moneyball book summary

Change is constantly happening, whether we choose to embrace it or resist it is up to us. The second chapter, “How to Find a Ballplayer,” begins over twenty years later. Talent scouts from professional baseball teams would come to watch Billy’s high school games and they told him that soon he’d be a world-class player. In 1980, he is drafted by the New York Mets, using the second of their two first-round picks that year (the team uses their first pick on future Hall of Famer Darryl Strawberry). The baseball pundits, writers and scouts who were in favour of the status quo felt threatened by change. By adhering to a sound process, the team is likely to win more games than they lose over the long haul of a 162-game season, even if individual games might be lost due to chance events. No one on the team is treated as irreplaceable. **This contract puts Billy’s professional future in the hands of the... Billy Beane enters the front office at a true inflection point for the Oakland A’s and for baseball as a whole. Oakland’s new austere, no-frills approach to running the team occurs during an era where the economics of professional baseball are undergoing profound change. Read or listen to 3000+ full version quality summaries! The backdrop of this chapter is an important game that the A's are playing against the Kansas City Royals. Taking this a step further, DePodesta calculates that the team will likely need to win 95 games to make the playoffs. However, the A’s seized the full potential of using statistics when Beane was in charge. By 2002, the average player salary is $2 million+, and growing. The irony of this situation is that as the book progresses it becomes clear that other teams are looking at what Beane is doing and wondering why we can’t do that as well. Billy Beane wants to maximize this opportunity. On September 4, 2002, they have the opportunity to earn their 20th straight win, an American League record at the time. The team helps Billy briefly overcome his initial ambivalence about playing baseball, flying him out to New York to meet the rest of the organization. Moneyball is the story of how this team and its general manager, Billy Beane, turn the baseball world on its head and call into question everything that everyone thinks they know about the game. The emphasis on cost containment is why Billy Beane and his staff place such a strong emphasis on the entry draft. Have you ever been part of an organization whose accepted way of doing things was inefficient or broken? Impressed by what he sees and overwhelmed by how his reputation already seems to precede him among the players and coaches he meets, Billy agrees to sign with the club for a $125,000 signing bonus.

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