i just wanna party lyrics

Pale Bitch I'll leave you readin' Brail, You can't Lady Gaga me, don't bother with the poker face Daddy told me never leave the house without my tool Oh yeah, you're right, So let me fly just … Take 'em to the room, take 'em to the mouth You fighting to save many souls, know that you losing (Yeah, I know) The fact that they decided to Collab on a track doesn’t surprise me if you are a true fan on any of them they left that GANG shit behind they got out of the hood, no need to act like they are still there. But I'll beat the fuck out of a bitch, why you bullshittin'?! Gettin' drunk, I'm drunk as hell With ya girl in my ear Ghettovison is sewing YG (Blood), ScHoolboy Q (Hoover Crip) and Jay Rock (Blood) are putting all gang affiliations and street politics aside for one night, just to party. They dry their clothes on hangers But I'll tell you that I can't complain SOME RAPPERS WHO TRIED. I be groovin' till I die Silver satin get the job done thanks for sharing. Hoover stomp until the cops come But I don't owe no apologies, She just want a Harley So don't let me catch you slippin' in the 50's, Ricky, Nigga, I'm from Bounty Hunters, East Side lunatic Don't think I can lean my chair, Got a toothbrush for the dirty mouth muthafuckin' rappers And if she give me that back, bitch, I'mma break it That's hard. All my homies gangbangers I leave out with 9 of 'em You a fax machine, we can't call it, nigga Money ain't everything, but still I'm rich I could sell a key to God I'm rollin' up the Marley These bitches the reason why some niggas be snoozing But I’ll beat the fuck out of a nigga, why you bullshittin'? You ain't got no hands so they might let the gun touch you / Mama ain't raised no fool (No) / Daddy told me never leave the house without my tool (Oh) / Grandpa told me … But she ain't fucking and that's bullshit Your baby mama's a flip, she wanna hit a G But I'll beat the fuck out of a nigga, I'm drunk off Hennessy Gang bang, slap a bitch D boys on the corner droppin' quarters like a wishin' well I'm drunk off Hennessy Hope I don't run into my enemies That dark lick will give you energy Now I ain't rich, but I'm finna be Your baby mama's a flip, she wanna hit a G But when Keisha see Tenisha she gon' whoop her ass Twenty dolla bills all rolled up, Wiz Khalifas rollin' pot The 18 Greatest Revenge Songs of All Time, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS. I come from the bottom, you ain't gotta put ya dope away Pack the pack and drink the ale Reachin' for the bottles, baby, tell me what you want again, I just wanna party We hope out cars, nigga Blindside 'em, blindside 'em Sayin', she just wanna party, Trunk Musik got these poppers poppin' off the Richter scale I just wanna party Shouldn't have chunked his fingers up if he ain't banging We keep a thumb between our two fingers, mm! I want 'em 'til I get tired of 'em, Cocaine on the table, wish the rappa got 'em choppin' logs Copyright: Writer(s): Kawan Prather, Michael Atha, Radric Davis, William Booker Washington Lyrics Terms of Use. Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. But I just wanna party, I don't wanna hurt nobody I just wanna party, I don't wanna hurt nobody I just wanna party, I don't wanna hurt nobody But I'll beat the fuck out of a nigga. I'm back on that bullshit All these hoes fucking, but they don't wanna seem like a ho West side, different money game, Socked the mouth for tripping, he lost his watch and earrings, Nigga, I'm from Hoover Street Fucking with Tenisha and Keisha I can't die, I got too much to live for Everybody ain't a friend, reason why I keep a fo' But I just wanna party, I don't wanna hurt nobody I just wanna party I just want, I just want I just wanna party I just want. You wanna gamble with your life, bet that on the tender-fold, nigga

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