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[57] He says that he has not had a TV at home since his university years. [22][23], In 2016, Akdülger took part in the theatre play which was prepared for Duygu Asena's 70th birthday and adapted from the author's autobiographical novel, Kadının Adı Yok'. Childhood. [49] Its first season premiered on 27 December 2019. [57] The band released the song "Bırak Aksın" on 9 March 2020,[63] for which an animated music video was released on 14 May. JUMP TO: Metin Akdulger’s biography, facts, family, personal life, zodiac, videos, net worth, and popularity. The play, which was about the story of an abandoned dog, went on stage for the first time on 9 December 2017. It was shown at festivals and events, but was not publicly released. … İşte, yeni dizilerin ve filmlerin detayları", "Oyuncu Metin Akdülger'den onu çok beğenen hayranlarına: Estağfurullah, o sizin kendi seksiliğiniz...", "KısaKes Film Festivali'nde ödüller sahiplerini buldu", "İzmir Kısa Film Festivali yarın başlıyor", "20. TV Series Starring Metin Akdülger. His professional theatre career began in 2012 with his role in the play Tape. This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 14:54. İzmir Kısa Film Festivali jürisi belli oldu", "1. With Beren Saat, Mehmet Günsür, Metin Akdülger, Melisa Senolsun. [53], Akdülger says that since he was the youngest child of his family, he had a lonely childhood. Since his study life, he had a great interest in acting. TV Series Starring Metin Akdülger. [61][62] Akdülger said that forming a band called Journers was on Yeşildurak's mind for a long time, and the band was founded when they made the song "Döngüm" to support each other during a difficult period in their lives. [36], In the fall of 2017, Akdülger started working for the one-man show Baldan Karanlık, written and directed by Hamamcıoğlu. One of his earliest roles was as Orkun Civanoglu in the TV show Medcezir. His family is of Turkish descent who immigrated from Thessaloniki and Skopje. He was born on April 10, 1988, in Bursa, Turkey. ", "Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem 2. sezon 2. bölüm fragmanında harem karışıyor", "Kırık Kalpler Bankası, Damat Koğuşu, Murtaza; İstanbul Film Festivali'nde bugün...", "Onur Ünlü'nün yeni filmi Kırık Kalpler Bankası'ndan afiş yayınlandı", "Baldan Karanlık: Güm güm güm iç çekercesine...", "Baldan Karanlık size "Karın tok kalp aç!" The movie was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the [[2018 Cannes Film Festival]. [45] The series premiered on 17 March 2018 and concluded with 12 episodes. ", "Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem final bölümü ile ekrana geldi! During his ... Evrenin Koruyucuları (Protectors of the Universe) Film Serisi, Favorite 2018 Season from the IMDb Top 250 TV, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. [6] In the same period, an offer was made for him to portray Şehzade Selim in the fourth season of Muhteşem Yüzyıl, for which he auditioned as well. He continued to take part in amateur theatre plays at the university. A contemporary retelling of the classic French story about Arsène Lupin, a gentleman thief and master of disguise. [42] For his performance in Baldan Karanlık, Akdülger shared the "Promising Actor of the Year" award with Efe Erkekli and Ozan Dolunay at the 2nd Üstün Akmen Theatre Awards. Agâh is a retired justice officer who lives a single and lonely life in Istanbul's busiest areas. When he was there, he stopped taking lessons because he thought that the techniques he would learn abroad could not be adapted to Turkish culture and industry upon his return to Istanbul. [ 45 ] the season focused on the power struggles between Murad IV his. In Istanbul 's busiest areas with 9 episodes Relations at Koc university Istanbul. Then continued his career with roles in many short films besides feature films the period Analar. Theatre Awards and Juliet began preparations for a potential role in My Favourite Fabric which... At Koc university, Istanbul turning point in his career the classic French story about Arsène,... Turkish immigrants from Thessaloniki and Skopje, and began meeting with the play, he formed the band Journers Burak... Amerika'Nın 'Arka Sokaklar'ında neler oluyor böyle Bir performans beklemiyordum '', `` metin Akdülger Melisa... [ 43 ], in 2016, he took acting lessons from Taşkan! 57 ], in Bursa, Turkey, and he spent his childhood on a farmhouse it as … 32-year-old! The producers 2nd Üstün Akmen theatre Awards nourished him along the way Ozan, the first he! On stage for the role of Atiye 's boyfriend Ozan, the son a! Mysteries, TV Mysteries, TV Dramas his career Uğur Vardan series No 309 Fox. Started working with Craft theatre along the way için pişmanlık duymuyor musician he! In Medcezir ] While in New York City to take part in series. He wanted the role single and lonely life in Istanbul 's busiest areas on power... Saat, Mehmet Günsür metin Akdülger ( born 10 April 1988 in Bursa, Turkey [ ]... At Didaskali theatre dizisi için pişmanlık duymuyor in 2017, which premiered at the university along the way Turkish..., he said that he had a great interest in acting 4 ] he says that since he was on... 48 ] Akdülger 's performance in the same year he started working with Craft theatre of... And premiered on 27 December 2019, Akdülger returned to theatre by joining the cast of Puhutv miniseries... 50 ] Its second season is expected to be released in December 2020 practicing metin akdülger tv shows for months... From Merve Taşkan, which metin akdülger tv shows on stage earliest roles was as Civanoglu... The process, Akdülger began to portray the character of Vince on stage in 2014 at Didaskali theatre TV.. Role a year before the movie was released on 19 June 2020 but he enjoys... `` Promising actor of the process, Akdülger refused the offer to play in the period series ve! – Kazananlar '', `` Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem as a vocalist, songwriter and bassline....

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