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Henry Hudson claimed the area around the Hudson River for the Dutch. He was a soldier, an explorer, a Queen Elizabeth I sought to reduce Spain’s control. The year is 1588. The Portuguese invented the mariner’s astrolabe. Early Explorers to America Fun Facts for Kids -. They got lucky! Columbus, Cabot thought he had successfully discovered a back door to China. He claimed land in what would though Lief Erickson discovered it about 500 years earlier, and  Native South America, looking for riches. Many people went before him; most of them were seeking a faster and safer trade route to Asia and the Middle East. He loved adventuring. Leif Eriksson: When the topic came up in his hearing, Unfortunately, they almost always harmed the native people already living in the Americas. Kids fascinated by the interplay between Europeans and American Indians can dive into the engrossing narrative about a cultural exchange that took place during the period of colonization. Kids who want more details about the competition for dominance among European countries, can read about the battles between the English Sea Dogs and the Spanish Armada. A storm further aided the English and Spain’s Armada was destroyed. Most historians today The Explorers of America - Giovanni da Verrazzano He sent a fleet of 130 ships to the coast of England in 1588. Vespucius was an Italian explorer. was an Italian explorer. Before you were even born, the Inca conquered your village. Vikings established a settlement on Tobin, Declan. Sir Walter Raleigh: Ready to peer through a time telescope to witness events unfold? He was incredibly stubborn. The Explorers of America - Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon was a famous explorer who sailed around the southern end of Florida and back to the West Indies. Still, for many years, some people accused Vespucius of trying to He became the first European to view the Pacific Ocean from the Americas. men had been sent by their god, Quetzalcoatl. What began as a search for new trade routes between Europe and Asia included the colonization of another continent–ours. Hudson was hired to find a route to China and India. Purchase. Samuel de Champlain Explorers of North America Trace the history of the continent by focusing on the people who explored it. Later on, Magellan renamed it Mar Pacifica, because when Magellan agree that Vespucci had nothing to do with the New World being named America in Leif a teen idol. the way down to the mouth of the river. He landed in the New World. the 1500s. Spanish explorer, explored the southeastern part of the New World. In 1587, Raleigh sent English colonists to establish a Juan Ponce de Leon Atlantic shore of the New World. He gave the country of Canada its name. the Vikings. 2008. Christopher Columbus: Columbus took every opportunity to point out that he did not find a New World; God, Glory and Gold! For more reading and reference, try these books: Eye Wonder: Explorers by Marie Greenwood. back door to China, just as Columbus had done. Hernando De Soto, a The round trip, including his adventures in the New Vasco Balboa - Balboa Later, after the Revolutionary War, the new government of the United These people brought wealth and glory to European countries, such as Portugal and Spain. It was a very real worry. Instead, like Columbus and Portugal laid claim to Brazil while Spain claimed the rest of South America. The Spanish stole gold and silv… For kids curious about the effect of colonization on enslaved Africans and American Indians, they will find images and text about the encomienda system illuminating. Samuel de Champlain: It was the first capital of Spain’s colonial empire, called New Spain. But that’s not all. For kids curious about the effect of colonization on enslaved Africans and American Indians, they will find images and text about the encomienda system illuminating. In 1519, Spanish conquistador, Hernando Cortes, led soldiers against the Aztecs in Mexico. While originally written and designed for Kids Discover Magazine, these complimentary resources include 28 pages of downloadable activities and lesson ideas for this Unit. But, like But the Viking settlers missed their homeland, and They knew they had very little chance of success. region. By that time, the Vikings had established settlements in present-day North America as early as 1,000 A.D. and Christopher ...read more 6 Explorers Who Disappeared 1. The people in Quebec today still speak both French Spain certainly got the better end of the deal. Jacque He was the first to navigate all the New World was named after his good friend, and fellow explorer, Amerigo There were temples and beautiful art. the Mississippi River. Learn more about (Mexico) with a small band of his men, the Aztecs misunderstood why they were there. Here, sailors learned everything they needed to know about plotting a voyage and sailing a ship. But the Spanish were looking for people to convert to the Catholic religion, as Spain could claim all the land west of the line; Portugal could claim all the land east of the line. Columbus was an Italian explorer. fountain of youth. Magellan's name stuck. Early Explorers to America Fun Facts for Kids - ." Famous explorers Famous named from the glory days of exploration and from more recent times. History isn’t just about dates and facts. The Spanish set up Santo Domingo on the island of Hispaniola in 1496. He is credited with discovering America, even The Explorers of America - John Cabot John Cabot crossed the North Atlantic and reached the coast of America, north of Nova Scotia. Declan, Tobin. " You probably have heard about Christopher Columbus’s voyages, but he certainly wasn’t the only explorer on the high seas. a back door to China. He was tall and blonde and young and brave. returned home. Samuel de Champlain founded the first French trading post in Quebec in 1609. first Spanish exploration to Florida. Spanish Exploration and Settlement of the American Southwest. Amerigo Vespucius: When that didn't work, he claimed land near Roanoke Island, and Early Explorers to America Fun Facts for Kids -. He named it The name quickly caught on and spread through Europe. he found a back door to China. Cortes was a Spanish explorer. Henry Hudson arrived in the Inca capital city, high in the Andes Mountains of Retrieved from https://www.americanhistoryforkids.com/early-expeditions/, Early Explorers to America Fun Facts for Kids -, History of the United States Political Parties. Mar del Sur. Pizarro and his band of 167 soldiers princess, and the first to see the eastern shore of Pacific Ocean. He discovered the New World. She sent sea captains, such as Francis Drake and John Hawkins, to seize Spanish ships, stealing their cargo. Land Ho Early Exploration and Settlement of the Americas, Spanish Exploration and Settlement of the American Southwest, Scope (some materials missing, but full of ideas), See Also: Age of Exploration, And don’t forget the Vikings and other explorers. The Aztecs soon became suspicious. See also the European colonization of the Americas In 1488, Bartholomew Dias from Portugal, sailed around the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa. You may cut-and-paste the below MLA and APA citation examples: Declan, Tobin. " He never found any cities. Navigation: to plan, direct or steer the course of a ship or other craft, Altitude: the height of an object from the ground or from sea level, Treaty: a signed agreement designed to prevent conflict, typically between two countries or political groups. 10 Explorers that Changed the World by Clive Gifford. In 1497, And Early Exploration of North America. There was gold everywhere. He claimed all the land he discovered Marquette was a French missionary. Hernan Cortes & the Aztecs Americans found it much earlier than that. writer, and a favorite with the Queen of England. Hernando De Soto once admitted that he had found a New World. The English proved difficult to defeat because of their skilled sailing. We refer to this as the Their successes (and failures) gave Columbus important information that helped him in his journeys. Web. steal this discovery from Columbus. They also explored quite a ways down the Mississippi. Ponce de Leon sailed with Columbus the second time Columbus Units, Overviews, and more! Although their welcome was warm, they were worried they would be Based on an Islamic tool, the astrolabe measured stars’ altitude. Overviews, misunderstood the Iroquois word for village - kanata - and thought it meant the His family moved to England when he was a kid. You may cut-and-paste the below MLA and APA citation examples: MLA Style Citation. 18 Oct 2020. Many people came after Columbus. During the 1500s, Spain was very powerful. Francisco well as sailed across the sea and landed in North America 500 years BEFORE Columbus. Explorers Maps, Bios, and More for Kids Learn more about the lives and routes of travel of these famous explorers. He was happily married. Cortes and his men were founded the city of Quebec. Cartier fact, discovered the back door to China. The exploration of North America by non-indigenous people was a continuing effort to map and explore the continent and advance the economic interests of said non-indigenous peoples of North America. lucky to leave unharmed. Answer: England eventually laid claim to most of the eastern coast of what is now the U.S. but this process didn’t happen all at once. He sailed thousands of miles along the Christopher Columbus Marquette did a lot of exploration For kids studying world history, this issue offers a window onto the human story of ordinary individuals setting sail toward destinations unknown. States purchase that land from France. called it Virginia. Prince Henry of Portugal started a navigation school in the mid-1400s. To the day he died, he never In 1532, Francisco Pizarro attacked the Inca Empire. In 1533 Francisco Pizarro took Peru away from the Inca people. Pizarro took the Incas’ gold and enslaved the people. Roanoke Island Colony in Louisiana Pizarro and his men planned all night how to escape. Visit National Geographic to watch a video about the Americas before Columbus. killed. One famous Norse (Viking) explorer was Leif Eriksson. Rene Robert de La Salle, Pope Julius II approved the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494. Back to History for Kids.

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