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Like the PLUS, this pedal takes real-time samples of your playing to provide you with endless amounts of sustain. Next, Decay denotes the time taken for the sound to fall to a sustained level, Sustain is simply the time in which the sound remains at this ‘sustained’ level. Lastly, you should consider how the pedal is constructed. The Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone is well-known for its ability to provide a clean sustain tone. A mini-switch provides a regular voicing as well as a treble boost, and true bypass construction ensures that your tone is uncolored when the pedal isn’t engaged. Although this brand is not as well known as the likes of Behringer, it has still managed to sell well, with over 1900 customer reviews, averaging around 4.1*. However, if you’re limited for time, please refer to our conclusion, where we summarise and justify our recommendations. The CS-3 from Boss has been one of the most popular compression and sustain pedals for several decades, and it’s easy to see why. … Buffered pedals do have some advantages. Like every Boss pedal, the CS-3 is backed by Boss’ industry-leading warranty, so you’ll be covered for five years should anything go wrong. This pedal is also packed with several other intuitive and useful features that help make this one of the coolest effects on the market. While it may save you a couple of bucks in the short term, you’ll end up costing yourself in the long run when you have to replace a pedal that breaks or stops working. So let’s get to it, what are the best guitar sustain pedals of 2020? When it comes to guitar effects pedals, there are two different ways of putting everything together: true bypass, or buffered bypass. We quite like the fact that it doesn’t overcomplicate anything regarding the interface functionality. Finally, place your time-based effects like reverb or delay at the end of the signal chain. The THANK YOU pedal features true bypass construction, unique looks, and bulletproof construction. When thinking of guitar effects, a sustain pedal probably isn’t one of the first that comes to mind. Their guitar pedals are built like tanks, and the CS-3 is no different. However, before you decide on this pedal, we recommend looking at the Harley Benton JOYO JF-10, which we’ve reviewed further below… The video demonstration alone was enough for us to fall in love with the compressor/sustain unit. While it’s certainly a unique and useful pedal, it may be overkill if you’re just looking for a regular sustain pedal. The attack switch is especially versatile and allows you to dial in a broad range of tones for every style from country to funk to shred. Although, we highly advise that you play around with the positioning of your pedal-board until you’re happy. True noiseless sustain from a micro-sized and pedalboard-friendly true-bypass pedal. Of course, it’s not quite that simple. Electro-Harmonix is simply the king of creating the Fuzz guitar effect. For one, they don’t introduce the “popping” noise that true bypass pedals are known for, and they also make it easier to run longer cables without interference. Well, it’s clear from the naming of this product that the founder of Pigtronix is an avid Harry Potter fan, we’re kidding! Even some of the most popular sustainers on the market are notorious for adding lots of hiss and noise to your signal, which is obviously something you’d rather avoid. With the compression dialed in hot, this pedal provides impressive amounts of sustain without adding too much additional noise to your signal. Ok, so as previously mentioned, the Sustain effect is merely an extension of the current signal that is being played. It’s fairly simple and self-explanatory to use, with it having three function knobs for operation, which include ‘volume’, ‘sustain’ and ‘tone’. The level control will adjust the output signal db, the tone control will adjust the overall tonality, or shade of the signal, the attack control will adjust the level of time in which the unit will begin compression, and finally the sustain knob will adjust the amount of signal sustain that is added to the signal. This is especially important for funk, blues, and country players who rely on their amp’s clean channel for their tone. Although there is reasoning behind the naming of this product. Hence, we award this pedal our Editor’s Budget Recommendation. Sustain pedal; Piano style pedal; Unique design; LED when the pedal is on; Four potentiometers – Blend, Sustain, Rise, Tail; 3.89 pounds (1.76 kilograms) 13 x 6 x 4 inches (33.02 x 15.24 x 10.16 centimeters) The final entry on the list is Gamechanger. Refer to the video demonstration to hear exactly how this distortion/sustain pedal sounds. The fantastic thing about this company is that they listen to their target market (I.E You) and hence, they’re always working on ways to make their products better…. Tone: Adjusts the output tonality 3. Like we mentioned, this pedal is extremely impressive from the off-set, with it being presented in such an aesthetically pleasing way! Meaning that you can have full confidence in knowing that you’re going to receive a product that has been tried, tested and products complete satisfaction, assuming you get the newest mode of course . While each manufacturer is different, sustain pedals typically feature knobs for attack, sustain, and level. When guitarists are shopping for a sustain pedal, they often consider these effects as well: Your email address will not be published. If your amp has an effects loop, you may want to consider running your time-based effects through the loop, as this may result in a clearer and more well-defined tone. -Intelligent Gating That Won't Kill Your Sustain- Say goodbye to the noise in your guitar or bass rig with the MXR M135 Smart Gate pedal! First, you’ll want to place any dynamic effects you have, such as a volume pedal, compressor, or sustain pedal. One thing is for sure though, you’ll want to make sure your sustain pedal is placed before any time-based effects, or you’ll end up with a tonal mess on your hands. However, we’ve provided the measurements above, so that you can see if you have enough room! The Big Muff Pi has been one of the most iconic distortion pedals, and it’s graced some of the finest recordings and biggest stages in the world since the ‘70s. Most of the top sustain pedals on the market fall into the $75-150 range, although you can find some quality specimens for even less if you’re on a tight budget. Sure, it provides you with added sustain. This true bypass pedal is made in the USA and provides JFET quality compression in a nano-sized pedal housing. The pedal provides knobs for blend, sustain, rise, and tail, which allow you to fully control the myriad different sounds that are possible with the PLUS. Alongside this, as you can hear from the video demonstration, it sounds awesome! Similar to Sweetwater, Reverb is a retail store. Hands down, the PLUS is the most musical, expressive, and unique sustain effect on the market. With internal 18v power for added headroom and virtually noiseless operation, The Warden makes it easy to add quite and clean sustain to your tone. A sustain pedal or sustaining pedal (also called damper pedal, loud pedal, or open pedal) is the most commonly used pedal in a modern piano.It is typically the rightmost of two or three pedals. A copy of the iconic Boss CS-3, the CS400 from Behringer offers familiar controls and plenty of sustain at an unbeatable price. The Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Nano is for anyone searching for a compact guitar effects pedal, which provides high quality electro-harmonix circuitry for creating stellar distortion, fuzz and sustain. The link above has some very useful information on how to get more sustain from your setup. Their Soul Preacher and Freeze Sound Retainer are both fantastic options, as is the Deluxe Big Muff Pi if you’re also looking to add a classic fuzz sound to your arsenal in addition to a sustain pedal. That way, you can control your tone through your amp or your other pedals, and rely on the sustain pedal only to provide you with additional sustain. This optical compressor offers a control panel you’d typically only find in studio quality compressors, in an ultra-compact mini pedal housing. The DeadBeat Thank You is a sleek-looking distortion/sustain pedal built for guitar. Sustain pedals enable you to squeeze more tone from your instrument, and allow you to unlock some cool effects you’d never be able to achieve without one. In a sentence, sustain pedals allow you to prolong your guitar signal while reducing the rate of decay, therefore sustaining the note for a more extended period. However, that’s for you to decide. The Wampler Ego has received an average rating of 4.4* out of 5 stars from over 31 Amazon customer reviews. Plus, it’s more affordable than most of the high-end options on the market, making it a fine choice for players on a budget. The Freeze Sound Retainer from Electro-Harmonix is a unique sample effect that bridges the gap between traditional sustain pedals and the innovative PLUS pedal from Gamechanger Audio. The processor has only three controls, which includes sustain, level and attack. One of the coolest and most popular sustain effects on the market, the Philosopher’s Tone succeeds where so many similar effects have failed; it provides noiseless, clean sustain at any volume. The Behringer CS400 Compression/Sustain pedal is an ideal solution for any guitarist who’s after a sustain pedal, but without the large price-tag. With its tiny size and easy to use interface, the Soul Preacher is a perfect choice for beginners and students as well as anyone looking for a compact and effective sustain pedal. The Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Nano pedal is the perfect mid/premium priced distortion/fuzz & sustain pedal for any guitarist. All you have to do is press and hold the footswitch to create instant, natural sounding feedback and sustain for as long as you’d like. Ok, so considering the unit’s price, there really isn’t much we can say to improve. It’s the perfect mid-priced pedal in our list, and hence why we describe it as our Editor’s Mid-Priced Recommendation. There’s also switches that allow you to select low or high Q and a bass boost option. Their PLUS sustain pedal is hands down the most versatile and unique sustain pedal on the market, and you absolutely need to try one before you decide on the best sustain pedal for your needs.

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