the awesome adventures of captain spirit guide

Phone Game. Go through the dark door and use your superpower on the Water Eater to get the electricity going. Choose to rebuild him, and then Chris can use his powers to blow up the snowmancer. Once again pressing 'left trigger' and 'X' on PS4 or 'A' on Xbox One, will allow Chris to wear his armor. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit contains mature language and themes. You might find the garage locked and to unlock it, you will need the keys. Here you can find some comic books. On the floor, in-between the couch and the clothes rack is the Car Keys. Walk forward, and use Chris' powers to tame the Water Eater. Now proceed to the parents’ bedroom and fix the lamp to acquire a key for the cabinet in the room. Using Chris' powers, gain the courage to open the door. Stand here and choose to enter the pile. On the door will be Mrs. Reynolds. After completion, a cutscene about your suit will begin. Unlock dad’s phone to play a mini-game. Clear away the snow from the stairs via the shovel. Outside the house, proceed to enter a tunnel and exit it by following these directions: left, x2 right. Open up the wardrobe and it will be hanging there. After doing so, move closer to the shelf beside the window. Now, head outside and look at the recycling box. You do not have to gain a specific score, simply play once and that is it. However, before you could do this, you have to turn the power on in the basement. Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, Serious Sam 4 Review – If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review: New Life To An Unseen Gem, Moonray Dev On Power Difference Between PS5 & Xbox Series X, 4K/60FPS, More. On the wall, in-between the bed and desk is a map of the area. His father will eventually fall asleep and you will have the house to yourself. Firstly, a complete costume is needed to head to Mantroid's planet. The directions are Left, Right, Left, Left. Open up Captain Spirit’s Secret Stash to find the Secret Decoder for the map inside. After entering, head to the back right corner of the room. If you chose a mask, the next piece of the costume is in the bathroom. Wear them. Now proceed to the outfit you planned on creating earlier. To see what else lies in these objectives, you can tap the touchpad to see the complete list. To do this, you must find a map decoder. For most of these items, your interaction is limited only to taking a closer look at them but for some, you can interact further. Welcome to IGN's walkthrough of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Then, next to Chris' bed is the Forest Warrior, located on his cabinet. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is not split into easily definable missions. Now make your way to the car to play inside it, note this is only possible if you took the car keys earlier. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Next, if you have chosen the light armor, you will find a sports bag on the floor in his father room. This is relevant as it is the name of the Hero you play as in Mustard Party 2. Click here to skip all of these and head right to the main objective. Climb to the top and the Sky Pirate will be right in front of where Chris is seated. However, the sheer amount is a little ridiculous to write up. After forming the suit, look around to play with some toys. You can then choose from some additional options: Look around, toss the beer cans into the trash bin, and prepare breakfast for your father. However, if you chose the heavy armor, then you will have to head out to the garage to put on the cardboard. If you chose light armor, the next piece of Captain Spirit's costume can be found in Chris' Dad's Room. This will lead into the final cutscene of Captain Spirit. Just be sure to check each room and each object, ensuring you have not missed any options to interact with anything. Now, head to the living room and tucked underneath the coffee table is the Dinosaur Toy. This one is simple. This walkthrough will lead you through every step of the game, highlighting every side-objective and object Chris can interact with as you continue with the main objective. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit follows a young boy, Chris, and his father on a Saturday morning. Similarly, you can analyze the Secret Map but you will not yet be able to decipher it, not until after breakfast. A cutscene will then play now that you have completed the full costume. The key can be found hanging high up, next to the backdoor in the kitchen. The final piece of Captain Spirit's costume is found within the garage but first, you need the key. Mustard Party 2 is the game that you will be able to play on his phone. If you do not have the garage key yet it can be found high up by the back door. You will find some make-up in the bathroom to use as the mask or an aluminum foil in the lower cabinets of the kitchen which Chris will mold to make a helmet. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Game Guide The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This part will take you around exploring the house to find … As instructed, head to the kitchen to have breakfast with your dad. If you chose a helmet, the next piece of the costume is the aluminium foil on the bottom shelf in the kitchen. She’ll be concerned about you but you can lie to her or you can tell the truth. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Wiki Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Tips. After Breakfast Captain Spirit's Costume. After completing as many objectives as you want above, you can head back inside and choose to wake up Chris' Father. In the kitchen, there are some beer cans on the counter. The phone can be found on a desk in-between the kitchen and living room. You begin the game in Chris’ room and will be tasked to create a superhero outfit by wearing different pieces of garments to best suit what you would want the costume to be. This section of the game takes place after eating breakfast, but before waking up Chris' father.

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