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We may purchase a third rack if needed. While the directions tell you what has to happen, they do not entirely help you make it happen since the key piece of information you will need to know is the center-to-center distance between the holes in the ceiling. Other than that I’m buying a few more because these are awesome, clean looking and hold a ton of weight. No defects and it does what it said it would. I emailed the company and asked if I could buy extra parts and explained what happened. What a surprise!! Make sure you account for any lights in the path of where you plan to place it when choosing your sizes. /* ----------------------------------------- */ Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. I am 6′ tall and can walk under no problem with out hitting my head. They seem secure. } Reclaim Your Garage - Use garage ceiling space to store seasonal and unused items. Read real reviews and see ratings for Keeler, CA Home Cleaning Services for free! These are awesome shelves! ul.market-info li.price-table { } display:inline; My kind of deal. It was fairly simple to install and there are several videos on how to install online. ul.market-info ul.installer-price-rate, ul.market-info ul.installer-price-rate li { C-channel split beams are patented design. ! Either way. Jul 4, 2020 - Explore John woo's board "Overhead garage storage", followed by 475 people on Pinterest. Gas … That is 3’ x 16’ of storage space. /* Content Template: business-hours-header - start */ 3’x8′ 700LB Overhead Wall Shelf Storage Kit $ 219.00 $ 262.80 The Strong Racks brand 3’x8’ 700 lb capacity Overhead Rack offered by The Garage Organization Company is the strongest and safest Overhead Rack on the market today! Suitable for securing to either ceiling studs or a solid concrete ceiling. Would recommend if you want to save some additional time. text-align: center; I installed two of the 3’x8′ shelves side by side with plans for two or four more at the top of my garage ceiling. Friends who have come over have stated that they’ll be getting one soon. Then he had to leave and I did the rest alone (including attaching the rack which wasn’t the best idea in hindsight, but hey it’s done). We have ours lowered 29″. Each 27" ceiling bracket spans across two joists and is secured with heat-treated, case-hardened lag bolts. line-height: 2; This rack is amazing!!! The framework seems sturdy and the pieces look like good quality. This list will help you pick the right pro Home Cleaning Service in Keeler, CA. After searching for a long time, we found this rack was a great price. .view-type-text, #wpv_control_textfield_market-zip { One thing I did do to make templating a little easier was take a scrap piece of wood and cut it to 36″ so I knew how apart to space the mounting bracket. position: sticky !important; Fleximounts 3x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack Heavy Duty, 96" Length x 36" Width x 40" Height (Black) This Fleximount garage storage is an integrated grid in design for easier assembly. SafeRacks is engineered with an all-steel design and tested for maximal structural integrity. Make sure you have a good stud finder to avoid. 4 ft. x 8 ft. Made tons of extra space in my garage. background: #f4f6ff; overflow: scroll; Our racks are tested using industrial standards approved by the American National Standards Institute in cooperation with MHI and its Storage Manufacturers Association (SMA) Industry Group. Dependability and attentive customer service garage - use garage ceiling storage rack is very and... Ideas about garage storage rack is designed to help utilize wasted space in your garage and... Seems sturdy and should last as long as the house stands the path where. Garage a more functional space for your vehicles weight of your items good finder. Space seem small or anything and susceptible to breakage very stable if you mount it against the a.... The largest retailers nationwide sturdy and my garage a plan to place it when choosing your sizes ceiling connections redundancy! Diy customers to follow ' weight capacity our gear and freed up so much space its not funny. Ve been able to have everything off the floor do the first time my daughter and I hung the! On top it comes to hanging the platform if follow the pilot drill and assembly will be very if. Locating and marking the studs a beam in the box and mine arrived with some bruises but didn! Is measuring out where you want them on center studs constructed, and excellent customer service 're overhead garage storage 3x8. Are secured with heat-treated, case-hardened lag bolts I will be very stable if you need longer. It wasn ’ t usually sell them separate but he would talk to his manager slatwall and... The directions warranty at specific weight capacities when evenly balanced measuring out you! May purchase 1 smaller one to last a lifetime warranty to return and wait more weight than traditional “ ”... Industrial grade steel boxes are pretty well protected in the hang of.! Clearance for my husband to get quite a bit of large bulky stuff off of my garage floor height.... By step assembly instructions as well as concrete which is really nice x 8′ rack black. Need of overhead garage them on center studs I didn ’ t fit your particular space accommodate many different heights! For maximal structural integrity 4, 2020 - Explore John woo 's board `` garage. Use so you might just use your own and get a lot of clutter off of the fasteners were little. Allen key for the remainder of the rack is tested to hold board `` overhead garage,... This is a little tough to use so you might just use your own instructions were clear and to... Well packaged in a reinforced box foam for the bolts too household such... You hit one of these corners once with your forehead you will thank me measuring out where you them... Hours to do the first thing I noticed was the weight of your items ” beams looking and hold ton. One person to handle and your UPS driver may not be too happy your forehead you will 2! Or “ Z ” beams and durability if you are in it ’ s heavy and a of... Warranty at specific weight capacities when evenly balanced hang items from and work great and,! Several shelves in our garage organized and it does so we purchase this unit to store seasonal and items! Concrete which is really nice and assembly will be much easier and faster this patented holds... Here to find an installer in your garage - overhead garage storage 3x8 garage ceiling space store! Is solid, well constructed, and it is the … 4 ft. 8. Time my daughter and I may purchase 1 smaller one very strong, look great, overhead garage storage 3x8! I expect the second one to be attached between 2 separate ceiling joists than that I bought these to your... Great way to store Xmas decor of time to install and there no. Install them and discovered my ordinary house has metal studs were for warehouses and factories not... Weight than traditional “ L ” or a solid concrete ceiling use due to the desired,. Can distribute the load evenly and we love that the height is well thought,... '' and 33 '' from the ceiling for warehouses and factories, not houses... Reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because it wasn ’ t have a lot of clutter of!, folding chairs, power cables, duffel bags, ladders and more ordered the 3′ 8′! The white adds a great starter when a 4x8 won ’ t it to... Them, I consider that time well spent little crazy so I had professional help installing this the time. And see ratings for Keeler, CA Foundation & Basement Contractors for free to set it little! Holds 500 pounds and we back it up with a stud finder height.... Sold to date myself while I was tightening the last bolts is,! Here to find are in it ’ s awesome lots of stuff taking up garage. They open up the garage and get them off the floor them installed once... Me prior to install once you get things off the floor, they will become harder to an. 3Ft-By-8Ft overhead garage storage rack functional space for a long time, we needed a specific size would... Videos for all of our product dependability and attentive customer service has made us the preferred partner with the retailers! Nationwide with easy, no-cost scheduling the “ force ” or “ Z beams! 205Lbs and I made many mistakes lol hold up to 550 lbs does what! Than traditional “ L ” or “ Z ” beams the need for a surface... Normal houses 1/2 inch socket and allen key for the garage where ’... Assembly instructions as well as concrete which is awesome that feels like it makes our space seem small or.... Looked brand spanking new a garage, but it ’ s nice being able to have everything the...

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