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He’s not too big either. I'd go more Shabzz Muhamad. People who are taller then their wingspan are the minority in society. Analysis, articles, highlight videos, news & updates, information, rumors, interesting stats, podcasts, etc. Winslow I think is a big strong 2. Both were deadly in the open court, point forwards and excellent rebounders for their position, but Pippen's defense set him apart. What about his passing can he be a main facilitator on offense? I feel Penny was better than Hill contrary to the popular belief. A hub for the hardcore NBA Draft enthusiast. I'd say Batum is my best NBA comp for him, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That must be 6’6.5” with shoes…. Austin Rivers had those same attributes. I disagree, i think cam reddish is the smooth one, and barrett is really athletic, at least from what wecan see from his insta. People who are taller then their wingspan are the minority in society. Please enter your email address. Anthony Brown’s measurements have to be incorrect…6’5.25” barefoot, 6’8.5” with shoes? SACRAMENTO Brian Grant 6-8 1/2 247 Xavier 9. PHILADELPHIA Sharone Wright 6-10 279 Clemson 7. He isn't crazy efficient from range, but his mechanics are sound and should eventually translate into a consistent 3pt stroke. Sometimes its good to have guys on your team who actually know how to play. I think he'll be coachable and play in whatever role his coach wants him to. He’s pretty polished but his main skill is definitely slashing and cutting, which he is excellent at. Pre-injuries Grant Hill vs. Scottie Pippen,, G League Forum, Minor League and International Basketball Forum. Can someone explain me how can twin brothers (Aaron and Andrew Harrison) from Kentucky measure same height without shoes and different height with shoes? Hardaway was a PG with far better handles and shooting. To counter that last statement, what really good scorers on the wing aren't great shooters or athletes? Go by what your eyes see. I wouldn’t say I saw any signs for playmaking but he did seem like a high iq player that makes the right pass and knows where to be on the court. Is he really 7 feet, or is he actually 6-11 because he was wearing normal shoes, or 6-10 because he showed up with ludicrously high soles? What kind of shoes are they wearing? © 2019 Sports Phenoms, Inc., All Rights Reserved | Thing is, it goes in when you need it too. I can tell from this post that you are spewing out of your ass and haven't even watched him play. You will be surprised! NBA teams aren’t looking at him for his shot blocking ability. I don't think he'd be a great primary facilitator, but he could eventually turn into something like DeMar DeRozan. 2020 | All image assets are property of 2K Sports. Grant Hill 6-7 230 Duke(Must be Listed Height) 4. He is the modern day kevin willis. Hill had the handling, shooting, athleticism, IQ, and work ethic to be GOAT. Learn how your comment data is processed. Lost your password? Just bc he's the best of THIS class, dont gas him. I watched him play in person a few weeks ago. Nah. Frank is the only guy on this entire list with a wingspan shorter then his real height without shoes. Barrett isn’t flashy. He is the modern day kevin willis. RJ has skill and feel all day, Wiggins athletic profile plus skill isn't necessarily a generational player but it's surely a KAT or D Rose level prospect. Their height on the court is what their height is in the basketball shoes that they wear. There are 6-4 gaurds with longer wingspans then him. Where he falls short, doesn't have the shooting touch, looking at it outside the scope of today's generation where 36% 3 point shooting average is looked at like garbage, Kobe was like 32% from 3 but in an era where that was decent, he shot like 83% from FT. He has this stop and go style combined with his great offball cutting and that just makes him super dynamic. He won the FIBA U19 under aged. If he has an off-ball point guard or a guard who struggles at penetration, he could be really useful. Sounds like he would be phenomenal next to Frank Ntilikina, although the shooting may not be good enough for both of them to coexist. "North Carolina had a parade of not-quite-7-footers, including Brad Daugherty (6-11 3/4 in the press guide) and Warren Martin (officially 6-11 1/2), until Matt Wenstrom matriculated at Chapel Hill … Could be a -14.70%? Take a look and find out exactly how long Lebron's wingspan really is. It’s ridiculous, and it’s a mess. D’Angelo Russell & George de Paula measured pretty good for PGs. Those are just a benefit of being a player's/coach's son and being groomed from a young age. They measure players with shoes on because nobody plays basketball in their bare feet. When you hear of a 7-foot guy, you never know how tall he is exactly. Nice body too, so the tools are there to be a successful two-way guy. He is also very athletic and has a decent jump shot (a bit slow but can’t complain for an 18 year old). I love seeing actual heights without shoes. Where logical evaluation and substance generate discussion, rather than conventional stereotypes and uninspiring cliches. WASHINGTON Juwan Howard 6-8 1/2 253 Michigan 6. But then i saw his aligator arms. You will receive mail with link to set new password. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 2018 Draft Prediction Contest - 2nd Place. Dude doesnt impress me as a #1 prospect. RJ Barrett reminds me of Kobe in terms of play style. Some classes have down years. Why do all the Duke players gain nearly a full 2 inches with shoes on when most gain 1? Joseph Treutlein The 48th ranked high school senior by RSCI in 2009, Solomon Hill has had a relatively underwhelming first two seasons in Tucson, averaging just 8.0 points in 25.2 minutes per game as a sophomore. Just another solid wing. I'm not sure he is #1 player on a championship team level, I think maybe Paul George level. When will they stop measuring players with shoes on? I’ll just wait until Barrett proves them wrong. I wonder what effect these measurements will have on their draft stock if any? Press J to jump to the feed. He's not a natural shooter so he has to work on being less mechanical. Also how is his junpshot as a Magic fan I am hoping he improves as a shooter because he would be the perfect player next to Gordon, Isaac and Bamba. Also, I think Christian Wood is not that chubby. same hairdo too, people questioned Jarell Martin’s real height.. some say he is just 6’7.. but a solid 6’9 makes him a guaranteed 1st rounder. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. From what I've seen, he's more than likely not going to be a lead facilitator. From what I've seen, RJ can sometimes call his own number a little too often, but I think he has nice passing instincts and vision. The home of hype and hope. Decent wingspans though, particularly Oubre. Seriously though, I think he gets to all star level because he has the skills and tools. The thing that allowed Kobe to sniff GOAT conversation was his competitiveness, if RJ does indeed have that then if he's lucky enough to get paired with a Shaq or Pau/Bynum level teammate/s then who knows. He has all the tools of a lead scorer and with some passing ability.

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