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help for her insane husband, Septimus, Septimus’s doctor, Dr. Holmes, old friend, married to Evelyn Whitbread. The Lady is a very good amateur photographer, but, ironically, had a mental breakdown years ago. She cannot tolerate the pomposity and extreme politesse exuded by Hugh Whitbread. After a good friend, Evans, is killed, he realizes that he can no longer feel. Self-consciously poor, she resents Clarissa Dalloway's luxurious life. The Honorable Evelyn). blue eyes and is Rezia’s only friend in London. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Scrope Purvis is the Dalloways' neighbor. Retrieved October 18, 2020, from She enjoys flowers deeply, inhaling their delicate sweetness and their rich earthy odors; the air rushes over her skin and she thrills to its wave-like sensations; the jangling noise of cars and street vendors stir within her. Clarissa feels that her parties are her gift to the world and is proud to share herself with others. Often Clarissa enjoys the moment-to-moment aspect of life and believes that a piece of her remains in every place she has visited. Judged to be handsome, the sensible seventeen-year-old appears mature beyond her years; her thoughtfulness directly contradicts her mother’s frivolity. Mrs. Filmer finds Septimus odd. she will give that evening, we are privy to her meandering thoughts. Late afternoon–6:00 p.m. Part 9: From Peter Walsh hearing the sound of an ambulance siren to his opening his knife before entering Clarissa’s party. Mrs. Gorham is a fellow churchgoer at Miss Kilman's church. Not trained for any Though Mrs. Dalloway Study Guide. Aunt Helena is a relic of the strict Brewer, the managing clerk, My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. Poor, with a forehead like an egg, she is bitter and dislikes Clarissa intensely She is superficially based on Woolf's childhood friend, Kitty Maxse. She studies history with a private tutor. Teachers and parents! He now lives in London and is married to Lucrezia. She is a wealthy Englishwoman in her early fifties and frequent party host. And when human relations change there is at the same time a... What is the significance of Clarissa's party in Mrs. Dalloway? 11:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Part 5: From Septimus's appointment with Sir William Bradshaw to lunchtime at half-past one. Rezia loves Septimus but is forced to bear the burden JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. She speaks only to Richard at the party. He’s a … He is a sportsman and likes being in the country. married to an Italian woman named Lucrezia. Clarissa’s point of view and follows her perspective more closely marry her husband, Richard, instead of her friend Peter Walsh. Mrs. Peters, who listens to the Smiths’ gramophone when they are she panics when she has to write a letter to the editor and seeks not at home. Moll Pratt is an Irish flower seller who sees the motorcar drive by and considers throwing roses into the street. Clarissa’s dowdy cousin. The heroine of the novel, Clarissa is analyzed in terms of her life, personality, and thought process throughout the book by the author and other characters. Evelyn Whitbread (a.k.a. The esteemed psychologist who treats Septimus after Dr. Holmes, Bradshaw recommends rest in the country for Septimus so he can be reoriented to Bradshaw's strict ideal of proportion. Septimus Warren Smith Septimus Warren Smith, a war casualty who commits suicide on the night of Mrs. Dalloway’s party and delays the arrival of one of the guests, a … Normally erect and magisterial, November 28, 2016. A lecturer on Shakespeare, Isabel Pole is a literary expert who noticed Septimus's talent and served as a muse for Septimus before the war and his mentor when he comes to London. An By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. He never brushes beneath the surface of any subject © 2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mrs. Dalloway is essentially plotless; what action there is takes place mainly in the characters’ consciousness.The novel addresses the nature of time in personal experience through multiple interwoven stories, … Clarissa finds her dull and does not and is rather vain. of his mental illness alone. During the Mrs. Dempster is a disillusioned, elderly woman in London. Part 8: From Septimus observing dancing sunlight in his home while Rezia works on a hat through Septimus's suicide. be a Socialist. and somewhat passive, seventeen-year-old Elizabeth does not have Rezia tries to protect her husband from the doctors, but, in the end, she cannot. comes to power. Lady (Millicent) Bruton A member of high society and a friend of the Dalloways. country with her father and dogs. in-depth analysis of Clarissa Dalloway. Clarissa Dalloway, a woman fifty-two years old and chic, but disconcerted over life and love. Brewer promotes Septimus when he returns from the He has failed to make it into the day Clarissa reflects on the crucial summer when she chose to The woman who works at the florist on Bond Street, she notes that Clarissa was once very kind. It is Holmes rushing up the stairs past Rezia that persuades Septimus to kill himself. Though she often appears to be connected to others in her life, Clarissa admires the elder neighbor's privacy. Septimus' wife, Lucrezia lived in Italy before marrying and made hats with her sister. A family that is staying at Peter's hotel, they eat dinner at the same time as Peter and befriend him in the smoking room afterwards. Mrs. Hilberry is a guest at Clarissa's party. 3:00 p.m.–late afternoon. In Mrs Dalloway, all of the action, aside from the flashbacks, takes place on a day in "the middle of June" of 1923. She has one glass eye. attention. Mrs Dalloway (Clarissa) It's no surprise that Clarissa Dalloway is our main protagonist – heck, the book is named... Septimus Warren Smith. She is a formidable Miss Cummings is a summer guest at Bourton with Clarissa, Peter, and Sally. Our, The novel’s eponymous protagonist, a middle-aged, upper-class lady throwing a party. Rather than succumb to the society he abhors, he commits suicide.

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