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[11], In "Couples Discount" the entire staff skips work to go to the mall on Valentine's Day, with Clark and Nellie Bertram posing as a couple to get a couples' discount. [7], Clark returns to Scranton in "Suit Warehouse". Clark Duke Reveals The Office Isn't The Project He Gets Asked About The Most, Everything Coming to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video in October 2020, Other Marvel Actors Who Denied Casting Rumors Before She-Hulk’s Tatiana Maslany. Clark Duke est un acteur américain également réalisateur et scénariste, né le 5 mai 1985 à Glenwood, dans l' Arkansas. His reluctance in helping Dwight from the scene in the break room just before Dwight fires off the bull tranquilizers at Stanley (“Can I just get out of here before whatever comes next?”) to trying to load the bubble-wrapped man into Dwight’s car (“Use the vernacular I’m comfortable with!”) was the exact performance needed to offset the all too familiar ludicrous behavior of Dwight. nécessaire], il resta sur le tournage à cause de son amitié avec Cera et finit par obtenir le petit rôle d'un adolescent lors d'une scène de fête. Clark and Pete are introduced in "New Guys" as the new Customer Service Representatives. Dwight is having some fun at the expense of Clark Duke's Clark in this photo from the Season 9 premiere. Clark tells Dwight he's "kinda dreaming", pointing out the computers run on Windows 95, with dot matrix printers. I turned 35 on Tuesday, and like a lot of people that were also 15 at the time, my friends and I were making stuff that was basically Jackass before Jackass existed. | I didn't know how to code or understand HTML. (Are those Zubaz pants, sir?) Il est connu aussi bien pour ses rôles dans les films Kick-Ass, Sex Drive et La Machine à démonter le temps, que pour son interprétation de Dale Kettlewell dans la série télévisée Greek. His directorial debut is a darkly funny crime thriller that gives him the opportunity to sport a pretty wicked man-bun and some truly outlandish outfits. Clark seemed amused at the awkward situation, particularly after Andy, upon finding out, retaliated by hiring Pete's ex-girlfriend Alice to cause him discomfort. A lot of everybody's frustrations right now with the COVID thing is that there's not really a plan. [13], In "The Farm", Clark and the rest of the staff end up eating cupcakes from Todd Packer laced with laxatives and hallucinogens. [7], Clark was apparently aware that Pete and Erin had been dating before anyone else in the office. It had to be AOL probably. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. [3], In "Andy's Ancestry", Pete and Clark immediately applaud at the news that Andy may be distantly related to Michelle Obama, having learned that Andy appreciates enthusiasm, and therefore have learned to clap for almost any action or announcement. 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Clark Duke continues his streak of characters that turn out to be creepy sexual predators, and Jake Lacey is likeable playing the second string Jim, but it feels weird for one part of the show to be invested in exploring characters’ lives when another part of the show is deploying newly introduced characters to play out the kind of stock sitcom fare the show has done a dozen times over. During an interview in support of Arkansas, a star-studded thriller with a quirky sensibility, Duke said that it isn't The Office, the Kick-Ass movies, or even the more recent Veronica Mars relaunch for Hulu that has inspired the most questions from fans. The nickname would persist even after Andy quit. Max had a friend that was working at CBS at the time, when they were trying to do an internet division. I'm also a movie director and probably have no business sharing my opinion on economics. [8], In "Customer Loyalty", Dwight, attempting to prevent Darryl from leaving to work at Athlead, instructs Clark to bring up any complaint files on Darryl by keyword. He's later seen dancing with staff after Darryl agrees to one last activity together. He appeared somewhat amused at Pete's awkwardness around Andy before Andy found out, and later found it funny when Andy later hired Pete's ex-girlfriend Alice to work with him to get back at him. Il apparaît dans la même année aux côtés de Christopher Mintz-Plasse (avec qui il a joué dans Kick-Ass) dans le clip de Kid Cudi "Erase Me[4]". - May 4, 2020 10:21 pm EDT. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 16 août 2020 à 04:56. I’ve mentioned on several occasions how talented Duke is at just nailing the odd comedic timing necessary to really reach the full potential of The Office’s writing, and this episode is a perfect example. He also presents the office with an espresso machine from Jan, something which causes hyperactivity among most of the staff after they try the various flavors. Walking through the car wash can hurt a little too much. What would your 15-year-old self say about your latest project? Duke was born in Glenwood, Arkansas, to Angela and Ronnie Duke. Arkansas seems to be a world away from Clark Duke's previous work, but it's still home. He was just like, “I was alone almost two months! ... Clark Duke on the Farewell Season. Avec son meilleur ami Michael Cera, Duke crée, écrit, dirige et produit la web-série Clark and Michael dans laquelle il joue une version fictive de lui-même. So if your girlfriend dies and you meet another girl that looks just like her, that's a red flag that she could be a doppelganger. Dwight agrees to give him an interview, but has no intention of giving him the job, intending to give the job to one of his various friends. En 1992 il fut nommé pour le Young Artist Award au titre de "Acteur de moins de dix ans à tomber par terre dans une série télévisée" pour son rôle dans Hearts Afire. What was your favorite band when you were 15? His and Pete's vague resemblance to salesmen Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert led to several office staff members initially referring to them as "Dwight Jr." and "New Jim," respectively,[2] though Clark would prove to have little in common with Dwight. So, not especially, to be honest. But I was a little shook the first time I met Malkovich, because he has such an incredible presence and is such a great actor.". Dwight ultimately chooses Clark. That job, along with projects like Hot Tub Time Machine and Two and a Half Men, helped him prepare mentally for working on a movie like Arkansas, where the cast is full of big-name actors like Liam Hemsworth, Michael Kenneth Williams, John Malkovich, and Vince Vaughn. Clark Duke is an actor, writer, and director best known for Clark and Michael, The Office, Kickass, and Hot Tub Time Machine. [14], In "Promos", he assisted Dwight in determining if his new girlfriend Esther was taking advantage of him. Clark, for his part, sardonically warns Jim "it is very easy to get lost in Pete's beautiful, dead eyes. Just because that's probably the biggest movie I've done. The interview above has been edited for clarity and brevity. Duke fait des apparitions régulières dans la série Greek en tant que Dale, camarade de chambre évangélique de Rusty Cartwright. What I did know was based on, like, Chris Claremont X-Men comics, so I don't know how accurate it would be. Arkansas is available to rent or buy now via YouTube, Amazon, and Google Play. My first memory of it was really early. Clark Duke est un acteur américain également réalisateur et scénariste, né le 5 mai 1985 à Glenwood, dans l'Arkansas. [5], In "Here Comes Treble", Clark applauds enthusiastically when the a cappella group from Andy's alma mater of Cornell performs "Car Wash". The Glenwood native appeared in The Office, Kick-Ass, Sex Drive, and both Hot Tub Time Machine movies. Jim, not wanting Pam to have to sit with one of Dwight's friends, helps him give an excellent interview (which is made easier by the fact that even Dwight acknowledges that none of his friends he brought in to interview were qualified). I remember having GeoCities pages and shit like that, just whatever a 15-year-old was capable of making. [12], In "Moving On", Clark was one of the few people who initially knew Pete and Erin had begun dating in secret after Erin broke up with Andy. Scott [Summers] didn't think it was weird at all that he met this woman who looked just like Jean Grey. Of his performance in "Stairmageddon", Joseph Kratzer said " I contend that the strength of this story was carried most predominantly by Clark Duke. I still think that movie’s really underrated and funny. Duke isn't wrong; when NBC Universal bought the streaming rights back from Netflix last year, it was estimated that The Office was being watched on the platform more than Friends, and arguably more than any other American TV show. Watch The Office Season 9 Episode 1 Online, The Office Season 9 Episode 1: "New Guys". Instead, it's the cult-favorite Hot Tub Time Machine. Probably the Flaming Lips. Duke est l'affiche de son premier long-métrage en 2008 avec le film Sex Drive. Il a été élevé comme Baptiste[1]. "I get a lot of, 'Is there going to be another Hot Tub?' If there had been a plan for something like UBI, at least for the duration of shelter-in-place, you could have avoided a lot of that. The two apparently then traveled to Europe for several weeks, leaving him absent for the next three episodes. Like a lot of kids in the 90s, the X-Men were my favorite. He was raised a Baptist. In "The Whale" he grows a mustache with Pete and several other male co-workers for "Movember" at the suggestion of Toby Flenderson. I've done movies opposite Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Chevy Chase, who's my comedy hero.

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