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Shield and speed boost (Augment) duration reduced to 2. Your votes and comments encourage our guide authors to continuecreating helpful guides for the League of Legends community. Viktor conjures a singularity on the field which deals magic damage and briefly silences enemies. Movement speed increased to 335 from 310. Evolution now causes a trail of explosions to follow the. She will be useless whenever her flash is down so time her summoners! Valorant Episode 1, Act 3 is finally here, as update 1.10 rolls out across all regions. Viktor conjures a heavy gravitational field that slows any target in its radius. Fixed a bug where it disappeared when Viktor died. Cooldown reduced to 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 from 10 / 8. - Viktor Early in life, Viktor discovered his passion for science and invention, particularly in the field of mechanical automation. By integrating his mind with techmaturgical devices, he had been able to drastically accelerate the progress of his research. His previous hope to better society was replaced by an obsession with what he called 'the glorious evolution'. Viktor blasts an enemy unit dealing magic damage, gaining a shield and empowering his next basic attack. Tick base damage reduced to 130 / 210 / 290 from 150 / 250 / 350. The matchup is quite easy so just focus on farming for your first hex core! Each enemy unit can only be targeted for a. “What an absolute joke.”. He is squishy and immobile, so if you are caught in a bad position, you can die instantly and contribute nothing to … Viktor is set to receive a minor preseason League of Legends rework as part of the overall Season 11 balance changes, to “hopefully” bring him in line with the Mythic and Legendary items being released in LoL patch 10.21 on the PBE. Viktor, o arauto de uma nova era de tecnologia, devotou sua vida ao avanço da humanidade. She will outrade you from lvl 3. An idealist who seeks to lift the people of Zaun to a new level of understanding, he believes that only by embracing a glorious evolution of technology... See More. Grants 20 mana per level instead of 300 flat mana. They have shown a willingness to listen to League of Legends players who main characters in the past though. Total damage changed to 90 / 170 / 250 / 330 / 410. The singularity then does magic damage to all nearby enemies every second. Icebox, the new map, was pushed live a bit earlier than planned, but this comes at the cost of Skye, the new Agent, being pushed back to October 27. He withdrew from the college and barricaded himself in his private laboratory, cutting all human ties. The update brings a new map, competitive changes, and a host of bug fixes. Syndra is very oppressive and has very high kill pressure in lane. Base health regeneration increased to 8 from 7. In exchange, the Hex Core upgrades are now gated. Viktor no longer starts with Hexcore in his inventory, and cannot purchase upgrades. Can't display this ability in video format. The reverted leblanc maxes W. Basically it's her main damage and waveclear ability, and if you shove her into tower, she can't use it to harrass you. Fixed a bug where Chaos Storm could, under specific circumstances, instantly kill champion clones. Augment: An explosion follows the Death Ray's wake, dealing magic damage. As promised, there are some changes coming to competitive mode in Act 3. Viktor inflige des dégâts magiques à une unité ennemie, obtient un bouclier et renforce sa prochaine attaque de base. This map emphasizes skirmishes, sharp aim, and adaptive play. Want to support MOBAFire with an ad-free experience? Published: 30/Sep/2020 8:54 , with just a measly 2.17% play rate. Take cleanse. Augment: The Chaos Storm moves 25% faster. Not only had he supplanted the majority of his anatomy, but his personality had changed. If enemies stay too long within the radius of the device, it gets stunned. Bonus Discharge damage can no longer critically strike. Add to this the fact that each of his abilities are considered “hot dookie” without the new Evolution upgrades, and it puts Viktor in an even worse state than before. The device then returns to him granting a shield for up to 3 seconds. Viktor evoca una singolarità sul campo che infligge danni magici e interrompe le canalizzazioni nemiche. Fixed an issue where it could sometimes be cast twice. Viktor gains an Evolution point when he completes a Mythic or Legendary-tier item. Viktor can redirect the singularity. This should give you sometime to get to grips with it, before risking your rank. Tick interval reduced to 1 second from 2. Fixed a bug where Viktor could gain the movement speed from. Grants 25 mana per level instead of 500 flat mana. Grants 6 AP per level instead of 40 AP and 5 AP per level. Viktor conjures a heavy gravitational field that slows enemies in its radius. Viktor is currently considered one of the weakest mid lane picks in League Season 10. Cooldown increased to 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds from 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4. No longer silences on impact, but will still interrupt channels. When Viktor re-emerged, almost no trace of the original man remained. Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a chaos beam that cuts across the field in a line, dealing damage to all enemies in its path.

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