how to lower lifetime basketball hoop

Bend back exposed top flange sections of the secured ground sleeve. A few months ago I forewarned you of the top three things to know before assembling a Lifetime Basketball Hoop. Not a huge deal, because we quickly noticed when we tried to attach the braces to the pole and the hardware wouldn't fit through the holes. Yay! Typically adjusts systems between 7.5 or 8 to10 feet in 4 or 6" increments. I personally wouldn't bet against a team that includes Messi. For safety, this action should be performed by an adult. Germany is the favorite to beat Argentina Sunday, but if you have ever watched arguably the best soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi for Argentina, I’m not so sure. Tug on the backboard to make sure it has locked into place. While not as durable as polycarbonate, they do provide a better rebound and are available in beginner, intermediate and competitive sizes. It took every ounce of muscle and patience we had, but it was possible. Good Things Utah's viewers nominated the "Makeover My Backyard" winner, The DeYoung family from West Valley City, in Utah. Typically adjusts systems between 7.5 or 8 to10 feet in 4 or 6" increments. Hmmm, that's odd... our adjustment mechanism is on the front of the pole instead of the back of the pole like it should be. Their height adjuster is a simple crank system. He is a news reporter published in newspapers such as "The Prairie Advocate" and "The Gazette." Unfortunately, we didn't notice that we put the pole on the base backwards (like I mentioned in Oops #2) until this section 5.2. when it was time to attach the adjustment mechanism to the pole. With soccer and the MLS becoming more popular in the U.S.A., the World Cup this year has been a big deal in America (Did you see all the fans at Grant Park in Chicago?). Impact®  Molded of high-density polyethylene. Backyards Inc. was a part of a team of Utah companies that ca... Who will win the 2014 World Cup Final? It is what is used in all collegiate and professional games. After the concrete has cured, remove the tape, install pole cap and clamp cover, fit pole assembly into the sleeve. Thank you. The internal design typically costs $100 more than t… How to Mount a Basketball Hoop to a Garage. We were hesitant to put any weight on the rim until the system was assembled but my arms were getting tired from holding the heavy system! Wrong! After all, since I work for Lifetime, you'd think I'd know how to assemble the products. The Action-Grip Height adjustment hoops move in 6-inch increments from 7 1/2 to 10 feet. The superior impact strength of Makrolon® polycarbonate provides enough protection to withstand the toughest abuse. Awkward because once you have the backboard on the pole, you lay the system forward and have one adult hold it while you finish attaching the adjustment mechanism arms. Now that's it's been several months since we assembled our basketball hoop, the assembly headaches are long gone. We know the choices can seem overwhelming at first. Great for beginners or youth and the most affordable option. Before we started assembling, we laid out all of our parts and pieces to make sure we could easily find everything. Different models have different means of adjustment. If purchasing an in-ground basketball system, make sure there is enough room around the system. Let down to raise the height of the rim. The steel-framed provides added rigidity improving rebound. Strong Arm™  A simple, two-hand adjustment that allows you to raise or lower the rim height from 8 to 10 feet using a locking steel bar. First, we were supposed to bend the end of the Cotter Pin after we inserted it into the Clevis Pin. Portable, In-Ground,  or Wall/Roof MountBefore you purchase a basketball system, first decide where you are going to place it to determine which style of system to buy. Although these systems all work in the same fashion, they differ in the location and shape of the grip handle and the spring technology used to let the hoop up and down. Not necessarily true. Although these systems all work in the same fashion, they differ in the location and shape of the grip handle and the spring technology used to let the hoop up and down. A few months ago I forewarned you of the top three things to know before assembling a Lifetime Basketball Hoop. Quick Adjust®  This is the original height adjust mechanism that Lifetime invented over 25 years ago. All Lifetime rims are made with a 5/8-inch ring of solid steel and welded-steel net hooks which do not require replacement and help avoid the annoyance and danger of dangling net loops common in cheaper rims. This was my first time assembling a Lifetime Basketball Hoop. 4. Push on the crossbar with a broom handle to lower the hoop, but not far enough to hear the clicking sound. Some models are not adjustable at all. Let's just say, I can definitely empathize with our customers now! The counter-balance springs do most of the work for you! Slam-It® Rim  A heavy-duty classically-styled rim built to take a slam with double-compression springs providing spring-back action. They've since been replaced with fun family memories of playing H-O-R-S-E and Around the World with our kids and neighbor kids. We made it to section 3 in exactly one hour. The rest of the assembly was easy to understand, just awkward to accomplish at times. All six Backyards Inc. stores in Utah will be open 9am-3pm the day after Thanksgiving and will offer some of the biggest deals of the year, including up to $200 off select Lifetime products and some products for less than $15! Pump Adjust™  A trigger-less adjustment mechanism that allows one-handed infinite increment height adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet. Your account has been created. Based in Northwest Illinois, Eli Stuart has been writing since 2000, primarily in the fields of business, economics, sports and fiction. Acrylic Fusion®  These boards integrate a clear acrylic playing surface with an unbreakable polyethylene frame for a pro-glass look. Arena-Style Slam-It Pro® Rim  Built for aggressive play with an arena-style wraparound brace and double-compression springs that let you slam it like a pro. Since the pole is installed in cement, they take up less space and are more stable than portable systems. Directions say, "Then have one adult position the Bottom Pole (ALE) within the Base as shown with the lip at the bottom of the pole facing outward." The counter-balance springs do most of the work for you! The internal design encloses the majority of the cranking components inside the main pole of the basketball system. Whereas the external design has the majority of the components outside of the pole. Telescoping  Adjust by tilting the system to the side, removing knob or bolt, and telescoping the system up or down in  6" increments from 7.5 to 10 feet. Simply read what part you need in the directions, look at the parts list in the front of the instruction manual to see what bag the part is in, and find the matching hardware bag. Fast forward one hour… now we were back on track. These hoops increase by 6 inches from 7 1/2 to 10 feet. Tempered glass is the premium playing surface and gives you the look and play of the professional game. The diagram is a little confusing to really understand what it should look like finished, so I took a picture to hopefully make it a little easier for you. Push up to lower the height of the rim. Portable systems have a base that rolls on wheels and is filled with sand or water for stability. Within seconds any adjustable Lifetime Basketball Hoop can be raised or lowered to the desired level. To lower, simply place broom handle in release latch located behind the rim and lower system . How Do I Change the Height of the Reebok Step? The U.S. team’s first World Cup match, a 2-1 victory, was ESPN’s most w... What NOT to Do When Assembling a Lifetime Basketball Hoop. The sturdy steel Y-extension arms provide superior rebound and play, and the heavy-duty steel frame gives added rigidity. They can also be used to replace older, worn- out boards on an existing pole. In-Ground For larger driveway or designated courts, in-ground systems are a better option. We'll see, maybe I'll get motivated to edit it someday. But, that was minor compared to the next hiccup…if you can even call it that. Simple assemble, fill the base, and play today. This is the original height adjust mechanism that Lifetime invented over 25 years ago. Oops #3So, it turns out section 5.2 was our nemesis in more ways than one. 1. So, we've put together this list to help you understand the different types of features that are available for beginner, intermediate, and competitive players. For some reason, we thought lip simply meant "edge" of the pole. Key word:  Lip. Verify what style adjustment your hoop uses to correctly adjust the rim height. (Insert several big screams, throwing of tools etc.) And, remember, you will need to allocate 72 hours for cement the to cure. Locate the front crossbar behind the backboard and using a broomhandle push on the crossbar to get the hoop to desired height. We really did try to make a video to document our assembly and help you. Seriously, a table for just $14.99! Ideal for intermediate players. Classic Rim  The basic model rim bolted directly to the backboard and  ound on beginner systems. But, look carefully at the bottom of the pole! Make sure that lip faces away from the base! Sigh. Adjusts height from7.5 to 10 feet. Portable By far, the most popular place for a basketball system is a driveway, and a portable system is ideal for this location. The pneumatic mechanism allows instant and effortless height adjustment with just one hand. If you need help resetting your password please email or call us at 1-800-424-3865 Opt. Oops #2During section 2.3 we attached the pole braces to the base - backwards. Right? Power Lift®  Infinite increment adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet. How To The Change The Height On A Basketball Hoop - YouTube The Rapid-Cam and Power-Lift adjustment hoops can move inch by inch from 7 1/2 to 10 feet. (If this happens to you, please call the Lifetime Customer Care department!) Front Adjust™ A convenient, two-hand adjustment at the front of the pole instead of behind it.

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