the endless theories

Thank you for signing up to Live Science. Tenuous facts and half-truths are pieced together, and leaps in logic are made every time a new piece of evidence emerges that doesn’t fit the conspiracy narrative. In what was the largest viewership for a documentary in television history, Rivera claimed that an organized, Satanic conspiracy was at work killing babies, murdering innocents, and conducting ghastly rituals. Oh, the movie doesn’t lack for potential explanations. Was there a second assassin, perhaps one at a … Yet the best evidence suggests that it was neither a flying saucer nor a weather balloon, but instead a high-altitude, top-secret military balloon dubbed Project Mogul. As it turns out, descriptions of the wreckage first reported by the original eyewitnesses very closely match photos of the Project Mogul balloons, down to the silvery finish and strange symbols on its side. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The remaining members of the Beatles — along with their manager and others — conspired to keep McCartney's death a secret, going so far as to hire a look-alike and sound-alike to take his place in the band. The first one we are given is by Chris actually. It's little wonder that the drug industry ("Big Pharma") is looked upon with suspicion. The researcher, cult members, shitty carl, etc are all trapped in their own bubbles by the same entity and are playing out their own movies. The shock of the Watergate revelations and the Iran-Contra scandal still reverberate throughout the American political psyche. It is actually the best physical theory we have. But I don’t think that is relevant to our story or our narrative about Michael and Chris. In many conspiracy theories, bureaucratic incompetence is often mistaken for conspiracy. Michael being the first. In the corporate world, major companies we buy products from everyday have been found guilty of conspiring to fix prices and reduce competition. There was indeed a cover-up, but it did not hide a crashed saucer, instead it hid a Cold War-era spying program. There are a ton of missing words, obvious misspellings, etc. So much so? Great, check it out right here. But when they get Infront of the house and the entity shows itself it’s quite obvious both protagonists realised they had completely and utterly F’d up royaly and Chris’ basically tried to praise the entity on his knees trying to appease it where Mike scared out of his mind basically asks for a redo or second chance basically sealing them to a fate far worse then death a endless time loop and pretty much in my opinion a living hell because it’s obvious mike still didn’t understand in the slightest that has to die, which will basically ensure the will repeat basically forever for them until they give up and basically welcome death with open arms! I believe they are semi lucid characters in a horror movie, the tropes of cults, dangerous locals, drug dealers and the paranormal are all different plots they can follow , instead they refuse and try to conclude it as a drama- they are met with rejection by some unknown entity that has been trying to narrate the story all along and punished. The creator of the theory then takes the fact that everyone else is talking about it as evidence that there must be something in it. And because these men basically did everything they could to survive instead of facing there inevitable fate and hadn’t left by the 5 night both threatening factors converged on each other with one killing the other in the fate that was ment for Mike and Chris’ (the body seen on the porch with a shotgun wound to its head if you remember was the bald druggie that tried to run out the door when his counterpart was executed Infront of him but was shot in the doorway and fell out the door landing on the porch) honestly I still can’t figure out exactly why Chris wigged out and ran back to the burning house! Between Resolution and The Endless?

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