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Pardon my english, it is not my first language, cause I’m french. Capt. I had tried something similar last year and then realized I didn’t have the patience 😃. The movie was a financial success, grossing nearly $90 million domestically (against a $35 million budget), but a large portion of that was contributed by Trekkers who returned time and time again to theaters to re-watch the movie., Since no standard DVD edition of the film was released at the time, this was the only version of the film released to DVD until the 2009 Region 2, While it received the blessing and support from Paramount Pictures, the studio itself had no production input; rather the DVD project was an initiative of, Robert Wise was initially reluctant to embark on the project and needed some gentle prodding by Fein and Matessino; ", Formally, Robert Wise Productions had subcontracted the production of the specials/documentaries and the. Unlike in the theatrical and the TV versions of the film, Building upon experience gained previously, the, Turning out to be very well received (also due to the preceding point), the Director's Edition formed the basis for Paramount to reissue themselves the other nine, In the early summer of 2016, during the early advertisement campaign for the, In 2017, it was one of the co-producers of the Director's Edition, David C. Fein, who has confirmed Bonchune's assessment – incidentally having already mentioned it in the 2007 podcast – , by stating it was. Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director's Edition is a special two-disc widescreen Director's Edition DVD of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, featuring new scenes, enhanced visual effects, a new sound mix as well as a selection of especially produced special features, which constituted a first for a Star Trek home video format. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984), Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), (There are no more better movies of Stephen Collins), (There are no more worst movies of Stephen Collins). where can i download it without having spleen? I was waiting and see if there were any bigger changes I wanted to make to justify a new release, but since there aren’t, I might as well release this now. To be fair, most special editions exist primarily for creative reasons (although the studios backing them dream of $$$), and often result in a vastly improved product. Despite that aforementioned issue and the amount of dirt, hair, and scratches there are on the film, you’ve just taken the SLV HD project to its first step. The file is not re-encoded, and cuts to the different end credits at the end seamlessly. Spock senses a kinship with the vast consciousness that exists at the heart of the cloud. The date, December 7, lived in infamy for the entire production crew. If I ever incorporate these effects, I’d want to do some extra work on them, including re-rotoscoping the two shots that incorporate a live action plate. And, finally, there's an intangible - because the movie explores ideas, it has aged better than many of its action-oriented contemporaries. The film spends more time exploring those unique qualities that make human beings special, and the importance of tempering logic and knowledge with emotion. "Kirk" says that earlier tales of his exploits were exaggerated. The hour added to Wolgang Petersen's Das Boot transforms it into a character-driven white-knuckler. (To be fair, Shatner is capable of giving a good performance as Kirk - something he does in Star Treks II, III, and VI.) I had heard that the material created for the DC was in SD, and that was the reason we weren't getting it in HD on Blu-ray. VI is brutal, particularly when the screenshots are examined: That reminds me, regarding the limited color palate of the uniforms and grayness of the Enterprise and darkness of the bridge, it made me think of The Cage. Leonard Nimoy imbues Spock with a quiet dignity and DeForest Kelley slides easily into the part of the anti-technology old country doctor. It’s primarily sourced from the HDTV, which uses the same transfer as the director’s cut DVD. The original pilot of Star Trek was pretty gray. The camaraderie between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, one of the strengths of the TV series, is in evidence here, although not to the extent that it could have been. A long time ago in a strange place called Hollywood, a theatrical cut of a movie was considered to be the director's cut. Duel (1971) - The Hybrid Cut The journey to the center of the alien ship is a strange and bizarre one. Despite reviving a franchise that had not received any new content for many years, this film almost single-handedly killed the Star Trek brand after being panned by critics. That's right, Spock does cry on the Directors Cut DVD from 2001, I totally forgot.

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