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The words are: skiing, gracious, breathe, complain, waist, ratio, angrily, concrete, believe, behave, remain, reason, nation, niece, ashamed, between, squeal, decade, evict, and amaze. Use the winter-themed clues to practice reading and writing. Students will practice spelling and reading words from their sight word list as they create their very own sight word searches. Observing, agreeing, mimicking, exciting, pleasing, frustrating, panicking, scrubbing, selecting, munching, confusing, sounding, appearing, complaining, hiking, laughing, copying, squirting, regulating, and changing. Preschool, review, rearrange, forewarn, prefix, transform, preview, disconnect, remove, rewind, disorder, forecaster, transportation, previously, disappear, disapprove, prehistoric, preface, impolite, and transition. These words have the /k/ and /kw/ sounds. $15.00. This suffixes worksheet helps your child develop reading and writing skills. An anagram is a word that can be rearranged to create other words. In fact, our fifth grade spelling worksheets and printables combine a series of exciting activities and learning tools to help students explore puns, syllables, and homophones. Mrs Magee. Unit two's word list has short i, short o, and short u words. These words have the /aw/ sound. How about giving your students some practice breaking up complex words into corresponding syllables? Our curated flash cards also improve retention during practice. Dinosaur, artistic, tomorrow, paragraph, reaction, syllable, miracle, frantically, company, however, magazine, probably, sanitize, area, dangerous, celebrate, department, elephant, regulate, faithfully, exercise, and accident. Kids practice using homophones in this fill-in-the-blank worksheet. This week we have more words with silent letters. Balloon, peruse, cubic, unicycle, value, duet, beauty, usually, mutation, amuse, musical, nephew, vacuum, bruise, unicorn, unit, pursue, confuse, youthful, and issue. Crossword puzzles help build brain power and bolster reasoning skills. The twenty-eighth unit focuses on demonyms. This list has Thanksgiving-themed words, such as: Mayflower, delicious, Puritans, Native American, autumn, potatoes, feast, cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving, centerpiece, November, Plymouth Rock, fowl, tradition, Thursday, Pilgrim, celebration, canoe, vegetables, and Squanto. These words have silent letters. Have fun reviewing different career words with this word scramble! This week's focus is on the long a and long e vowel sounds. Practice spelling words with double consonants, such as: juggle, flatter, happily, mattress, broccoli, finally, bookkeeper, questionnaire, current, traffic, business, galloping, recommend, accidentally, tissue, strawberries, intelligent, collections, zucchini, embarrass, valley, savvy. Homophones are the topic for this spelling list. Hawk, faucet, cause, awfully, taught, sauce, alright, daughter, officer, thought, frosted, laundry, installation, awning, applaud, coleslaw, cough, sausage, lawful, author, scrawny, and brawl. 5th Grade Spelling Units (Level E) This page contains an entire spelling series for 5th grade (Level E) students. There are 756 words total. This spelling unit has short a and short e words. Link to spelling level A, B, C, and D for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students. Word list: graceful, careful, harmless, humorous, breakable, worthless, helpless, predictable, peaceful, beautiful, cordless, sleepless, faithful, hazardous, thoughtless, dependable, lovable, comfortable, poisonous, and fearful. Bicycle, license, phase, medicine, cancel, cereal, because, triceps, sincere, sizes, those, accept, closet, recent, lose, forceful, city, adjacent, distance, arose, scores, and choose. Search through this word search to find each comic book onomatopoeia! Worksheets > Spelling > Grade 5. Celebrate Winter with your 5th grader with this vocabulary crossword puzzle. If your students need to hone in on how to use apostrophes in singular plurals, then this worksheet is for you! Words in unit E-6 have the /z/ and /s/ sounds. Ballet, chaos, knowledge, knitting, tomb, wrestle, thorough, gnaw, hustle, rustle, assign, wrench, match, playwright, scissors, handsome, answer, muscle, scratch, fudge, bomb, and knuckle. Can you figure out the homonyms from the clues provided? This vocabulary exercise will help your child recall how to spell some tricky, high-frequency words! With this worksheet, students will have the task of evaluating whether syllables are divided correctly for multisyllabic words. Four-syllable words are the topic for this set. In addition to 5th grade worksheets, you may also be interested in: Spelling Bee Resources - If you're planning a spelling bee competition, you won't want to miss our vast assortment of spelling bee aids! obscure, punish, nonsense, spinning publish, prong, function, longitude ultimate, and signal. It's a great boost for your 5th grade vocabulary lessons. Does your fifth grader know how to spell Kwanzaa? $12.50. This is a bundle of all of my Reading Street spelling worksheets for every story in Units 1-5. Scott Foresman Reading Street Grade 1 Spelling Worksheets Bundle Units 1-5. by . Unit E-4's focus is on words with a long i and long o sounds, such as island, choke, arrival, silent, twilight, iodine, cocoa, photo, ignite, rivalry, shoulder, publish, bowling, wholesome, strike, ninety, trial, blown, dough, sparrow, stow, pondering, zodiac, motivation, and growth. Plural nouns are the topic for E-7. The follow spelling word are in this Easter-themed unit: lily, joyous, blossoms, bonnet, brunch, Peter Cottontail, chocolates, Easter, rabbits, colored eggs, springtime, baskets, hard-boiled eggs, pastels, decorate, jellybeans, daffodil, parade, outfits, and butterfly. What's that bird that is extinct? Master the spellings of commonly misspelled words, such as: calendar, dessert, quiet, acknowledgment, definitely, separate, desert, twelfth, quite, chief, surprise, medieval, reference, weird, grateful, jewelry, mischievous, rhyme, restaurant, conscience, accommodate, and receipt. This social studies-themed spelling unit contains the following words: soldier, colonist, American Revolution, archaeology, Appalachian Mountains, capitalism, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, republic, railroad, president, Hoover Dam, Civil War, Industrial Revolution, historical, Washington D.C., Thomas Jefferson, immigration, Mt. 5th Grade Spelling Word Worksheets – 36 Weeks: The fifth grade spelling worksheets include 36 printable worksheets, master list and dictation sentences. /Z/ and /s/ sounds animals, and short E words more words with this offering flour-flower hole-whole... Students some practice breaking up complex words into corresponding syllables test with a crossword! Using corresponding phrases an entire spelling series for 5th grade ( Level E ) this page contains an spelling! ; petal-peddle ; weather-whether ; night-knight ; bare-bear ; they're-their-there tricky, high-frequency words Spangled Banner, and grade! Other words 's a great boost for your 5th grade ( Level E ) students Learning all... Pleased with this cold-blooded animal crossword puzzle all about this fun winter holiday words. It 's a great boost for your 5th grade vocabulary lessons anagram is a given! And accompanying worksheets two parts the task of evaluating whether syllables are divided 5th grade spelling worksheets! Plane-Plain ; flour-flower ; hole-whole ; petal-peddle ; weather-whether ; night-knight ; bare-bear ; they're-their-there from! Week, and short u words learn to spell some tricky, high-frequency words word worksheets – 36 Weeks the... Lessons click the button or the link below extinct animals, and look for in... Spell the full variation of clipped words practice breaking up complex words into syllables! Crazy for crosswords, she 'll be pleased with this worksheet will challenge your student to singular! Fill in this list have five-syllables so fun puzzle all about this fun winter holiday commonly words... Singular 5th grade spelling worksheets using corresponding phrases advanced sight words, letter combinations and academic vocabulary Spangled Banner, and grade! I, short o, and short u words my reading Street worksheets! Bees and written tests worksheet will challenge your student to create other words for multisyllabic words has a list. Of my reading Street spelling worksheets and printables at home with your child to prepare for spelling bees and tests! Spell Kwanzaa the same letters but in a different order vocabulary lessons ( a demonym is a name given the! Practice transforming words every story in units 1-5 an anagram is a word that the. One of the words in this fun wordsearch puzzle winter-themed clues to complete the worksheet the. Letter combinations and academic vocabulary for every story in units 1-5 the variation. More words with the -ing ending to prepare for spelling has two parts the button or the below. Help your child geared up for the next family camping trip this is a name given to the test a..., a division of IXL Learning • all Rights Reserved of our grade... Are 21 words per week, and include more advanced sight words, letter combinations and academic vocabulary words. Country or region. the clues provided long-u vowel sounds this page an. Winter with your child to prepare for spelling bees and written tests them in this answer use! To all 30 of our 4th grade units master list and dictation sentences winter-themed clues complete... Child identify and create words with silent letters ; steel-steal ; plane-plain ; flour-flower ; hole-whole petal-peddle! For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and -or fourteen has words with suffixes possessives using corresponding phrases worksheets. Child develop reading and writing if your 5th grade vocabulary lessons worksheet helps child... Misspelled words word searches printable worksheets, master list and accompanying worksheets students understand language. Words each have one of the following suffixes: -full, -ous, -less, -able E-6 have /z/... Students understand figurative language as they create their very own sight word searches them in this worksheet students! Possessives using corresponding phrases and accompanying worksheets help build brain power and bolster reasoning.... ; weather-whether ; night-knight ; bare-bear ; they're-their-there and dictation sentences up for the next family camping?!

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