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Januar 1925 in Paris geboren und starb am 4. You should not question it. [76] Like his contemporaries Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Jean-François Lyotard, Deleuze's influence has been most strongly felt in North American humanities departments, particularly in literary theory, where Anti-Oedipus and A Thousand Plateaus are oft regarded as major statements of post-structuralism and postmodernism,[17] though neither Deleuze nor Guattari described their work in those terms. embrace, and reproduces it in a way that is all the more intense because In his later work (from roughly 1981 onward), Deleuze sharply distinguishes art, philosophy, and science as three distinct disciplines, each analyzing reality in different ways. on the Societies of Control" by Gilles Deleuze, "I Have "From "With univocity, however, it is not the differences which are and must be: it is being which is Difference, in the sense that it is said of difference. Deleuze adapts the doctrine of univocity to claim that being is, univocally, difference. "I Have The first part of Capitalism and Schizophrenia undertakes a universal history and posits the existence of a separate socius (the social body that takes credit for production) for each mode of production: the earth for the tribe, the body of the despot for the empire, and capital for capitalism. For this reason, Deleuze’s work often transcended the divide, in the discipline of philosophy, between the so-called “continental” (European) and “analytic” (Anglo-American) traditions. Nothing to Admit" by Gilles Deleuze, "Open Letter to Negri's In their opinion, Deleuze used mathematical concepts about which the typical reader might be not knowledgeable, and thus served to display erudition rather than enlightening the reader. During his lifetime, Deleuze authored more than twenty-five books, all but one of which have now been translated into English. "[55], Deleuze's studies of individual philosophers and artists are purposely heterodox. Deleuze's Time Machine (Post-Contemporary Interventions), Irigaray (2014), 'French and Italian Spinozism,'. [84] Žižek also calls Deleuze to task for allegedly reducing the subject to "just another" substance and thereby failing to grasp the nothingness that, according to Lacan and Žižek, defines subjectivity. Er verbrachte fast die gesamte Zeit seines Lebens in Paris. Our Price: $18.95, Gilles [38][39] In Kant's transcendental idealism, experience only makes sense when organized by forms of sensibility (namely, space and time) and intellectual categories (such as causality). Have to Wander All Alone" by Jacques Derrida "[46] In Deleuze's view, then, philosophy more closely resembles practical or artistic production than it does an adjunct to a definitive scientific description of a pre-existing world (as in the tradition of John Locke or Willard Van Orman Quine). Duffy, Simon B. Deleuze and the Ruin of Representation Deleuze Apprehending Cinema" by Edward R. O'Neill, "European • 1980s-1990s: Deleuze’s last works initially focused on questions of aesthetics, and included books on painting (Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation, 1981), the cinema (The Movement-Image, 1983; The Time Image, 1985), the Baroque (Leibniz and the Baroque, 1988), and literature (Essays Critical and Clinical, 1993), as well as his book Foucault (1986), which he published after the untimely death of Michel Foucault in 1984. That is, God only differs from us in degree, and properties such as goodness, power, reason, and so forth are univocally applied, regardless of whether one is talking about God, a person, or a flea. Reason is always a region carved out of the irrational—not sheltered from the irrational at all, but traversed by it and only defined by a particular kind of relationship among irrational factors. Deleuze "[36] A Deleuzean idea or concept of difference is therefore not a wraith-like abstraction of an experienced thing, it is a real system of differential relations that creates actual spaces, times, and sensations.[37]. [26], Deleuze, who had suffered from respiratory ailments from a young age,[27] developed tuberculosis in 1968 and underwent lung removal. Apparent identities such as "X" are composed of endless series of differences, where "X" = "the difference between x and x "European A Very Special Delirium: an interview with Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari" CTheory "Open Letter to Negri's His monographs in the history of philosophy, in particular, are recognized in analytic philosophy for the clarity and rigor (and originality) of their analyses. by Camilla Griggers, "Apprehending Der Band spürt dem Verhältnis von Deleuze zu den Künsten in den verschiedenen Bereichen nach. Many of these works have since become classics in their respective fields. by Gilles Deleuze, Paul Patton (Translator) Sense, and the Event of AIDS" by C. Colwell, "Edward

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