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You will be surprised to know that Lord Hanuman also had five real brothers and all were married. Hanuman is one of the most popular gods of Hindus. Lord Hanuman readily agreed to become the companion of Sugriva. Later, Hanuman killed Ahiravana and made his son Makardhwaja, the king and left the place with Lord Rama and his brother Laxman. His picture, often with Rama and Sita, can be found in almost every Hindu home. Narada went on and instigated Vishwamitra, which angered him so much that he went to Ram and asked him to punish Hanuman to death. Seeing this, Narada went to Vishwamitra and confessed his mistake, stopping the ordeal! Also, whoever will pay respect to Hanuman on Tuesday, not only will his/her wishes come true but will also be dear to Lord Rama himself. He went to the Patal Loka to free Lord Rama and Laxman. When Rama came to know about Narad’s trickery, he stopped. The 5 faces of Hanuman, apart from himself are that of Narasimha, Garuda, Varaha and Hayagriva. Later, Anjana fell in love with Kesari, the monkey king and they both married each other. Lord Hanuman is a bachelor and has never married. ( Log Out /  The story of how Hanuman came to assist Sugriva began when the monkey God was learning scriptures from Lord Surya. Rama out of respect and love for his ardent devotee starts a yawning spree and Hanuman without fail clicked his fingers every time. Lord Ram obeyed the orders of the teacher, Vishwamitra and issued a death sentence to Lord Hanuman. Next day in the field, the statement was to be executed, but all arrows failed to do any harm to Hanuman as he kept chanting Ram! With his never ending inquisitiveness and dedication, it took him only sixty hours to become proficient in all the scriptures. Hanuman then freed Lord Shani. So there were nothing to fear about. However, Lord Hanuman set about destroying Lanka with his tail. Join our growing community of mindful writers, and contributors. Lord Hanuman is known as an obstacle remover, as he is the only deity who has control over the planet Saturn (Shani). In the battle followed, Pushkal kills Veer muni and Lord Shiva then sends veerbhadra to tackle Pushkal and Shatrugan and defeats them. Hanuman entered the Patala Lok to rescue them. His father’s name was Vayu. While doing this bravery, Hanuman find Shanideva in an underground room of Ravana’s palace. A number of religious leaders have claimed to have seen Hanuman over the course of the centuries, notably Madhvacharya (13th century CE), Tulsidas (16th century), Samarth Ramdas (17th century), Raghavendra Swami (17th century) and Swami Ramdas (20th century). Wall carvings depicting the worship of Hanuma at Undavalli Caves in Guntur District. A portion of Kaushlya, his eldest wife, was snatched by a kite who flew all the way where Anjana was meditating. November 12, 2015 April 15, 2017. It’s said that Hanuman’s steadfast commitment and devotion were so strong that he was free of all physical fatigue and harm. His mother’s name was Anjana. ( Log Out /  He never become afraid of. This was his dedication towards Lord Rama. On Hanuman Jayanti, devotees put sindur on their forehead and visit Hanuman temples. She was a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva. Ravana asked his servants to kill Hanuman. It so happened that Lord Hanuman was learning scriptures from the Sun God. Hearing this, the Sun God asked Hanuman to become a companion of Sugriva who was the ruler of a monkey clan. On seeing the Ram Setu bridge, Arjuna wondered why Lord Rama would need the help of monkeys to build the bridge instead of building the bridge by himself using his arrows. Realising this, Hanuman discarded his version. Hanuman did so and became his disciple. Many arrows were fired upon Hanuman including the most dangerous weapon, the Brahmastra. Pawanputra Hanuman Was An Incarnation Of Lord Shiva Hanuman was the son of Anjana and the monkey king Kesari. Anjana, a beautiful Apsara in celestial palace court of Lord Brahma was cursed by a sage that, the moment she fell in love her face would transform to that of a monkey. During the entire battle, Lord Hanuman was present on the flag of Arjuna’s chariot. His mother’s name was Anjana. He finds an important place in the Ramayana. It was here in the sky that Lord Indra had used his vajra which threw Anjaneya straight on the earth damaging his jaw forever. Lord Shiva was pleased by her devotion and assured Anjani that he would be born as a son of her. In despair, Mother Sita prayed to Lord Rama for his help. He didn’t know how to control his new-found powers and being a very mischievous child, he used to disturb the sages praying in the forest. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To prove his eternal love for Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, he ripped off his chest to show that both of them are always present in his heart. Despite being injured, Hanuman refused to take Bharat’s help and continued on his journey. However, Yayati requested Hanuman to protect her from being killed at the hands of Lord Rama. Hanuman was fascinated with Surya from birth. Yama, the God of Death blessed him healthy life and free from his weapon Yama Danda, thus death would not come to him. Hanuman is originally enraged at Rama for murdering his father-in-law Kharadushana. Upon laying his eyes upon him, Hanuman immediately prostrated himself in front of him. Just then, Lord Krishna appeared in front of them and asked Arjuna to rebuild the bridge. In India, the annual autumn season Ramlila play features Hanuman, enacted during Navratri by rural artists (above). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. When Lord Vishnu decided to incarnate on earth in the form of Rama, Lord Shiva professed his desire to serve him. When Rama’s time of death was at hand, Hanuman barred Yama (the god of death) from claiming him. He is considered to be the god of power and strength and as such is the most favored deity of wrestlers and bodybuilders, and is especially venerated by princes and warriors; Tuesday is  his sacred day of worship and his birth anniversary is celebrated as. Ram wouldn’t die as Hanuman wouldn’t allow Yama (God of Death) to enter Ayodhya to claim Ram. Hanuman Chalisa Facts. Nevertheless, he couldn’t move or lift the tail. But then Narada told him not to worry and to keep chanting the Rama Naam. Perhaps one of the most famous and popular deities in Hinduism, Lord Hanuman is held in very high regard by all! He used to pester meditating hermits, who had taken refuge in the kingdom of his father, King Kesari. On lord Shiva’s signal, Lord Vayu placed the kheer on Anjana’s hand and she ate it thinking it was Lord Shiva’s Prasad. His last promise to Rama is that he would stay on the earth in secret as long as the name of Rama was remembered and worshiped. As the arrow had the name of Rama inscribed in it, Hanuman did not obstruct it. However, when he got to the mountain he realized that he couldn’t distinguish between any of the plants. Lord Hanuman moved the entire mountain and brought it back to Lanka so as to save Laxman’s life. As a child, Hanuman was blessed by various gods who gave him various boons. Vishmamitra being his guru, Ram could not ignore his command and punished Hanuman to death by arrows. Hanuman is a figure of strength, perseverance and devotion. So, Hanuman vowed to protect Yayati. Hanuman is believed to be the eleventh Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva.When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Ram, Lord Brahma felt that Shiva should also be incarnated to help Rama for his conquest against the evil. Hanuman facts for kids. What happened next was never anticipated by any of them. Lord Ram told that the ring had fallen into a crack that led to the nether world. From Brahma he obtained the power of inducing fear in enemies, of destroying fear in friends, to be able to change his form at will and to be able to easily travel wherever he wished. She continued her Tapasya for Shiva’s blessings. Hanuman offered to pay his “Guru Dakshina” to his Guru Surya but he politely declined. Therefore, he realized that this was not a mere ordinary monkey. All the arrows shot by ram went in vain and Vishwamitra who was dumb-founded by Hanuman’s devotion relieved Ram of his dilemma. However, it happened that once when he was teasing a sage who was meditating, the sage cursed Hanuman that he would forget all his divine powers. But Yayati went to Hanuman to seek refuge. Hanuman was confronted by Makardwaja when he went to Pataal Loka to rescue Lord Rama and Lakshmana. When it was time for Lord Ram to leave for the eternal abode, he tricked Hanuman and told him that he had lost his ring. Bheem had become extremely proud of his strength and considered himself to be the strongest person in the world.

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