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Their power comes from their complete control over Boston. Coverage: Far And Away Movie Quiz asks you a variety of questions on this Far And Away Movie Quiz. People told them that the people that the soil in America was the best soil in the world. Many locals were extras in both films. Far and Away Short Answer Questions. What is the process for claiming land in the American West at this time? Why did Shannon? Shannon and Joseph is working in a factory where they hit Turkey and trying to clean it so it will be ready for sales, they live both in the same room to have to pay 1 dollar a week to stay there, and also earn money at the local places where they fight one on one. ( Log Out /  The process for claiming land in America at that time was that you took up a flag, the authorities have taken down to the land and so plants you own flag in the land, and then land is yours. Main Characters (fill in a description for each): Shannon:Shannon is a young woman who is the daughter of the wealthy parents, but she’s not on the list, to be like her mother and decides to go to America for and explore the world and to start over. Shannon’s motivation to go to the United States is that she will experience the world and not to become like her mother, and here’s mother tee friends, she feels judged to be like them. 4. Describe the living conditions that Joseph and Shannon find in the United States: The stay conditions when they arrive in the united states are cruel, they need to stay at a hostel where there are prostitutes and rats. 2. What motivates Joseph to accompany her (push- and pull-factors)? 5. Who is Mike Kelly? Are their expectations met when they arrive in the US? Far and Away (1992) United States History > Gilded Age > Gilded Age Books and Films This 8-page booklet is designed for use by high school students studying American/United States History who are watching Far and Away (1992) to learn about U.S. immigration and … Feb 7, 2016 - I use the movie "Far & Away" in my American Studies class. When they came to US, they have very high ambitions and think they can just go to where they are going to settle down, none of their expectation are met when they arrive. Explain. 3. Far and Away Movie Questions 1. Shannon’s spoons being stolen when they arrive because the man they meat on the boat across the Atlantic is being shot and killed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Describe the streets of Boston when Joseph and Shannon arrive in America. ( Log Out /  Far And Away Movie Quiz seeks answers on the budget, story and location of the film among others. The questions will make them tie in the lives of immigrants in the United States to the movie, as well as recognize the lack of labor unions, the party bosses power, and more. Change ). Joseph: He is a young boy from Ireland, which harm ye responsibility on their shoulders after the danger his door and the people who own the landmark, his house is on the set fire to it. Some of Far and Away was filmed in Dingle. Far and away Main Characters (fill in a description for each): Shannon:Shannon is a young woman who is the daughter of the wealthy parents, but she’s not on the list, to be like her mother and decides to go to America for and explore the world and to start over. Describe the setting of this movie (when it begins): The plot from the movie is going to be from the end of the 18th century in Ireland. Ryans Daughter was also filmed around that particular area. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Joseph’s motivation to go to America was because of that, there was the free soil, a different motivation shown indirectly was because Shannon was going to America. STUDY. Why did Joseph leave Ireland? This contains 10 short answer, NOT multiple choice, questions for students to answer after watching the film, Far and Away. They possessed a large amount of wealth and power. Worth the visit. ( Log Out /  1) What did you learn about how political machines work? Why did Daniel Christy? Tthe scenic route around Slea Head was where most of the beginning of the movie was made. What is Joseph Donnelly’s (Tom Cruise) job in Ireland? Why has Ginger changed from just wanting Jeremy's answers to inviting him places? Why were the Irish angry at the landlords? Daniel Christy: Daniel seems like a kind and caring man but as a man with so much power, he must to play hard of front to people, Steven: Steven is a police officer and the parents of Shannon want her to get married to him , he has a good touch with the Christie family. She wants his help in a prank. Far Far Away questions. PLAY. What must Shannon and Joseph do in order to survive (how do they make a living?).

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