packed to the rafters episodes

The reduced number of episodes meant less filming for the cast, however rumours began to circulate that the show had been axed when the Rafter house went up for sale. Production. Julie tries to find ways to fill the void left by her absent kids, while the calamitous return of Alex sees Jake's life fuller than ever before. As Council Clean-Up Days looms Dave gets the clean-out bug. Meanwhile, after a risky gamble with his boss's money, Nathan races the clock to save his job. Dave sees red when he learns that the man Rachel is seeing is an old cricket friend from many years ago. Year: Season 4. With no babysitter, Dave takes Ruby with him and enlists Coby to look after her. But blinded by ambition, Dave ignores the fact that he doesn't have a hope of getting the job done in time. 8 Feb. 2011 What Lies Beneath. But can she open herself up enough to admit her true feelings for Coby, or are they destined to never quite fall into lock step? S4, Ep1. On the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding-anniversary it seems they're at … After raising three kids, the couple are free. The comic rivalry between Ted and Tom continues. Should he tell Melissa the truth? Ben, Coby and Sammy all return to the Rafter fold. Rachel faces up to her shameful past. Ben opens up to Emma about Melissa's death, and the cathartic experience enables him to finally get some closure. In light of his ongoing tests, Ted isn't sure whether he should reveal his health concerns to his family. Everybody is up in arms about Tom's disappearance with the insurance money. Having found a place to rent, Nathan's done all he can to prepare for his wife and baby's arrival. Nathan learns a valuable lesson about wealth and happiness when the life he has and the life he wants collide. Grace tells her sons Jake and Alex that she's engaged, and both boys are happy for her until they find out that she has never actually divorced their father. Ben willingly takes on a call to jury duty where he meets Kat, a massage therapist with a refreshing perspective. Watch Packed to the Rafters season 4 full episodes. Packed to the Rafters was renewed for a fifth season with production on the episodes beginning from October 2011. Frankie visits Coby in prison and after some initial awkwardness, they fall back into their usual, easy banter. Buzz is the new addition to Rafter Electrical. Angus McLaren, who played Nathan Rafter, took some time off during the fifth season and returned mid season in the 100th episode. Rachel is trying to keep her relationship with Vishnu a secret from the family - but is he all that he seems? Year: 2013. No episodes have been added for this season of Packed to the Rafters. Ted continues to drift between present day and his memories of the past, forcing both him and his family to come to terms with their new reality.

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