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He always keeps his eye on me as I’m growing as a coach. He’s a big, strong guy, but really moves well, plays hard. I expect up to four more significant additions to this signing class, some guys that are very heavily recruited. We know what websites say. Why is that significant for Kentucky? We needed him. And on the recruiting trail he’s just, he’s really crushing it, doing a great job. COACH STOOPS: Really proud of today. He's got -- like I said, he's got really good size. There’s going to be opportunity there for them. Q. You’ve had success recruiting in the trenches previously, but it feels like this year there’s even more star power than before? Jay Ward has committed to LSU. What does that say about him and the relationship you guys built? For us it was good that we had a smaller class, so you try to get balanced back up. It was good. Lee, a native of Amite, Louisiana, had long been considered a lean to the Tigers. Three-star cornerback MJ … And then you look at our defensive line, and Justin Rogers and Tre’Vonn (Rybka) and Josaih, those are three big-time players and really difference-makers. They could do a lot of things. EJ shined with his fellow frontcourt mates in foul trouble. Very good basketball player, very good athlete, and pleased to announce him to our class.”. And we’re going to continue to recruit one or two more. pic.twitter.com/XrH0WP1sjp. I could tell you I am very confident in this group. And we’ll add a couple more. And then the receiver positions, with Kalil (Branham) and Izayah (Cummings) and Earnest (Sanders IV), three impact players there, guys that can really stretch the field, make competitive catches. The Georgia native committed to Kentucky in the summer but backed off the pledge in November when LSU extended a scholarship. Octavious made Vince work a little bit longer today than he wanted to. MJ Devonshire has committed to Kentucky. COACH STOOPS: He’s really done a remarkable job, he really has. He’s a special player. And Jon just did a nice job of watching him and D’Eryk is a big guy. Q. As we continue with the Kentucky football update following National Signing Day let’s end with a major positive. We’ll see how it goes. We don’t know. He was extremely important to us for a long time. Positive injury update on Quinton Bohanna after he was carted off the field vs. Tennessee. Kentucky whips Tennessee: 5 things to know and postgame cheers. And you look at Coach Sumrall, Jon Sumrall, going into Mississippi and signing Josaih (Hayes), that was an enormous get for us. Then you go to the defensive backs with Ricky Hyatt and (Andru) Phillips and Carrington Valentine, again, three guys with really good play-making ability. COACH STOOPS: We kind of have to here with where we’re at. Q. And he’s a great big guy, probably even thicker coming out of high school. Highlights, box score & MVP from UK’s historic win over No. Terry Wilson makes more history & has perfect message for it following win vs. Vols. RJ (Adams) is an inside guy. The addition of Joey Gatewood was also really important, when that opportunity arose just a month or two ago and we started recruiting him and where we were at with quarterback this year, it was important. Super Bowl viewership down from last year - Associated Press. He was the 3A Player of the Year in the state of Pennsylvania, which has annually produce a wealth of high-level recruits. Try to keep me straight, huh, Jason (smiling)? LSU thought they were going to get Williams, but now that he’s going elsewhere, the Tigers are making a last-minute push for Jay Ward, who decides later today. How big of a (inaudible) athlete like Earnest Sanders? He’s a competitor, he plays extremely hard. He was very likable. Greatly appreciate our players. Wall and Boogie are both going to be success stories. And so, we’ll see. COACH STOOPS: It’s really important. That’s not it. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. We got our sights on, now that we’ve got Octavious in the boat, we’ve got three more we’re zeroed in on specifically. He did a really good job coaching some young, inexperienced guys. And you could see the leadership in a lot of this group. Kentucky steamrolled Tennessee for the first win in Knoxville since 1984. We recruited Justin when he was in the eighth grade. But anyway, my father passed away, and the next week we’re playing Michigan. But with that, I can’t remember going into the last week with, I want to say we had like six guys (still recruiting) maybe up until this weekend. Again, roster management takes some work. Q. Sam Anaele, the name Josh Allen is brought up whenever he comes around, but we haven’t seen much of him. My oldest brother, Ron, was coaching the opponent. Ward joined a class that signed five defensive backs, including the nation’s top cornerback in Derek Stingley. And lo and behold Hayden Fry shows up at my father’s funeral and walks in and makes an appearance before the ceremony and paid his respects to my mom and our family. Philly can still franchise tag him... but is a trade coming? By the time I came out I was recruited by a lot more schools because they probably figured they blew it on those two because they went and played really well at Iowa. Kentucky comes into NSD with the 38th ranked class (according to 247) in the country, ahead of only Vanderbilt in the SEC. Q. Four-star athlete Devonta Lee and three-star cornerback Jay Ward -- both of whom took official visits to Kentucky -- signed with LSU. I think those guys do a fantastic job. UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: In the SEC (along with Kentucky), Alabama, LSU and Georgia, all those schools have had four major award winners in a three-year span. It really started at that point in time with Hayden. Roster management for all of us is more of a challenge. COACH STOOPS: It’s hard to say. And a lot of those games are over late at night. COACH STOOPS: I think, again, if you look around and these guys, these guys -- again, I’m not throwing any shade on anybody -- but they’re not worried about the past. He was a character. Coming into Signing Day, there are four recruits who Kentucky has a legitimate shot with: National Signing Day is today, and the Kentucky Wildcats are expecting to put the finishing touches on their 2019 signing class. COACH STOOPS: We’ll see. I do not monitor his Twitter account. COACH STOOPS: I don’t know. It was a great feeling for us as well to go through this recruiting process with a guy like him so heavily recruited, committed to us relatively early. That’s what we do, build a winning culture, continue to build and do things as best we can. The Kentucky Wildcats had 21 signees going into the traditional college football signing day on Wednesday. Kentucky has four guys that they would love to bring on board today. When you first sit down with a guy (indiscernible), what’s changed from maybe when you first got here to now? We’ve got some guys that are versatile, but they’ve also played some really good football. He had to work the phone. Three-star cornerback, “Pleased to announce the addition of MJ,” Kentucky coach, As for Ward, Kentucky entered the day as the favorite. Q. Shocker. Q. However, with players like Jay Ward and MJ Devonshire potentially committing along with still being in the running for DeVonta Lee, the Cats have some room to move up in the rankings. COACH STOOPS: That was a great weekend. Seven of the top 100 players according to 247 remain uncommitted. COACH STOOPS: It won’t. One Kentucky Wildcat to another. Your last year at Florida State, you had five NFL defensive linemen in your defensive line group when you were a coordinator. © 2005-2020 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He really was. You heard me talk many times about build, select and develop, and as we get better and continue to recruit we can be more selective and make sure we are recruiting the players that best fit the University of Kentucky and best fit our organization. Wilson has now led Kentucky to record-breaking wins over Florida and Tennessee. He didn’t have any stars there. I don’t know how I could put that into words, but I’m sure it’s different. Replacing senior guards Logan Stenberg and Mason Wolfe, was there any thought of moving some of your current tackles inside to guard? Bohanna went down in the first half with a scary leg injury, but it sounds like he’ll be fine. What these guys know, they grew up in high school where we played in four straight bowl games. And I think we all talk about and we know how unselfish he was to do that and to accept that role. There’s now a real chance Kentucky doesn’t add to its 2019 class today. Here is a recap of everything they said via UK Athletics. Q. They’re athletic, can change direction, they’ve got some length to them. LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky football’s 2019 class wrapped up with just one signee on National Signing Day. Despite struggles from Hagans and Johnson, the Wildcats still emerged with a dominant victory. Kentucky made a push for him following the early signing period, but Brown ultimately chose Louisville for a chance to keep for playing time much sooner than he likely would have gotten in Lexington. I want to say April, wasn’t it, Vince? Doesn’t mean we’re going to get every one of them but we’re certainly going to battle. So we’ll see. We’re all in. And I don’t mean that in any disrespectful way, but everybody hangs on when you’re here or writing about it and the history and all that. I think there was only -- was it, who, Alabama and Ohio State? COACH STOOPS: John’s been fantastic. Octavious was going to announce today sometime around 3:45. You see all the basketball highlights --. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. We constantly talk about opportunity. Devonshire is the only one who signed, but recruiting coordinator. He was another one, extremely important, but a core guy, been committed to us for a while. But it’s really a strong class with our front guys. Really have big hopes for Oxey. And it’s going to be really good. We’ve got enough hosses (smiling). COACH STOOPS: That’s right. And then I asked the kids afterwards, ‘Who did a better job, me or Coach Clink?” They all pointed to Coach Clink (laughter). Q. He was another one that was major importance to us for a few years now. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Q. I don’t know if you pay attention to Coach Marrow and his tweets, but he likes to talk a little bit. UK added to that number on national signing day with more recruits for the 2019 season. Q. I know a lot of the -- especially on the offensive side, they’re offensive tackles. And we just built such a strong relationship with him, with three brothers played there. (Inaudible)? And of course we think that way as well. So, I did a really good job of reading mine. How did that kind of recruitment --. The Kentucky Wildcats look to put the finishing touches on what is shaping up to be one of the best classes of the Stoops era. it was a lot of fun. It could be possible to land an under-the-radar player. He really was. Q. We feel like we’re going to get thin there. A great day for the future of Kentucky Football. Ward had been a backup plan for LSU since then, but a spot opened when Christian Williams flipped his commitment from the Tigers to Miami. COACH STOOPS: When I first sit down with a recruit?

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