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(reprinted, in version corrected by the artist, in John Russell and Suzi Gablik, Pop Art Redefined 1969, pp. ), Hamilton's detailed account of the genesis of T01190 was illustrated by ten reproductions of source materials for the imagery. 4 and 5 ls it me? This casual adhesion of disparate conventions has always been a factor in my paintings. At first sight it is easy to mistake their intention as satirical. We would like to hear from you. in black and white p. 38 and in colour p. 9), and tour of Eindhoven and Berne. Purchased from William N Copley (Grant-in-Aid) 1970. Her breasts can be seen in two ways, one reading provides a more sumptuous profusion of flesh than the other. One is an initial visualisation of the whole composition. Within a few years the Frigidaire image of itself can change quite a bit. But I would like to think of my purpose as a search for what is epic in everyday objects and everyday attitudes. I want ideas to be explicit and separable so the plastic entities must retain their identity as tokens. 1 The caress. $he explores the imagery of consumerism and female identity, bringing together advertisements for household appliances alongside fragmentary images of a model taken from Esquire magazine. Oil, cellulose and collage on panel, 48×32 (122×81). Two are individual studies of different types of woman, one robotic (like a further machine), the other soft and welcoming—the two types were merged in the final picture. Repr: Art International, X/8, 1966, p. 23; Lawrence Alloway, ‘The Development of British Pop’, in L. Lippard, ed, Pop Art, 1966, p. 43. Richard Hamilton (British, born February 24, 1922–died September 13, 2011) was a painter and collage artist, and one of the earliest progenitors of Pop Art. The last study, of the combined toaster and vacuum cleaner, is appropriately entitled ‘Toastuum’. In this image the codes of fine and the messages of pop art are meshed. Photograph becomes diagram, diagram flows into text. They also provide the opportunity for a plastic elaboration which gratifies my own aesthetic needs. Coll: Given by the artist to William N Copley on completion of the painting, 1961. Hamilton painted T01190 as the outcome of an investigation into consumer goods for an independent Group lecture at the I.C.A. cit. ‘Sex is everywhere, symbolised in the glamour of mass-produced luxury – the interplay of fleshy plastic and smooth, fleshier metal’, Hamilton wrote. Lit: Lawrence Alloway, ‘Artists as Consumers’ in Image, No.3, 1961, pp. Get the latest news on the events, trends, and people that shape the global art market with our daily newsletter. The woman is an interesting deviation from the norm—matronly if not downright motherly—she contributed little. Does this text contain inaccurate information or language that you feel we should improve or change? Mum too has a uniform, discreetly floral apron equals pin stripe or grey flannel. Not inscribed. Characteristic posture; inclination towards the appliance in a gesture of affectionate genuflexion. Hamilton made four studies for T01190. It is to these that the numbers in his text, which follows, refer: 'In an old Marx Bros film (and this is the only memory I have of it) Groucho utters the phrase “Women in the home” and the words have such power that he is overcome, he breaks the plot to deliver a long monologue directed straight at the camera. Vikky Dougan in a dress concocted by her publicist Milton Weiss. 2 A job, like Dad's. Exh: Hanover Gallery, October–November, 1964 (8, repr. See our Privacy Policy for more information about cookies. Irony has no place in it except in so far as irony is part of the ad man's repertoire. 10, 1962, pp. 485–6, repr. As published in Architectural Design and in Pop Art Redefined (loc. 6 The source of the overall layout of “She” is this brilliant high shot of the cornucopic refrigerator—a view that uses a photographic convention from the auto ads. 14–19, repr. Bell provides the communications system to plug her into the home industry network. Hamilton played 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is best known for his nine-year stint with the Detroit Pistons, where he was a three-time All-Star.

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