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Although within the context of this movie the story revolves around a family of violent bandits with a protagonist whose role models were themselves totally despicable murderers and bushwhackers. Perhaps the only downfall of 'Gang Tapes' is the large amounts of all talk/ no action scenes throughout the film. As Kris becomes more deeply involved with his dangerous new friends, his loving mother (Sonja Marie) tries to keep him off the streets. The scene in which Darontay McClendon's character Cyril hits another man with a tire iron is based on an incident in McClendon's own life for which he did 15 months in prison. Instead it pretends to be an actual camera recording of a boy and his surroundings as he grows up. It has not been considered a mainstream success but did create a cult following.[2][3]. If You Want To Watch Black People Act Like Reptiles... An Interesting Video if You're in the Mood for It, An excellent companion piece to Straight Outta Compton, Complete Garbage, Not realistic - see my perspective. 5.8??? Alex pulled the diaper sooooo tight up over my legs then did the tapes up. I can't adequately describe how shocked I am. They should have focused on this movie because if they paid a little more attention to the quality and not just putting anything together for a whopping hour with rap and silly monologues that you don't even want to listen to. These sequences are often just large fragments of conversation from Lonzo to another gangbanger.Though boring, these scenes reveal each characters perfectly realistic personalities. I just came across this on IMDb years after I'd seen it and was surprised to find the low reviews score. I wandered into a masterpiece. Crime, Drama. I loved the directors passion to make this film what it was and it showed in the result. I came across this movie by accident while renting a DVD at my local video store. These types of movies do more harm than good because they think that because they won an award from a black film festival in northern California where white people were the audience, it is OK to portray black people from this area in such negativity. 'Gang Tapes' is a serious and fascinating look into life in south central LA. The apparently senseless act starts a cycle of violence between the gang and their chief rivals in the hood that takes out one after another of the film's main characters. Wanted to give it more but it lacked believability, An excellent film, definitely worth watching. It never does. The gun shots were also added because the Levels would have been off and there would have been an echo, though I'm not blaming the creators for doing it this way. I can't adequately describe how shocked I am. One surprise though, is the gunshots heard throughout the film. Which, Gang Tapes flawlessly obtained. One surprise though, is the gunshots heard throughout the film. It's so good that by the end, you're holding your breath, praying that it doesn't fall apart, as you assume it must. Mitchell picked my legs up and slid a diaper under them and lowered my butt down onto it. "It was long before you started coming outside," he explains to his young comrade. Ironically, we never find out exactly what happened to Cyril. This helps to create the film's impressive, yet gritty reality. There's so many stories about the L.A. gangbangers.. That really didn't add anything to the film for me. The people in these rape victim stories have been badly wounded by these events and yet have the courage to stand up and say what has happened to them.   |  'Gang Tapes' does not break this superior reality at all. From the first frame, this film is captivating, confident, and shocking. Later, while practicing with his Uzi in the L.A. River basin, he explains to Kris how his name was changed from "Action" to Cyril. "Let me do this part" Alex said. Filmed on a meager budget (by Hollywood standards) using a digital video camera, Gang Tapes is the coming of age story of young Kris (new actor Trivell). After looking for it for some time I eventually gave up. The story begins when a young teenager named Kris "acquires" a garden variety camcorder from John and Jane Q. Just out of jail, the first thing he does is take a tire iron to the head of a guy walking down the street with his girlfriend. Tourist. One is immediately assailed by so many utterances of the word "niggah" that you begin to wonder why most black people are so offended when they hear "whitey" say it. Also what's up with the bad acting love scene where she says she's pregnant. The movie does not try to become a larger than life portrayal of the gangsta life it documents. 'Gang Tapes' again keeps to reality, each shot sounds as it should, loud and uncontrollable. Where "Straight Outta Compton" explores the birth of rap and the rise of the godfathers of the genre, this film explores the grittier, meaner, more violent side to the culture. In this respect, 'Gang Tapes' excels phenomenally. A carjacking results in a camcorder falling into the hands of a fourteen year old, up and coming banger. Instead it pretends to be an actual camera recording of a boy and his surroundings as he grows up.

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