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While they are fond of the sweetness of the cake now. A full list of Pets can be found here. You can see the hunters every movement, but they cannot see yours. "Although Helena lost her vision due to a disease, she can still perceive the outside world through hearing. If possible, leave rescuing to your other teammates and focus on decoding. 688 Her vision is very limited, and colours are dulled. Helena contracted a serious disease at a very young age, rendering her hospitalized and blind. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Identity V Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Because of her weak body, The Mind's Eye has a 30% vaulting debuff. Explore now. Mind's Eye is one of the only survivors that is able to complete a cipher before his photo world resets. That .1% being your tap tap ability. Mind's Eye is an external trait in Identity V. It is unique to the The Mind's Eye. Also, a blue plaid scarf is tied around her neck and drapes down her chest. Another little tip: When the exit gate is activated do not immediately run towards it unless you are sure the hunter is far away. You were the one who hired Sullivan to be my teacher. Try to decode as much as possible. The third, ciphers that have decoding progress. If you are certain in your ability to kite, have. Basic graffiti that can be used by any character can be found here. Disability and sickness is a trial rather than disadvantage. Re: Dive เป็นเกมที่น่าเล่นที่สุดในเวลานี้! Thank you sooo much! Good tips, I've always loved Mind's Eye because of her fast decode and tap taps. However, Helena has a greater ambition: getting a college degree. Know where to go when the hunter spots you. You really need people who can kite if you try to main her. The strike of her cane will cause a loud thud heard throughout the map to all players. —At least she'll become the scenery in others' eyes. One shouldn't lower their standards, even in isolation. helena-adams-the-mind-s-eye-identity-v. Join Planet Minecraft! when the Hunter is focused on chasing someone else; when you're decoding and you start to hear the heartbeat (in this way you know in which direction the Hunter is coming and you can reach the nearest loop). The first is the Hunter, who will be highlighted in red for everyone to see for approximately 10 seconds. Wait til you have retrieved your tap tap ability and locate the hunter. Mind's Eye Because of this, she cannot carry any items except for the cane. Before I pick up my pen and slate again, I’m to attend a conference at the Oletus Manor. Keep this in mind when kiting hunters with long ranges such as Wu Chang., Role : Helena Adams ; The Mind's Eye -TH Join us! The noble old gold color turned the cake into a work of art! Blindness has sharpened the Mind's Eye's other senses. Cane. ซุยขิงๆ : ลองเล่นก่อนเปิดจริง Sponsored by Tales of Demons and Gods. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Helena's father later hired a tutor for her, Sullivan, who was excellent in teaching Helena. This is useful when you are trying to find and finish the last cipher as quickly as possible. Obstacle vaulting speed is decreased by 30%. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm sure you're tired of seeing me again, but I'd like to discuss about one of my favorite Identity V characters and how to play her! They are you friend. Identity V: Mind’s Eye สาวบอดหูทิพย์นักส่องฮันเตอร์ Zatoshi 25 ก.ค. Identity V : ประวัติ The Mind's Eye สาวตาบอดสุดยากจน!. [Identity V] Watch With Your Mind`s Eye. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 9. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. I never thought that a special child like her would be able to get this far. While she can't see the colourful bubbles, the enveloping fragrance and popping of the bubbles still bring her joy. She is one of All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points for the Logic Path. Helena is a fair-skinned woman with a slightly chubby build. Do the words we speak and the paragraphs we write come from what we’ve heard, or do they come from our own thoughts and experiences? 3568 When recollecting the past, you can learn from past mistakes, for example, don't blindly embark on a journey. So sometimes simple is the best. Decode alone. For this reason. No one is able to say no to this golden chocolate cake. Echoes She is a slow survivor and needs all the boosts she can get. Helena lost her vision in a fever when she was 1 year old, but she still learned how to read and write from her parents and a tutor. My suggestion for her is to AVOID the hunter as much as possible, however know when you are spotted the hunter will attempt to tunnel you to Oblivion and back. Her personal external trait, Echo , allows her to locate the Hunter, touched Cipher Machines, and any moving survivors. She has a pair of brown, small eyes, on which a pair of black glasses rests. The pain of losing her sight makes it hard for her to perceive her appearance. 5 เหตุผลที่ทำให้เกม Princess Connect! That's what the braille invitation letter suggested, at least. @:แวะมาลงงานค่า สักพักแอดจะเปลี่ยนเป็นเพจวาดรูปแน้ว5555 (ถ้าเปลี่ยนเป็นเพจวาดจริงๆจะมีใครตามงานมั้ยน้าา) Her father cared deeply for Helena, and even wished he could trade his vision for her blindness. Pink Cake is a costume for Helena Adams, the Mind's Eye. I do hope that one day I’ll make strides in literature. You cannot move during this time. Is it perhaps an image she is projecting to achieve her goals? However, if you're team is pretty coordinated a good mechanic should be able to pop three ciphers in one game. (That is if your team is good, ect, ect) While Mind's Eye can hastily finish the last cipher or two without a problem. Continuously detect nearby Hunter's location while moving. She is able to see the red outline of Hunters through walls when the Hunter is in close range, allowing her to be excellent in kiting in areas with walls. After deducing Objective 10: Honest Life, Mind's Eye's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked. Make sure to decode at a good kiting area (with pallets and walls) to avoid being downed quickly (avoid open areas). Father's diary 3: Helena has good ears. My little Helena has become a little poet. When she decode cipher machines, almost no calibrations are triggered and her decoding speed is increased by 30%. If you are playing ranked it is best to use her in The Red Church which is her strongest (walls are close and connected) while it is her weakest in The Lakeside ( not many walls, difficult to loop). Join the r/IdentityV Discord Server:, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Wanting to find her true self, she left her home and headed to Oletus Manor to attend a conference; this was a facade in order to lure Helena into playing the Manor's 'game'. Object Don't make your way to save unless it is NECESSARY. แนะนำตัวละคร Warrior นักรบสุดแกร่งจากเกม Shining Beyond, Bleach: Brave Souls มือใหม่ยมทูตจัดทีมอย่างไรให้ปัง, League of Legends: Wild Rift รู้ไว้ใช่ว่า มือใหม่สู่ Wild Rift ต้องเริ่มยังไง ฉบับ 101, ซุยขิงๆ : ลองเล่นก่อนเปิดจริง Sponsored by Tales of Demons and Gods. It is doubtful Helena knows what kind of a voyage awaits her. When she decode cipher machines, almost no calibrations are triggered and her decoding speed is increased by 30%. Due to her condition, Helena's vision of the map is totally dark, however, she can see whatever is near to her with a blue color. Can the owner of Oletus Manor pay for her tuition? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Personally, as a Mind's Eye main she is one of the easiest survivors to kite with if you're in the right spot. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Helena took part in the game to attain money to attend college. The big difference is Mechanic is more of a beginning game decoder, while Mind's Eye is end game. She can do a little more than Mind's Eye such as move around while decoding or decode two ciphers at once. You should always check the destination of the vessel you are about to board. Description . By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Mind's Eye ability, Tap Tap, allows her to brighten her view around her and reveals the hunter for around 6-7 seconds before fading out. One might ask, does the color of clothing mean anything to The Mind's Eye? She has good hearing and is good at writing poems. Go for the other gate. The only problem whenever I play mind eye is that everybody are down and I need to go in for the save x.x. 29 playable survivors added to Identity V. Helena is a fair-skinned woman with a slightly chubby build. Uses the sound waves produced when she taps the ground with her Cane to locate the position of the Hunter. A miracle that will never again be replicated. When the Mind's Eye uses her skill, everyone (including the Hunter) on the map hears two sounds: the first one is directional and approximately reveals her position, the second one is the echo and it doesn't reveal any info. All the clothes are super tattered. Physically weak. This reveal can also be perceived by other teammates and should be used to avoid the direction of where the hunter is going. Horrific navigation and no idea where you are 99.9% of the time. Fragile Gender A photo: A middle-aged man wearing glasses is standing in front of a hospital bed, looking down at the girl lying in it. 8 talking about this. A motion that asks teammates to hurry back. All rights reserved. Walls may be your friend, but they cannot save you entirely. Helena Adams, or The Mind's Eye, is one of 29 Survivors currently featured in Identity V. Helena Adams is a blind woman, possessing a cane to locate various objects around her. I will turn you into a miracle, Helena. However, when it comes to a solid decoding speed and chance of not being found put it's more heavily on Mind's Eye. Sullivan said I must persist in order to regain my confidence and let my talent shine. If you are playing against a Joseph and he activates photo world get to a cipher IMMEDIATELY. The Mind's Eye Advanced Objective 1: Encounter 2 teammates, Advanced Objective 2: Encounter 3 teammates, Basic Objective: Use Echo to discover hunters 1 time, Advanced Objective 1: Use Echo to discover hunters 2 times, Advanced Objective 2: Use Echo to discover hunters 3 times, Basic Objective: Use pallets to stun hunters 1 time, Advanced Objective 1: Use pallets to stun hunters 2 times, Advanced Objective 2: Use pallets to stun hunters 3 times, Basic Objective: Achieve 100% decoding progress, Advanced Objective 1: Achieve 200% decoding progress, Advanced Objective 2: Achieve 300% decoding progress, Advanced Objective 1: 320% decoding progress, Advanced Objective 2: 320% decoding progress, Basic Objective: Reach 50% co-op decoding progress, Advanced Objective 1: Reach 70% co-op decoding progress, Advanced Objective 2: Reach 100% co-op decoding progress, Basic Objective: Successfully heal 1 teammate, Advanced Objective 1: Successfully heal 2 teammates, Advanced Objective 2: Successfully heal 3 teammates, Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 1, Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 1 time, Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the hunter 2 times, Advanced Objective 1: Escape via the dungeon, Advanced Objective 2: Escape via the dungeon, Basic Objective: Rescue 1 teammate from a rocket chair, Advanced Objective 1: Rescue 1 teammate from a rocket chair, Advanced Objective 2: Rescue 1 teammate from a rocket chair, Helena is one of three playable minors in the game, the others being.

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