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It's also a nice short trip with a place to sleep and buy food at either end, which means you can repeat ad nauseum until you find the Wayfarer you're after. See the screenshots below for Spade Location: Kingdom Come Deliverance – Spade Location at Rattay Mill The Spade needed to dig up buried treasures Video Guide. The map's on a barrel, there. For more information, go here. Cross the beams to a few barrels and you'll find the map on top of one of the barrels. Thankfully the woods here are more open, so it's easier to spot than some others have been too. There, you’ll find a grave. Cut directly east at that point, cross the river, and climb the steep hills into the woods. Map 23 is much easier than the last one, thankfully, and can be found in the attic of a farm to the south-east of Uzhitz. FeatureLarian's gorgeous Baldur's Gate 3 looks to be a game of groundbreaking systemic depth, The Witcher 3 builds: The best alchemy, Death March, Sign builds and other combat builds to use. Simply return and ask to sell stolen goods and you’ll be able to purchase Treasure Map V. Cost: 80 GroschenLocation: Random EventWho: Wayfaring Treasure. Map II (2) Location: This one's not far from the first. - is found inside a crumbled old well, in some forest to the south-east of Merhojed, about half way between that and the Inn on the Glade. The eleventh set of hidden treasure is also one of the easier ones to find. The map is in the castle that houses Sir Radzig, in the south end of the city. This video shows all 30 treasure locations: In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, many players have been wondering where all 5 Ancient Map loot locations are. Tallulah Gorge, unlike the Chattooga, is a popular park for hikers and canoers of all experience levels-- and they have campsites as well, so you don't have to rough it too much while exploring the movie's filming locations. Head into the building on the left and look for a ladder up to the rafters. Interact with him and buy the map when you get a chance, and you're set. Treasure Map number thirteen can be found from the Herbalist who resides just to the west of Neuhof. The fictitious ‘Cahulawassee River’ down which Lewis (Burt Reynolds), Ed (Jon Voight) and co canoe is, for the most part, the Chattooga River, defining the state’s border with South Carolina, and flowing south into Lake Tugaloo. When you're exactly in line with the end of the river, cut due north, and the shack won't be far at all. In fairness, the canoeing is thrilling and – despite the best efforts of director John Boorman and cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond to make the landscape less ‘pretty’ by desaturating the colour – the wild, unspoiled river looks stunning. The scenes in calmer waters, after Drew dies (sad face), were filmed at the lovely Tallulah Gorge State Park, which is close by. You'll come to a cluster of outhouses and barns - you're looking for an open-faced one with a wagon just to the left of it. Since 2002, there’s a suspension bridge 80 feet above the rocky bottom, providing spectacular views of the river and waterfalls. Never miss a thing. Treasure Map number nine is tucked away up in the far north-west of the map, in the little settlement just past Skalitz. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality. Inside the chest, you’ll come across a batch of loot that includes the following items: For the third Ancient Map loot location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’ll want to head west of Rattay. Do the digging, and you'll get the treasure. The stack of books you're after is on the floor along the northern wall, and will have the map sitting there on top of them. The fourth treasure itself is found somewhere else, for once! This is the man you must speak to about buying Treasure Map XVII. Head almost exactly north-west until you reach a large forest with a road that splits it up the middle. Treasure 21 is an interesting one! We found the best location to do so was between the Monastery and Rovna, as it's not too long a journey, there's a set spot where Wayfarer's appear (at a river crossing halfway between the two) and multiple Wayfarers appear here that sold us maps. Fast travel to Neuhof, and take the road leading directly west towards the river, through the forest. He will sell you Treasure Map XVIII. Dig, and you'll find the treasure - be sure to bring a shovel! For the third Ancient Map loot location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’ll want to head west of Rattay. To get there, head to Skalitz and take the road that goes from the south of it, along the north edge of the river, towards the settlement in the north-west. From Huntsman Nicholas' home, take the path north-east into the woods. It's in a small barn (or a large shed?) On the other side of it you'll find the map. If he does not appear, you may have to wait until the Main Quests take you to Sasau. You can hike rim trails to several overlooks, or you could get a permit to hike to the gorge floor (permits are not issued on some dates, due to water releases). Inside, go straight on until you find a fork to your left - take that first left, and continue on through the long tunnel until you see a series of ladders going directly upwards in front of you. You'll need to travel West from the town of Ledetchko toward Sasau in the far West. Walk straight up the external wooden steps and enter the first door into the first floor of the building. When you reach the wide river, head north along the path on its eastern bank. Hop on your horse and head north-west, through the woods towards the wid river that runs north to south on the left of the map - the grave you're after is on the north end of that western bank, but you need to travel right round to the north to cross. Return to Skalitz and ride Northwest over the bridge to the settlement with several ponds and waterways. Speak to him in working hours by the other traders, and he'll sell you the map - at a slightly higher price compared to the other traders so far. The maps will generally feature a few hand-scribbled images meant to act as clues to the threasure's location. The map is on a table inside a small store hut - in our case it was guarded by a lingering Cuman. The map itself is inside at the back, on top of a barrel - we needed to jump up onto the side to actually pick it up though. A look at where you can collect the loot from all 5 Ancient Maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. From the tavern, look in the Northeast corner of the grounds for a small white shack, and lockpick the easy locked trunk in the small room to get Treasure Map X. Talk to him and he'll sell you map XIX. You're looking for a chest, in the section of woods that's flanked by a path to the north and south of it. By reading through this guide, you should now know where all 5 Ancient Map loot locations are in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. These locations are in the numerical order of the treasure maps you can find. Cost: 92 GroschenLocation: RattayWho: Huntsman Berthold. Follow the line of those, then when you get to the last one cut due west. Selected. You can find this map at the Inn at the Glade, the lone tavern located between Neuhof and Uzhitz to the Northwest. This is the man you must speak to about buying Treasure Map XVII. Ancient Maps are included in a DLC pack called Treasures of the Past, and will automatically appear in your inventory when that DLC's installed. In a poignant echo of the film, the rising waters at the end of the film are Lake Jocassee, created when the Duke Power Company flooded Jocassee Valley in 1971. If you’re thinking of visiting, there are two things to be aware of: the river was specifically chosen for its inaccessibility; and it’s not for the inexperienced canoeist. You can try and sneak in by entering the Monastery through the South entrance, and heading up the stairs and into the rooms on the South side moving East. Inside is a sack, with some very valuable loot. Cost: N/ALocation: Uzhitz WindmillWho: N/A. Go in through the door at the top, and then inside you'll find locked door number one. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map II / 2 location. To get there, travel to Vranik and follow the trail just on the north side of the river that goes south-west. From there, head west along the north side of the river, into the forest. There's no easy way to obtain this, so keep moving along roads or fast-traveling until you find him. You’re probably better to content yourself with the historic Tallulah Point Overlook, open daily from 9am to 6pm, on Jane Hurt Yarn Road east of Hwy 441. By the time the film came to be made, it was already too late to use the Coosawattee itself, as the trees had already been stripped from its banks. The fifth treasure horde - it's not in a chest this time! Just to the West of the main Neuhof village, take the West road from the Fast Travel point into the forest, and you'll find a small hut belonging to a herbalist, who can sell you Treasure Map XIII. Inside that little hut is a locked chest, but it's only ranked as Easy so with a handful of lockpicks you should be just fine. Engage with every wayfarer you see to find a trader willing to sell you this map.

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