why did robert fuller leave wagon train

Apparently, the studio was literally banking on the Virginian. But that’s what we do, we fool ‘em, don’t we? This was to compete with the Virginian (also from Revue). RF: I really like to fish. But I’m doing what I want to do. I knew that Clint went over to do one. Pretty soon I was ridin’ horses and wearin’ boots and Levis, and learnin’ how to draw a gun and doin’ fight scenes, messin’ around like that. We raised a lot of hell in those days. It was unbelievable. | 22 of 30 found this interesting Interesting? Fresh off his success as Jess Harper in Laramie, Robert Fuller took on the job of scout for the train. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I was a kind of a messed up kid. And worse, they returned to shooting in black and white which drove viewers away. When he came home, I heard all this great reaction from this thing called A Fistful of Dollars, and I called him on the phone—I heard he was back in town—and I said, “How you doin’?” And he said, “I’m still foolin’ ‘em.” I used that line myself. Two big Westerns and three fishing shows. Webb was on the money, and Emergency! Sadly, Ward Bond died on November 5, 1960. But that proved unsuccessful and the following, final year the show returned to the original one hour length. It was really unbelievable. Ward Bond And I honestly got tired of Hollywood. I used him a lot. FINALLY! Robert Fuller But all we did all the time was draw guns and fight and ride around. You can imagine. And when I came back, he really forced me to take acting classes with Richard Boone. You were also one of the dancers in a Jane Russell number in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. What got you interested in making Westerns? Terry Wilson Terry Wilson But they were really nice men, particularly Bob Steele, one of the big-time gentlemen of all time. That’s a full house. Copyright 1996-2020. He couldn’t have picked a better time, because Westerns were definitely the flavor of the day. The Complete Season 2 The series was sponsored by the Edsel Division of the Ford Motor Company during its first season on the air. e9.size = "300x250"; Four years later, when Laramie came to an end, Fuller was immediately pulled aboard the long-running series Wagon Train, filling the void caused by Robert Horton’s departure. After five seasons of surveying the trail ahead, Robert Horton left the show to pursue a successful career in the musical theatre. He loved to ride, loved acting, he had the looks and, as the child of professional dancers, he had the grace to make it all look good. TV Guide’s Wagon Train Page, with TV Listings, Photos, Videos, Exclusive News and More. I wouldn’t do it over again, going to Korea, but I’m sure glad it happened to me.

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