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cit. cit. (n. 9); cf. This is probably historical, the proud memory of the Man who Warned Leonidas being handed down in his family for a century, to reach Ephoros, also of Kyme, Diodoros‘ source.’ See also D. H. Samuel, ‘Cyme and the veracity of Ephorus’, TAPA 99 (1968), 375–88, esp. The Seventh, Eighth, & Ninth Books,vol. 16 FGrH 688, F 13.28. Access supplemental materials and multimedia. An Historical and Archaeological Guide (Athens, 1951), pp. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways. Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing byThat here, obedient to their laws, we lie.Epitaph on the Cenotaph of Thermopylae, recorded by Herodotus.There is a long unsolved dispute around the interpretation of the word rhemasi, such as laws, words or orders.Variant translations:Go, tell the Spartans, thou who passest by,That here obedient to their laws we lie.Stranger, go tell the men of LacedaemonThat we, who lie here, did as we were ordered.Stranger, bring the message to the Spartans that hereWe remain, obedient to their orders.Oh foreigner, tell the LacedaemoniansThat here we lie, obeying their words.Go, tell the Spartans, passerby,that here by Spartan law we lie.Go, tell the Spartansstranger passing by,that here, obedient to Spartan law,we dead of Sparta lie, Epitaph of the Spartan Diviner, Megistias, at Thermopylae. New York, NY 10012 Read your article online and download the PDF from your email or your account. Diodorus (11.4.5) seems to say that there were 1,000 Lacedaemonians in addition to the 300 Spartiates ('of the Lacedaemonians there were 1,000 and with them 300 Spartiates').18 What he actually means, however, is that there were 1,000 in Quoted by Plutarch, De gloria Atheniensium 3.346f translations:Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech.Painting is silent poetry, poetry is eloquent painting.See also: Ut pictura poesisOriginal: (el) … zographian poiesin sioposan prosagoreuei, ten de poiesin zographian lalousan. 7 Compare FGrH 70, Ephorus F 191 (papyrus fragments) with Diodorus 11.56–62. When you visit Sparta, tell them: Here, the soldiers kept their … 31 The peculiar nature of Plutarch's essay On the Malice of Herodotus is well discussed by J. M. Marincola, ‘Plutarch's refutation of Herodotus’, The Ancient World25.2 (1994), 191–203. (n. 18), 329–30 and Hignett, op. cit. He is included in narratives as diverse as Mary Renault's modern historical novel The Praise Singer , Plato's Protagoras , and some verses in Callimachus' Aetia . Epitaph on the Cenotaph of Thermopylae, recorded by Herodotus. To access this article, please, Access everything in the JPASS collection, Download up to 10 article PDFs to save and keep, Download up to 120 article PDFs to save and keep. 40 Plut. In adapting the story of the Great War to the taste of his own age Ephoros, himself a pupil of Isokrates and a professional historian, was led astray by the combined influences of rhetoric and rationalism; as neither the rationalism nor the rhetoric was of the best quality, the intrusion of both at this stage could have inflicted irreparable damage on the tradition of the war if the text of Herodotus had not survived to refute the inventions grafted on the authentic record by Ephoros. Antologia(Florence, 1977), pp. ).Variant translations:The gods do not fight against necessity.Not even the gods war against necessity.I praise and love all men who do no sin willingly; but with necessity even the gods do not contend.Original: (el) "Anankei d' oude theoi makhontai.". But might Ephorus also have consulted Simonides' lyric poem on Salamis? (n. 9), p. 9, who thinks that Diodorus has made a careless mistake. (n. 9), p. 12, who asserts: ‘The best explanation is that during the transmission of Herodotus‘ text 1,000 Lacedaemonians have been lost.’ Positing lacunae to account for omissions of detail in our sources is not sound method and there is no grammatical indication that words have dropped out of Herodotus' text at this point. 16–64; and note S. Hornblower, Thucydides(Baltimore, 1987), p. 19, n. 14. On Ctesias' sources, see R. Drews, The Greek Accounts of Eastern History (Washington, DC, 1973), pp. II (Oxford, 1928), p. 222, accept Diodorus' figure of 1,000 perioeci. The source of the epitaph was poet-propagandist Simonides (c. 556-468). 4 Theopompus of Chios. IV (London, 1884), p. 439, n. 1. (n. 9), pp. 23 Barber, op. cit. ), op. My partner is a history buff and very ‘in’ to the Spartan’s so for him it was a must do to see where the 300 took on the Persians. In the next century, the body of Agesilaus was brought home all the way from Libya; apart from the kings, Spartans were always buried in the region where they died (Plut. (n. 27), pp. © 1998 The Classical Association cit. ), Classical Sparta: Techniques behind her Success (London, 1988), pp. For the former interpretation, see W. Luppe, ‘Die Korinther in der Schlacht von Plataiai bei Simonides nach Plutarch’, APh 40 (1994), 21–4. Epitaph At Thermopylae Four thousand of us fought three million. Herodotus writes as follows at 6.113.2–114: Note in particular that the word axfrXaaTov appears only in these two passages in all of Classical Greek literature. (n. 9), pp. 152–3. 26 Diodorus quotes seven lines of Aristophanes' Peace(603–6, 609–11), two lines from his Acharnians(531–2), and three lines from a play of Eupolis. (n. 9), p. 143. Simonides, Epitaph for the Spartans who fell at Thermopylae Greek poet (556 BC - 468 BC) All Simonides, Epitaph for the Spartans who fell at Thermopylae quotes | Simonides, Epitaph for the Spartans who fell at Thermopylae Books FAVORITE (0 fans) 226–9. Green, op. The Spartans would have paid him handsomely for his work. cit. 61–5 and fig. See further, Munro, op. 416–17 speaks of ‘Ephoros at his worst’; Hignett, op. 7.102. (n. 9), pp. cit. 221–2, who argue that Ephorus' version of Salamis does not rest on independent evidence no longer extant, but is a critical reconstruction of Herodotus based on deductions from Aeschylus. 43 Pelling, op. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. A Historical Study(Wauconda, IL, 1992), pp. (London, 1996), p. 337, who comments about the invasion of 480/79: 'Ignorance of troop, 49 Macan, op. (Warminster, 1993), pp. Cf. ), Greek Historiography (Oxford, 1994), pp. I, part 1 (London, 1908), p. 323, remarks: ‘The nightengagement looks like pure fiction’; E. Obst, ‘Der Feldzug des Xerxes’, Klio, Beiheftxii (1913), p. 112, who generally has a high opinion of Ephorus' value, also considers it a ‘Phantasie’; A. R. Barn, Persia and the Greeks: The Defence of the West 548–478 B.c. Diodorus (11.4.5) seems to say that there were 1,000 Lacedaemonians in addition to the 300 Spartiates ('of the Lacedaemonians there were 1,000 and with them 300 Spartiates').18 What he actually means, however, is that there were 1,000 in The most recent book on the Persian Wars, J. M. Balcer, The Persian Conquest of the Greeks 545–450 EC. 46 The influence of Homer on narrative patterns and contrasts in Thucydides is well discussed by C. J. Mackie, ‘Homer and Thucydides: Corcyra and Sicily’, CQ 46 (1996), 103–13, who concludes (p. 113): ‘It is by means of such narrative techniques, rather than a wide proliferation of verbal echoes, that the Sicilian venture has an epic feel to it, without being too obviously "Homeric".’ Mackie, however, does not discuss whether Thucydides consciously deviated from his received core of historical ‘facts’ for the sake of creating those patterns. ), (Leiden, 1956), pp. For more information, visit 8–10, contends that Ephorus used an excellent early fifth-century source for his account of Thermopylae, and suggests someone like Damastes, Charon, or Aristophanes of Boeotia. Or stray local onlookers?’. (n. 9), pp. 417–19; Green, op. 333–41. 29–52; H. Strasburger, ‘Homer und die Geschichtsschreibung, in Studien zur Alten Geschichte,vol. An army in hot pursuit of a fleeing enemy would not have called out for fire (which, I suppose, they would have had to fetch from the Persian camp), nor in the confusion would anyone have noticed exactly how Cynegirus had been killed, but the Homeric touches lend an heroic aura to these events and Herodotus' audience would have been attuned to this literary device. 34 As does, for example, Burn, op. Ephorus F, 8 For similarities, see A. Bauer, Die Benutzung Herodots durch Ephoros bei Diodor(Leipzig, 1879); for differences, E. Schwartz, ‘Ephoros’, RE VI, I (1907), col. 15 (repr. Epitaph At Thermopylae Poem by Simonides - Poem Hunter. 41 ‘Heracleides of Pontus and the past: fact or fiction’, in I. Worthington (ed. 52 Cf. Polybius goes on to criticize Ephorus' depiction of the battles of Leuctra in 371 and of Mantinea in 362; he makes no mention of Ephorus' Persian War narrative. On Ephorus' motives and methods, see Fornara, op. II (London, 1908), pp. (Oxford, 1994), pp. cit. 29 For discussion of the testimonia, see Boedeker, ‘Simonides on Plataea’, op. Simonides, Epitaph for the Spartans who fell at Thermopylae's quotes, 64 Thucydides (1.10.3; 1.21.1) recognized the exaggeration and inaccuracy inherent in poetic accounts of the past: see Boedeker, ‘Simonides on Plataea’, op. For the standard view that all such historians were later than Herodotus, see F. Jacoby, Abhandlungen zur griechischen Geschichtsschreibung,H. cit., (n. 9), p. 7, accepts Diodorus, but believes that 4,000 is a round number, 19 Contra Hammond, op. The two lines of Simonides of Ceos, translated here, have been translated often. Bloch (ed. Bibl. (Scroll down here for 13 versions.) On the other hand, Photius' bald statement that the Lacedaemonians ‘having been surrounded, all died fighting bravely’ (), is too vague to rule out a night attack. There are several monuments around the battlefield of Thermopylae. Aesthetic Realism Foundation Web. institution, Login via your 30 On Literary Composition 26 = Page, PMG 38/543. 184–5 (who gives additional bibliography). option. The scholars of Hellenistic Alexandria included him in the canonical list of nine lyric poets, along with Bacchylides and Pindar .

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