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This film, filled with regret and attempted redemption, delivers a solid multigenerational drama that audiences will greatly enjoy. His plans for a quiet life are disrupted when ... See full summary ». What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast, SWAT Tactical Technical Adviser / While on a hunting trip in the isolated wilderness, a father and his adopted teenage son are turned into the prey of unknown assailants. This particular movie is the sequel to “Friend,” one of the most important productions in the history of the contemporary Korean Cinema, since it was among the films that  turned the local’s attention to indigenous films after many years, and even became the highest grossing South Korean movie of all time from 2001 to 2003. He may be the rightful successor of the gang, but Eung Gi will stop at nothing to keep Jong Suk from regaining his past power. Eventually though, the latter learns of the reason Dong-su was in prison, a knowledge that complicates their relationship. Obsessed with his investigation, he finds out that his wife was the victim of a team of father-and-son serial killers and sets out to stop them. Added By. Sung Hoon’s ignorance plays an important role in his development under Joon Suk. After his wife's suicide, Detective Jeff Anderson becomes convinced that she has been murdered. Info. Sign Up. Info. As the attacks mount, she races to understand the supernatural force behind them. 4 of 6 people found this review helpful. They are unexpectedly joined in their fight for survival by a stranger who reveals the disturbing truth about the son's biological father, an international crime lord, and why that crime lord has sent trained assassins to kill the teenager. Audiences will enjoy this well-paced, thrilling examination of the lives of morally driven gangsters. He's flown to The Haag to stand trial. Every Member of Margot Robbie and Christina Hodson’s All-Women Screenwriting Lab Has Sold a Feature Film, Disney Officially Rebrands Non-mcu Films As Marvel Legacy Movies, Blumhouse’s And Columbia Pictures’ The Craft: Legacy From Writer/Director Zoe Lister-Jones, to Hit PVOD and Est For Halloween, Starting Midnight October 28, Movies Inspired by the Commando/Man on Fire/Leon: The Professional/Taken Movie Formula. Profile. From The Virgin Suicides to On the Rocks, IMDb dives into the cinematic stylings of Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. The sequel begins 17 years after those incidents, when Dong-su’s son, Sung-hoon, who has also become a mobster, gets into jail for severely traumatizing his stepfather, after he witnesses him hurting his mother, Hye-ji. (Marumurai Kanbena, 2020) by Khesshen, Short Film Review: Stuck (2020) by Alistair Quak, Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh and Queer East Film Festival team up to present two ground-breaking UK premieres, Film Review: The Salt in Our Waters (2020) by Rezwan Shahriar Sumit, Academy Award Winner Bong Joon Ho’s Memories of Murder in Select US Theatres, October 19-20, Film Review: The Grand Grandmaster (2020) by Dayo Wong, Short Film Review: Becoming Eddie (2020) by Lilan Bowden. As a K-Drama fan, I mostly stick to K-Drama blogs, but occasionally, I run into a K-Pop blog that I love, and Rarapop is one such blog. Moreover, the acting is mediocre, particularly from Kim Woo-bin who plays Sung-hoon, whose role mostly consists of him parading his evident good looks around the film. “Friend 2: The Great Legacy” picks up 17 years after the 2001 box office hit “Friend” left off. OMG the acting sucked. in which I still continue to contribute. A war criminal/drug lord is arrested in Beograd by Nolan from MI6 and police. Both Yoo Oh Seong and Kim Woo Bin deliver excellent and thought provoking performances. Title: Do my shoes match my belt? -soomp. ... Can't find a movie or TV show? “Friend 2” will be playing in select US theaters starting on December 13. While on a hunting trip in the isolated wilderness, a father and his adopted teenage son are turned into the prey of unknown assailants. To summarize, Friend: The Legacy is an impressive film that will satisfy almost every fan of action movies, although it is obviously a step under the original, particularly due to its direction and acting. Was this review helpful to you? The story revolves around Joon Suk’s quest to regain his leadership of Busan’s most powerful gang. Friend: The Great Legacy (2013) ← Back to main. Overall, this violent noir hits emotional high notes throughout its portrayal of past and present mistakes. Keyboard Shortcuts. Robert Orr. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Once they are both released, Joon Suk recruits Sung Hoon for a partnership to retake Busan. Even though Sung Hoon and Jong Suk come from different generations, their similar regrets and cutthroat life choices bond them together in a type of mentor/mentee relationship. Add the first question. When a routine traffic stop results in the unexplained, grisly death of her colleague, a cop (Mary J. Blige) realizes footage of the incident will play for her eyes only. Backdrops No Language 3; Login to edit. A woman haunted by visions that suggest she killed a missing co-ed discovers that her psychiatrist husband has manipulated her memory to hide his own role in the murder. Size. However, the almost constant flashbacks and the desperate effort to include as many notions, facts and incidents in the film, end up in a somewhat disjointed outcome that even becomes tiresome with all these chronological back and forth. This FAQ is empty. The author is one-half of the duo who used to cover events for Soompi in Taiwan, with great columns like “Korean Celebrity-Inspired Wants,” music video reviews, and all sorts of entertaining yet informative goodness. At the end of the first film, Dong-su is murdered and in the subsequent trial, Joon-seok pleads guilty and ends up in prison. His history of abusive stepfathers has also instilled in him an extreme distrust of male figures. While at times quite violent, “Friend 2” remains packed with poignant moments, particularly found in the pseudo father-son relationship between the lead characters, Lee Joon Suk and Choi Sung Hoon (Kim Woo Bin). While their bond of friendship may be full of conflict, these characters are able to better reconcile with their past mistakes through this association. Kim Woo Bin especially gives an excellent rendering of his character’s deep-rooted conflict, generating empathy for a character that also commits terrible crimes. Many of Jong Suk’s supporters have been eliminated, leaving him on shaky ground. I asked this Kim Woo Bin fan to review his most recent for us.

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