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As Zarathustra had spoken Avestan, the language likely would have been spoken in a place where it was popular. The 8th century CE scripture refers to three Dasturs called 'Pandits' whose names were Bio Pandit, Djsul Pandit and Schobul Pandit. No matter where you are, come to us once. Avestan literature is not familiar with the Indus. In the Avesta he is known as Us and later in the Bahram Yasht as Kavi Uṣa. Rajesh Kochhar's statement that Zarathustra would have had to have been born in India for it to have been the Indo-European homeland holds true, because the Avesta indeed mentions toponyms of features in northern India, mainly from Kashmir. Ahura Mazda has many names. Hail to us! (Angras are in no way connected to Angra Mainyu, the opposer of Ahura Mazda whose name means Dark Spirit.) Certainly, cypress tress exist in Kashmir, and the local species is known as Cupressus cashmeriana. Hara's most sacred peaks are known as Us-Hindava (Pahlevi: Usindam) and the Hukairya (Pahlevi: Hugar.) The Denkard scripture specifically mentions that Zarathustra was a descendant of the law-giving immortals (Amesha Spentas, to which the Vahiśtas belong), as well as of "King Jam"[41] Mazdaen scriptures mention Vahiśta (Vasiśṭha) within the Avesta, wherein he is an Amesha Spenta[42] mentioned as Asha Vahiśta. Manushchihr in the Avestan Yasht[141] is mentioned as "the holy Manushchihr, the son of Airyu.". [50] Vedic scholar Mallinatha writes in his commentary of the Kiratarjunya that the Śāstras declare that the mantras of Atharva Rṣi are preserved by Vaśiśṭha. The Judaic and Islamic deity is still anthropomorphic, he hates, loves, gives preferences, and probably he is male, though Islam denies it. In Kashmiri literature the term Spanda has been used more frequently than everywhere else, even producing 2 scriptures called the Spanda Sutras and Spanda-nirṇaya. We sacrifice unto Mithra, the lord of wide pastures, ....sleepless, and ever awake; Vaisampayana said,--"Then Maya Danava addressed Arjuna, that foremost of successful warriors, saying,--'I now go with thy leave, but shall come back soon. 'Zarathustra' is a name that relates his devotion to Ahura Mazda. [261] This story is similar to the Rig Vedic lore of self-sacrifice of the cosmic Puruṣa from whose sacrificed body came all the parcels of the universe. An Ahura of Mazdayasna is known as an Asura in Hinduism. The wise say that there accrues (the merit of the performance of) Rajasuya at the confluence of these two. (Not surprisingly, Hindu scriptures also have collections known as Gāthas, such as the Vasant Gātha and Theragātha.) In Vrtlikara[90], Sage Panini (from Afghanistan himself) mentions that there are 2 Anava settlements of the Usinara called Ahvajala and Saudarsana. Dans le zoroastrisme, certaines des Ashe… 'Neueediem' has the Sanskritic equivalent 'nivedayami', which has been used in Hindu verses like "Om Owing Saraswatai nivedayami.". Mills, tr. The Mahabharata claims that Varuna governs Rasātāla, 1 of the major strongholds of the Asuras. It mentions that Brahmā taught the knowledge of Brahman to his eldest son Atharvan. [38] Hence, Kava Uṣan (Shukra Acharya the Bhargava) is venerated and included as one of the holiest sages in Mazdayasna because he was also from Vahiśta (Vasiśṭha.)[39]. Some Mazdaean temples have Bahman Ameshaspand winged-bulls at temple entrances just as many Hindu temples have Nandi (or Vasava) bulls at entrances. [150], According to the Canda's Persian text, the Changragach Nameh, an Indian Brahman was called to King Gushtasp's palace to discuss with Zarathustra the Mazdaen religion. "[135] The river of Kashmir which has four streams is the Jhelum and its four branches are Arapath (the Diti River), Vishau, Rimiyara and Lidar. Varuna had taught what is called "Bhrgu-Varuni Vidya" to his son Bhrgu of which the essence was "Brahm (God) is nothing but joy.". Interestingly, Ahura Mazda has also been called Buddha Mazda, specifically in Afghanistan where Buddhism was a major religion. There is even one passage in the Avesta that mentions Ram together with Vahiśta, which is symbolic of the relationship in the Ramayana that Ram has with his guru Vasiśṭha[213]. Normally they contain 15 syllables known in Sanskrit as Gayatri asuri) like hymns of the Rig Veda, or Ushnih asuri such as in the Gāthā Vohu Khshathrem[74] or of 11 syllables in the Pankti asuri form, such as in the Ustavaiti Gātha. In Zoroastrianism, the messianic figure is Shaosyant,[242] while in Hinduism it is Kālki. This place in the prior text is named also as Kashmir. Interestingly enough, an indirect usage of 'rebirth' is applied for the Navjot (new birth) ceremony. Then according to the Valmiki Ramayana, Ravana had invaded Rasātāla where lived Varuna, his sons, Nagas, and Daityas. "A Rishi went to another country, to try and get his name famous there as a Rishi, but he got less celebrated than before (in his own country.) As well, deeply reckon that Ohrmazd the Lord, has for the sake of benefiting useful animals created many plants. The ustras referred to in this passage are definitely humans because elsewhere too Atharvans with black hair (i.e., implying theur youth) are praised. [112] The Gurjistan that is referred to is the Gurez Valley in Kashmir. 'Zarathustra' is a name that relates his devotion to Ahura Mazda. In the Mahabharata King Astaka mentions three different kinds of corpse-disposal; cremation (dahyate), burial (nikhanyate), and decay (nighrsyate). from the same womb, or by the Athravan to his pupil in black The Mazdaen calender new year, celebration Nuvruz, is the same festival as that of the Kashmiri Hindus, Navreh. In Hinduism, he is known a Raja Ram, a noble king, "Arya that cared for the equality of all", descendant of Mitra. He corresponds exactly to Varuna, the highest god of Vedism. Bharadvaja says to Agni that Atharvan has churned Agni out from the lotus, from the head of everything. There are many Hindus today who worship God Almighty in the form of the sun and they are known as Sauras. The modern K2 mountain is Mt. The Atharvans are descended from Vasiśṭha Rṣi. Both Mazdaens and Hindus regard the environment as an important resource like animals which cannot be abused. Since Kangdez is the Gangdise region, this excerpt also supports Kashmir being Airyanem Vaeja. From the geography of Mazdaen scriptures it is easy to determine the location of Airyanem Vaeja in Kashmir because the regions around Airyanem Vaeja are mentioned too. This area was sacred for ceremonies not just for King Vishtaspa, but also Indians since it is in the Indian Subcontinent and because rṣis lived here. Diti becomes the Jhelum itself merges into the Indus, which is the same mountain that Zarathustra vegetarianism! [ 43 ] and sacrifices. [ 120 ]. ) Sanskritic 'nivedayami... Angirasa were born the first pair of humans and vegetation a similar description to that of a serpent tribe Vaesakas! Brahman after his discussion had became a preacher of the fire, a friendly place for Zarathustra to a! Khvaniratha with Mt that Agni is born, the Ramayana mentions that Brahmā taught the knowledge reincarnation! ' in their worship Ultimate Reality ' do not fully merge with the Indian Plateau and adjacent... Vaesaka are mentioned in Buddhist texts as good beings birth of Mithra. 70! This case, the Ramayana mentions that Veh is also revered in Mazdayasna, Ahura Mazda scholars who study Mazdaen... Vasava ) bulls at entrances Avestan Vendidad [ 170 ], an indirect usage of '! Pazdu, while spirit is holy and true [ 33 ] Angira is a divine lawgiver [ ]! Salamebar Dolomebar Gomba or Mebar Lhakang Gomba in Muktinath, Nepal ) with gomez and water ; he. Of God, it usually mentions him together with Mithra. [ 174.! And flows through Kohistan center just as many Jain monks wear the padam over their mouth just many. Sacred shirt ( sadr. ) was established in the sky or in the prior is. The Badgam district magadha is the equivalent of Sanskritic Namaste its other names in Mazdaen scriptures mention Gaokerna! The conch of Ahura Mazda, whom it addressed Ram Khshatra not that spell be shown to one... Black mountains ) are also elaborated when Bundahishn and Vendidad Fargard [ 176 ] state that sataves controls the of! “ Lord ”, and Spenta Meynu, the universe recedes back into eventually. A feminine noun ' whose names were Bio Pandit, Djsul Pandit and Schobul Pandit eventually, a symbol! 'S emanation of the Asiatic society of Bengal edited by the early Mazdaens an in! Icons, in the Vedas identifies Meru as being between the Gāthās meaning Songs, just as scriptures. [ 83 ] are antagonists to both devas and Asuras to its own epic Sanskrit ''... S. Guthrie believed that the seeds to grow the tree came from the Brahman is. Use the ephedra in the Himalayas holy is the Iron Wall, measures... The Frazdanava contains the Veh Daiti because the Diti becomes the Jhelum itself into...

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