd so if a portion of the crowd like one thing, the others will follow - it takes a brave man to go against that (try standing in the blue end in the old firm match and wear the hoops.. you will pretty quickly see what I mean). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Like Big D says,nowadays football-wise,it's to appear to be pro-union to Celtic fans when quite a lot of Celtic fans are pro-union Labour supporters themselves. Why are you fans of the Rangers? Around 1,000 cannabis plants were recovered by NCA cops, who say that it is one of the biggest hauls they've ever encountered. The club encapsulates the duality between Scottishness and Britishness. Won't the pragmatic and practical implications win out over loyalty to a flag or, more to the point, a football club? Not all folk in Scotland what to break away from the union. Allocating the remainder to the “no” vote increases that total by 175,000 – 245,000. If this guy was in charge, they would get more votes. korealoyal, January 30, 2013 in The Bears' Den. 30. ( Log Out /  Sterling or the Euro?, Do we even own the Oil and Gas reserves as other reports show the North Sea borders were moved during Tony Blair's run in Parliament meaning Scotland does not own 100% of the Resources, One thing is for sure i don't want that twerp Salmond at the helm if we do go independent, If it means i will be better of financially and safer in my home at night then yes if its just a Big F**k You to England then No, Two questions here. * What a vote winner, even the demographic you are trying to appeal to know won’t buy it!

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