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File The explosion was preceded by a fire in the same warehouse, but as of October 2020[update], the exact cause of the detonation is still under investigation. Nearly 3,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive chemical used in fertilizers, exploded at Beirut’s port. [17], On 27 September 2013, the Moldovan-flagged cargo ship MV Rhosus set sail from Batumi, Georgia, to Beira, Mozambique, carrying 2,750 tonnes (3,030 short tons) of ammonium nitrate. That was an ammunition’s Making site not a place they stored it Wicked people will reap fire and brimstone for their wickedness. The result has thrown many into poverty. Ammonium nitrate stored for six years in a commercial environment. “But then again, many of us felt that was true six months ago.”, The rising desperation could help build or undo the movement. The blast occurred after the tank caught fire in Tariq-al-Jdide district. Local television channel LBC said the material was sodium nitrate. Their ranks also grew to include at least 45 volunteers. Over the coming days, reports would detail the extent of the human cost — over 200 dead, 6,000 injured, and 300,000 left without homes — along with the financial blow of an estimated $5 billion in direct damages alone. A civil defense official on the scene of the blast said his men had evacuated dozens to hospitals and that there were still bodies inside the port, many of them under debris. Tahan soon found himself moving from spectator to full-fledged organizer. [125] At least 150 people became permanently disabled as a result of the explosion. Damnit!!! [19][42] One of the letters sent in 2016 noted that judges had not replied to previous requests, and "pleaded":[19]. “All I knew was, I can’t abandon Beirut now.”. It gave no details about the content of the report. The Dutch ambassador's wife, Hedwig Waltmans-Molier, was seriously injured and later died of her injuries. Their generations will continue to suffer until they repent and release all the captives. Even as more Lebanese struggle to meet their daily needs, any impulse to protest must be weighed against the growing possibility of state violence. Get well soon to the injured. Lebanon is very volatile. [43][44][45] Around 17:55 local time (14:55 UTC), a team of nine firefighters and one paramedic, known as Platoon 5, was dispatched to fight the fire. “It seems that things cannot go on this way much longer,” he said. Geha and her colleagues posit a “big picture” that would overwrite the current, sectarian system — an alternative that poses both danger and hope. His organization has spent recent months reaching out to the scores of activist groups that emerged in 2019, seeking to build coalitions under a shared vision of nonsectarian, democratic opposition. [66] The Beirut explosion was similar to explosions of large amounts of ammonium nitrate in Tianjin, China, in 2015; in Texas City, United States, in 1947; or in Toulouse, France in 2001. I can understand what happened in Beirut. No one will say", "Ammonium nitrate that exploded in Beirut bought for mining, Mozambican firm says", "Shipowner Linked to Hezbollah's Bank: Questions Swirl around the Cargo that Destroyed Beirut - DER SPIEGEL - International", "Crew kept hostages on a floating bomb – m/v Rhosus, Beirut", "Ekspert forklarer, hvad der sandsynligvis skete i Beirut", "De waarschuwingen in Beiroet waren er, maar de gedoemde lading bleef liggen", "Captain astonished that his ship delivered Beirut explosive", "Beirut's accidental cargo: how an unscheduled port visit led to disaster", "First pictures emerge of a Russian man whose ammonium nitrate cargo detonated in the port of Beirut", "Substanța care a provocat explozia din Beirut a fost adusă de nava unui rus sub pavilionul R. Moldova", "French defence minister visits Beirut to inspect military aid ship 'Thunder, "The Disturbing Story Behind the Beirut Port Explosion", "Beirut blast: The Inferno and the Mystery Ship", "Captain Boris Prokoshev on Why Rhosus was in Beirut", "Rescue workers search rubble after deadly Beirut blast", "Toll expected to rise in blast that shook Beirut, killing 78 and injuring thousands", "Ship Cited in Beirut Blast Hasn't Sailed in 7 Years. Despite years of conflict, including the 2006 Lebanon War,[228] both Israel and senior Hezbollah officials ruled out Israeli involvement in the explosion, despite claims and allegations spread via social media. [79] An American diplomatic cable on 7 August said it "remains unclear ... whether fireworks, ammunition or something else stored next to the ammonium nitrate might have been involved" in worsening the warehouse fire and igniting the ammonium nitrate. Toxic gases were been reported in the aftermath along with strange orange clouds, with the US Embassy warning any Americans in Beirut to stay inside. The protests included more drastic scenes, too, from the storming of government buildings to brutal clashes with law enforcement. [9], The economy of Lebanon was in a state of crisis before the explosions, with the government having defaulted on debt, the pound plunging, and a poverty rate that had risen past 50%. Charbel Haj, who works at the port, said it started as small explosions like firecrackers, then the huge blast erupted, and he was thrown off his feet. (AP). Two months after the horrific Beirut blast, Lebanon has sought the arrest of the owners and the captain of the ship that was docked in Beirut in 2013 after suffering a technical snag while it was sailing from Georgia enroute Mozambique, and the contents of … Tahan began spending every day on the streets, watching in awe as the movement, which became known as the October Revolution, swept beyond Beirut and into more traditionally conservative areas. Subscribe to The Hindu now and get unlimited access. At home in Beirut, Ahmad Tahan, then 24, watched these developments stream across his Instagram feed last October. [48][143] Four nurses died from the initial blast, fifteen patients died after their ventilators stopped working, and several child cancer patients were injured by flying glass. [26][27] Eight Ukrainians and one or two Russians were aboard,[31] and with the help of the Ukrainian consul, five Ukrainians were repatriated, leaving four crew members to care for the ship. They found a home in disarray: furniture blown out of place and chunks of the ceiling littering the floor. At the time, Tahan and his co-conspirators had no idea that the issues they were protesting — the corruption, nepotism, and incompetence of the ruling elite — had also laid the groundwork for a soon-to-ignite deadly blast. But he was soon drawn in. Vizag girl designs sanitiser gloves that disinfect surfaces, The story of PB No. [55] The second explosion was felt in northern Israel and in Cyprus, 240 kilometers (150 miles) away. Also, former ministers of both finance and public works are due to be interrogated by a judge appointed by the Lebanon's High Judicial Council. [37][30] Lawyers argued for the crew's repatriation on compassionate grounds, because of the danger posed by the cargo still aboard the ship, and an Urgent Matters judge in Beirut allowed them to return home. Lebanon blast was caused by welder as death toll passes 100. It was a bomb of some kind.". Some circulated missing persons reports, while others appeared bearing snacks and water for cleanup crews. [76], The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International said that, according to attendees of a Higher Defence Council briefing, the fire was ignited by workers welding a door at a warehouse. In addition to political and religious diversity, Tahan noted, the protests also transcended class divides. Suddenly, from her seat just a few feet from the office’s glass door, she heard a strange boom, followed by a thunderous sound that shook the building and sent the door heaving from its hinges. [75] The failure to remove the materials from the warehouse and relocate them was attributed to mismanagement of the port, corruption of the government, and inaction of the flag registry's country and ship owner. Lebanese people are wicked people buying, selling and enslaving others. Homes as far as 10 kilometers (6 miles) away were damaged by the blast, and up to 300,000 people were left homeless by the explosion. [191] Lebanese President Michel Aoun said the government would make up to 100 billion pounds (US$66 million) in aid available to support recovery operations. As we fight disinformation and misinformation, and keep apace with the happenings, we need to commit greater resources to news gathering operations. Spontaneous protests quickly coalesced in the streets and on social media, where messages of outrage and calls to action circulated widely. (Right/bottom) Every day, Hussein helps transport food and aid to more than a thousand families in need. When you do evil, evil will follow you. The blast was stunning even for a city that has seen civil war, suicide bombings and bombardment by Israel. “We knew we had to take care of these things, because there was no way the government would.”. The news agency said Judge Fadi Sawwan received the FBI report on Monday, adding that he is still waiting for similar reports from French and British explosives experts. In the past, she’d hoped to move abroad to pursue a master’s degree in architecture, but with her family hit hard by the economic crisis, she’s let that dream go for now. He said, “Some people became so desperate, they started going back to their partisan leaders. And they were repeatedly told that it was there and they need to dispose of it. “We won’t get through this without the entire community working together — our fates are intertwined,” said Geha. I haven't seen anything like that since the days of the (civil) war," said Marwan Ramadan, who was about 550 yards from the port and was knocked off his feet by the force of the explosion. Motorcyclists picked their way through traffic, carrying the injured. A massive explosion shook Beirut on Tuesday, killing at least 70 people and injuring thousands of others while flattening much of the port, damaging buildings across the capital, and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. The group aims to harness grassroots energy like that of Zantout, Chehab, and Khodr to supplant failed government bureaucracy and, eventually, to challenge it directly. Lebanese security forces contain clashes between demonstrators and counter-protesters in the centre of the capital Beirut during the 13th day of anti-government protests on October 29, 2019.

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