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Once, he made a sound similar to "chewy", and Homer writes it down in his review, amazed that the dog spoke English[3]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Homer was relying on a Christmas bonus to buy presents, but didn't get it. Santa's Little Helper is sometimes a bad dog. We weren't considering what might happen in ten years, when we've got to use this name. Satan's Little Helper is a 2004 American black comedy slasher film directed and written by Jeff Lieberman. There, Bart says goodbye to him and explains that he should never, ever devour a bird. He had inside information on what dog was going to win, but instead bet on the "long shot," Santa's Little Helper, believing his name to be a sign. His paws aren't detailed and only appear to be legs that end at a nub. Santa's Little Helper has been with the Simpson's family the whole series instead of dying or simply not making multiple appearances like how other animals in their care have. [27] Susan McHugh, who teaches theories of animals, literature, and culture at the University of New England, wrote in her 2004 book Dog that, "remaining loyal to his unlikely saviours, the boy Bart and his father Homer, this greyhound has prompted satires of contemporary dog culture, from Barbara Woodhouse's authoritarian training methods [in "Bart's Dog Gets an F"] to Lassie's flawless service to the status quo [in "The Canine Mutiny"]. Later on, once Springfield Elementary is in danger and Bart isn't able to escape, Santa's Little Helper comes in to save him, and goes back to living with the Simpsons[13]. The dog was introduced in the first episode of the show, the 1989 Christmas special "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", in which his owner abandons him for finishing last in a greyhound race. Santa's Little Helper (born May 12, 1983, age 7) also known as No. When neglected by the Simpson family, he ran away, and was adopted by Mr. Burns, and made into a very fearsome guard dog. Like a real dog, he does not understand English very well. Santa's Little Helper is a cartoon dog in the American animated television series The Simpsons. Oddly for a domestic dog, he has been shown to still be alive thirty years in the future, as a highly evolved canine with a large cerebellum ("Holidays of Future Passed") and a creature stitched together out of pieces of both he and Snowball II, in which form he is known as "Santa's Little Hybrid" ("Days of Future Future"). During the course of the show, he has fathered litters of puppies, passed obedience school, had surgery for bloat, replaced Duffman as the mascot for Duff Beer, and been trained as a police dog at Springfield's Animal Police Academy. Santa's Little Helper [5][6] In "Bart's Dog Gets an F" (season two, 1991), he manages to infuriate the entire family by destroying valued items in the home. However, this prompts his original sleazy owner and racing trainer to visit the Simpsons and prove that he's the owner of the dog. However, he does have an ability to think just like a person. Jean told the Houston Chronicle in 2001 that after the first episode was broadcast and "the next seven didn't have the dog, people wondered why. Santa's Little Helper races at the Springfield Downs. First Appearance While reviewing the episode "Bart's Dog Gets an F" in 2010, Nathan Rabin of The A.V. Dougie brings Satan home, whom everyone believes to be Alex. [22] In 1991, Copley News Service's Alison Ashton described Santa's Little Helper as a "sweet and stupid dog". Satan's Little Helper was praised by reviewers for its satire, elements of comedy and characterization. When Bart and Homer return home, Santa's Little Helper is assumed by the rest of the family to be a Christmas present. In a realm of aggressively anthropomorphic canines, some of whom, admittedly, have strong speech impediments, he doesn’t talk or wisecrack or engage in shenanigans. He ranked seventh in a 2008 poll by Dog Whisperer's Cesar Millan that determined the "best-loved television dog of all time." [34] In a list of their top twelve favorite dogs from cartoons, comics, and animation, writers for The Tampa Tribune listed Santa's Little Helper at number six, writing: "We admire his upbeat nature even after having his legs broken by Mr. Burns and being abandoned by Bart for another dog, Laddie.

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