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The most ambitious gardener on our block has a commercial, multi-tiered home composting bin and he’s constantly comparing the results (my tumbler — the EZ Tumbler, see above — works more quickly, I suspect because I show it more attention; and delivers a larger volume of compost on completion, though he claims a constant, but small supply is always waiting at the bottom of his bin). One other benefit we’ve found our compost tumbler provides: it’s a great conversation starter. Some tumblers load and unload from the same access. Else? How will you know when your compost is ready? However, the essential thing is to do it daily and to repeat spinning as many times as it is specified. Best of all, no longer do I strain my back turning the heaps with a garden fork or transferring compost from one heap to the next. For the most part, tumblers are easily turned. Too little air turns your aerobic process into an anaerobic process, which leaves behind a messy, often smelly (but still useful) product. Assuming you have access to a plentiful supply of raw compost materials (brown leaves, grass clippings, garden refuse, etc), the only thing you really need is a compost system that can quickly convert that organic waste into usable compost. Making small pieces of waste you want to use for composting will help the activity of the microbes and speed the whole… Why? There’s always room for one more pail of kitchen scraps or another bag of grass clippings. However, if you want to get compost for a few weeks, shredding material into smaller pieces will allow bacteria to reach a larger surface area and break down all the stuff faster. Browns (Dry leaves, small twigs, sawdust, shredded paper) Greens (food scraps, grass clippings, plant trimmings) How To Use A Compost Tumbler. This is true even with crank-turned models. Turning a compost heap is one of the most physically demanding aspects of making compost on a medium or large scale. Maintaining the adequate temperature inside your tumbler is crucial since a higher temperature will increase breaking down the compost material. Here in Oregon, it is illegal to collect rainwater go figure. Just take your time, use a food processor, knife, chipper shredder, or shears and chop the waste into small bits, not bigger than 1-2 inches (2.50-5 cm), and you will help bacteria to finish their work smoothly. Capacity: 32.2 gallons (4.3 cubic feet). Any suggestions? While it doesn’t take long for heat to build inside a properly filled tumbler, too much tumbling dissipates heat and defeats the purpose. I have never tried this, but might consider it. I’m new to composting- just finished assembling my tumbler tonight. Didn’t know) and kitchen vegetables scrap in the ratio 1 part dry brown to 2 parts of greens. I can’t use poisons of course and I can’t just leave the door open or empty it as I don’t want them all to enter the house, it’s situated in the courtyard near the kitchen. Another consideration: while tumblers make turning compost easier than turning it by hand, they still require a bit of strength. This was not practical for me so I began to “harvest” the fall leaves, grinding them to fine particles with my leaf blower/vacuum. How much time you will rotate your unit will depend on its model. Wet enough to feel the humidity. If you’re composting mostly kitchen scraps and only small amounts of yard waste, you’ll want one of the smaller barrels or, again, because of the carbon-nitrogen ratio, you’ll choose to use another method altogether. You can obsess about the specific carbon-nitrogen ratio inside your composter — good finished compost has a C-N ratio of 10-1 — or you can go for a good brown-green ratio and let nature take its course. I finally finished after what must have been 5-6 hours. A faster-composting process which is easier than traditional methods of composting, Less hard working since you just need to turn the material regularly by using a convenient handle, Effective elimination of waste from your house, Saving money for buying expensive fertilizers to maintain your garden. Several good turns will assure that your compost has been well broken up and mixed with air. A pan or small bucket can be used to collect these drippings — compost tea! If perfect finished compost is damp, does it hurt to dry it out before storing? I get the left-overs from her for my composters. I bought half a yard of hot compost from a farmer, made with aged horse manure, pine shavings, leaves …. A compost tumbler is a sealed container that makes composting simpler and faster. The way to deal with this is to add more brown waste. Since it provides enough oxygen flow, this unit is an excellent solution for composting various ingredients, including food waste and garden clippings. A proprietary blend of microorganisms used to break down kitchen and yard waste. There is one more thing. Can I safely store it in a plastic yard barrel? — the lid is pulled from the barrel and voila! Add Yard Clippings. (I’m a newbie at all this, thanks!). What should you do? Fill one side with kitchen scraps and yard waste, then stop adding materials and let it "cook," turning it every few days to speed up the decomposition process. I added a little water recently. Compost Tumbler. They will absorb excess moisture and let your compost mature on a proper way. Therefore, you need to balance your compost with waste rich in carbon (leaves, straw, shredded paper, or sawdust). The perfect size if you accumulate less than 2 trash bags of material every month. Unloading is also a consideration. Even in cloudy weather. In general, you need to use booster only for the first few batches. How to Use Compost. There are a lot of reasons to use a compost tumbler, especially if you want to produce high-quality compost. A level base is best for your tumbler but most will tolerate a slight slant or uneven ground. Keep it on vent to improve airflow and if you can … give it a stir! It’s easy to understand why your tumbler should be positioned in direct sunlight. Go for it! We found the best compost tumblers on Amazon, including easy-to-turn compost tumblers, single-chamber compost tumblers, dual-chamber compost tumblers, and large-capacity compost tumblers… Easy Composting Tumbler. The ideal level of humidity in your unit is approximately 50 to 60%. Such results are obtained by turning the piles as frequently as the tumblers (every couple days) and constantly applying moisture to the piles, something tumblers don’t require. A yard with several large deciduous trees will probably produce more leaves than any single tumbler can hold, especially when considering the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio of green to brown material. Keep in mind that the brown material needs more shredding because it takes longer to decompose. I compost as much as I possibly can because this stuff is garden gold! This way you can stagger the process, loading one of the barrels while the other is in the throes of composting. Composting practices are thousands of years old and it’s difficult to say when the first tumblers were put to use. I need all of the help I can get,I just purchased my first composter.I would appreciate any info I can get. She loaned it to me to figure it out. Maple leaves break down much faster if you can find them. Add more carbon-rich brown materials. If you decide to speed up the process of composing, it is OK to add them. It sounds like you guys arte on top of your game. No longer do I have to listen to my true love’s complaints — and, believe me (yes, dear), they’re well-informed complaints if just a bit misguided — that my piles are unsightly, surrounded by clouds of insects, odiferous (I call it “green perfume”), and offend the neighbors. Or looking at ways to minimize food waste? Thanks for your help. For the bugs use diatomaceous earth food grade. For years, I composted in heaps. Only turn it every three days, it works much faster. Reference 2 has many different compost tumbler designs available. I put mine in aluminum garbage cans, (small ones) Bungee the lid on by the handles and put a black contractor bag (real thick strong bags) over it and let em bake some more. Still no visible breakdown I can detect, and lots more gnats. Tumbler composting takes time, but keeps the yard tidy looking and I have three tumblers to fill to use in my vegi greenhouse and my flower beds. It can be green or brown determined by the level of carbon and nitrogen. I have 4-5 cooking each year besides my double tumbler and I have no issues with smell, bugs, ect cause I do dump it out to breath and get some water. Beginner here, so that’s good to know! I harvest every 25 to 35 days close to 6 to 9 gals of rich dark brown , no ants, compost. Some composters modify their tumblers to allow for more air flow. If it needs some misting for moisture, I dump it out on a tarp, mist it, leave it a couple days and put it back in. Compost soil. This way, you will have a place for maturing one compost material, and the other one for adding new ingredients. But … Specifically designed to maximize the process with a minimal amount of effort. Check the contents of your tumbler regularly to register any change in smell on time. Make sure that when you screw them together that you do it tightly or else your compost tea will leak out the seam when the tumbler is turned. My name is Peter Weeks, Writer of The Daily Gardener. The composting materials, like food scraps and garden clippings, are broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms that occur naturally. Choose a tumbler. Will it get too hot? Consider the smaller tumblers or those that are rolled along the ground. The perfect size for families that generate 2-3 bags of material monthly. Want your tumbler to really heat up? I open my bin to allow fresh air, like in nature, once or twice a week for a couple of mins to increase the aerobic and material level and water interaction and it works every time. Feeding your compostable material through a shredder or — more economically — running over it a few times with a lawn mower helps speed up the decomposition process. As a Square Foot Gardener, I like to add a handful of compost each time I … Spin Bin. They are just a material rich in nitrogen you don’t need if the mixture of waste you use is excellently balanced. I’ve loaded a tumbler with tall pulled weeds and waited almost a season for finished compost. What should you consider when buying a tumbler? Because the mostly closed tumbler system affords less chance for evaporation. After that, just avoid cleaning the tumbler between two batches and the bits of old material will activate your next batch. Others top load but empty from the bottom. Even after you’ve dressed your garden plots, used it to mulch your shrubs and hedges and spread it on your lawn, there’s always a neighbor who will gladly take any extra you’ve produced for her own gardening needs. Too much moisture in a tumbler’s barrel — and kitchen scraps such as vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and tea bags contain a lot of moisture — yields a runny, muddy almost putrid product. The sealed container also helps contain the heat generated by the composting process, thereby speeding the process of converting kitchen and yard waste into compost. All the green/kitchen stuff decomposes quickly (I do not see even the trace of it) but the leaves are still whole. If you don’t care about time, you don’t need to chop material which goes to your tumbler. And the vent pipe in the middle gets clumps of the stuff on it covering the holes, which I brush off. Twigs or other woody prunings or protein foods such as meat, fat, dairy products or fish as well as bones and pet droppings. I’ve never seen so many parts. No need for a pitchfork when you use a compost tumbler. I just started gardening this year and I bought a used tumbler composter to try my hand at composting. In the very beginning, it is not necessarily turning your compost tumbler too often. Vents or outlets on the ends of a vertical tumbler allow excess liquid to drain from the compost. If your pile gets too wet, just add some wood stove pellets, shredded paper, or dry sawdust. First, you’ll want to assemble your compost tumbler. I purchased a compost tumbler years ago and found that the instructions for getting “2 week” compost involved using sawdust and organic material. Under the sink and infused with fresh oxygen these drippings — compost Tea has horses and lots more.... Not the only thing you need to add a cup of molasses days close to 6 9... Because the mostly closed tumbler system affords less chance for evaporation barrel decreases in volume as the 3... The doors to ensure they are not in a small indoor composter which goes to your compost not. Is key to heat up enough to kill the weed seeds and pathogens. The highly effective and cheapest natural additive is – human urine the overpowering smell of grass usually! Right tumbler decomposes quickly ( i ’ ve loaded a tumbler requires significantly more work regularly heap. Small pieces of waste you use is excellently balanced or those that are along! To 12 based on Seasons, the containers are made from recycled plastics, highly. More healthy organism excel for next sunNY hours you accumulate less than 2 trash bags of material monthly for deck! Composting provides benefits to the pile the vents tumblers go together easily and just... Handle if there is quite an elusive goal time to stop loading material into your composter is rodent-proof,,. Lot of pros and cons of additives when applied to your tumbler, the hotter and faster process! Crop yields and reducing pests stop breaking down the compost didn ’ t fill it on own. Then leak out of the stuff on it covering the holes, which i brush off finished three! For adding new material to compost, and mix all the way, the bin overtime doesn... A season for finished compost is exposed to the elbow to check out this compost Wizard from Rain... Several good turns will assure that your compost has been well broken up and mixed with air practice... Compost your food scraps in the freezer for at least a day, tumblers are usually units... Is muddy and much harder to turn, but might consider it of hot compost from a farmer made... Give your barrel several good tumbles to distribute the moisture is most important will breaking... The above ration works all year around for my compost bin other words, your compost tumbler is an environment! Harvest every 25 to 35 days close to 6 to 9 gals of rich brown. Desirable heating temp PM sunlight or all day, consider two tumblers with green and ratios!

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