World Cup Betting

The FIFA World Cup is the most extravagant sporting event in the world with millions of football players participating in the event every four years. Being held quadrennially, the preparations for the event has a wide scope and it involves hundreds of nations that are a member of FIFA.

The upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar is deemed a special one because it holds a lot of firsts in the history of the event. 

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Where can I bet on the World Cup?

The World Cup craze has just started and the event is almost upon us. As the organizers are preparing for the prestigious event, so are the bookmakers who are preparing World Cup betting odds for the event in November. 

world cup 2022

Before the event starts, we suggest that you find a reliable market on which you can place your bet. Study the teams that you think will get ahead in the game. Consistent top scorers like England, France, Portugal, Brazil, and Germany are your best bet.  

You can view the list of national teams that will compete in the World Cup on the site. You can also view several picks for the World Cup odds to guide you in your selection. These picks will be your cheat sheet in your World Cup betting.

The platform also offers a comprehensive list of world rankings of the national teams that will emerge in the respective match week. This will also serve as a guide to your selections.  

What are the betting odds for the World Cup 2022?

The World Cup betting odds are now being laid on so many betting sites, the platform is doing the same. As the World Cup approaches, you will find that the odds are getting more flexible than usual.

For a full list of the updated World Cup 2022 odds, you should stay tuned to this page for more information. You will also find several types of betting odds available for you that you can apply to your stakes to maximize your gaming.

You can also apply certain betting strategies on every wager that you will make to maximize your World Cup betting. Browse several well-established tips and strategies on the site that were formulated by several experts in the industry. 

Betting Odds Per Country in the World Cup 2022

Country Odds
Brazil 5.00
France 5.00
England 6.50
Argentina 7.50
Germany 10
Spain 10
Netherlands 12
Belgium 15
Portugal 15
Denmark 31
Croatia 51
Uruguay 51
Senegal 81
Switzerland 81
Ecuador 151
Mexico 151
Poland 151
Serbia 151
USA 151
Wales 151
Korea Republic 215
Cameroon 215
Canada 251
Ghana 251
Japan 251
Morocco 251
Qatar 251
Australia 251
Tunisia 351
Iran 601
Saudi Arabia 601
Costa Rica 601

Odds as of August 1, 2022









World Cup group draw

The draw for the group team in the FIFA World Cup ended. We now got the full list of qualified teams that will face off in the final rounds as well as the complete fixtures for the World Cup. 

The 32 qualified teams are perfectly divided into groups of four in the group stage. The teams will face off within their groups before they will battle with the winners from other groups. The winners from the group stage will advance to the next round of the competition. 

The group draw is the most crucial part of the competition because this is where the dominant teams will emerge and it would be easier to predict the overall top team in the tournament. 

Once the group stage arrives, the battle for national pride supremacy will begin. You can also opt to wager in advance on World Cup betting odds using the futures betting on several categories like who will be the overall winner in the tournament, who will be the player of the year, etc. 


The World Cup is the highly anticipated football event once every four years. The intense preparations for this quadrennial event are evident in the meticulous process of qualification in every football federation around the world. 

The World Cup is the highly anticipated football event once every four years. The intense preparations for this quadrennial event are evident in the meticulous process of qualification in every football federation around the world. 

For a full list of World Cup fixtures as well as the World Cup odds associated with them, you can view them on the site. Take a look at world cup odds and start placing your bets now.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's a total of 8 stadiums to be featured in the 2022 World Cup and 7 of them are all newly constructed specifically for the event while the other one has been completely renovated. There are a handful of sites that go in depth with the different World Cup 2022 odds, fixtures, and more, not just the stadiums that you can find useful.
The cost of FIFA World Cup tickets vary across the event, just like how the World Cup betting odds 2022 are quite different for each event category. For the group matches, the ticket price may range from $105 to $210. Meanwhile, the final matches have a ticket price range of $455 to $1,100.
Accounting for the ticket price, you also need to consider your other expenses such as accommodations, foods, and transportation. Depending on your budget, a $1,000 budget can get you a decent World Cup experience if you take enough time to scour the internet for budget-friendly stays, as well as cheap meals. If you really are on a tight budget, sites like have plenty of sportsbook recommendations so you can always bet on-the-go.
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