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Or consider a donation? HEART ATTACK / VAULTS. The consistent dolphin noise sample throughout feels exactly perfect. Thematically, BRONSON stands as an exciting melding of Golden Features’ dystopian aesthetic permeated this time by an ODESZA-trademark optimism that is should not be confused nor ostracized but instead empowered by it’s muted identity and understated acceptance and of its dual heritage. AAA Backstage Whether it’s in the booth, in the kitchen, on the big screen, or some combination of the three in a medium of his choice, Bronson finds a way to keep his footing and press onward. It’s no secret that Action Bronson thinks he’s the coolest thing since self-made ringtones. New inductees to the Bronsonverse are better served by Rare Chandeliers and the first two Blue Chips tapes. “Author, singer, dance, exotic olive oil taster,” he raps on “C12H16N2.” For Bronson, he has every reason to be confident. Music Reviews: BRONSON by BRONSON released in 2020 via Foreign Family. Pete Rock's name rings bells, especially where hip-hop purists are concerned. says Action Bronson on “Capoeira.” It’s also safe to say this description is accurate to describe the sound of his latest album Only For Dolphins. Excuse my language, but what the f**k is Action Bronson talking about on most of this song? Betts was drafted by the Red Sox in 2011, and made his MLB debut in the 2014 season, splitting time between second base and the outfield. I absolutely love the beats on Only For Dolphins! It’s a mixing of 90’s tv theme music, with nostalgic sounding rap delivery, imagery, and cheeky humor. We are also in no way responsible for, or have control of the content of any external web site links. That doesn’t necessarily mean his new project, is bad. Perhaps it’s unreasonable to expect significant changes from an artist who has always excelled in one specific lane, but it’s frustrating. The album’s closer ‘Hard Target’ is especially interesting. Speaking of Mongolia, is Genghis Grill still open? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He’s ventured into the film & TV world with his own food travel show Fuck, That’s Delicious, and a nightly food talk show The Untitled Action Bronson Show. In “Golden Eye,” Action Bronson says the following things: Twenty kowasakis looking like wild horses on stampede, I look like a character that was drawn by Stan Lee, If we get attacked in the woods, I’ll have to choke the bear. With his knack for dizzying flows, raw humor, and cutting details, he’s the perfect voice for our overwhelming times. The singer has worked with the likes of The Roots and Common and has a lengthy career in the industry, but she's also been making headlines for eye-widening allegations. We claim no credit for any images, music and/or videos posted on this site unless otherwise noted. He uses his love for all types of food to connect with listeners, drawing on different meals to help make sense of what he says. T.I. Many of the artists within the scene often take on each other’s elements, which has given the region its own distinctive sound. Once infatuated by the eternal truths of … In the quarter century since its release, this project turned out to be one of Petty's most defining works. Tell The World “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, Megan Thee Stallion & Young Thug Go Off On “Don’t Stop”, Benny The Butcher – Burden Of Proof (Album Review), Westside Gunn – WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE (Album Review), Ratings Game Music Presents: Vote or Die (What Album Won September?) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Justin Angelo Morey Puts Up An Electrifying Performance On “I Want Your Love”, Gold Ro$e Spits Ferocious Bars On “B4U Freestyle”, Rony Returns With The Very Explosive “Block Boy”, Benny The Butcher Releases Latest Single “Legend”, J.I. Not only does it feature an instrumental that sounds like some 70s Latin jazz s**t, but it also features all kinds of weird-ass bars by Action Bronson. Los Angeles, CA – Dr. Dre has reportedly scored a major win in his divorce from Nicole Young. With the mint leaves plated simply, for my family.”, 2. It’s all exemplified in a line like, “Pop the hood, all chrome with the four turbos, This shit kickin’ harder than them four turtles.”. All white standin’ at the podium, you know it’s him.”. He bowled a perfect game in the World Series of Bowling. ODESZA and Golden Features’ collaborative project, BRONSON, has been gathering support all summer. BRONSON – ‘BRONSON’ [Album Review] by Andrew Papa | Aug 20, 2020 Like the common hurdle faced by most, nothing can suffocate the human experience more than the repetition of the same rudimentary motions hour after hour, day after day. She has also worked as an executive producer for many TV series, such as ‘M.O. … His punchlines are placed with caution like a well-plated dish. has returned with The LIBRA, his first album since 2018’s Dime Trap. The song also features a dope-ass beat that boasts Mediterranean vibes and plucky guitar riffs. Like the common hurdle faced by most, nothing can suffocate the human experience more than the repetition of the same rudimentary motions hour after hour, day after day. This website was created as a promotional tool. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ll choke you the fuck out like I’m a Diaz brother.”. That doesn’t necessarily mean his new project Only For Dolphins is bad. As a relatively short natural second baseman with a high contact rate and a high level of production when pulling the ball, Betts has been compared to fellow Red Sox player Dustin Pedroia. For this reason alone, don’t be surprised at how much he brags his ass off, how sly he delivers his lyrics, and how extra the instrumental is on “Capoeira.”. What Does The Rest Of 2020 — And The Decade — Have In Store For Kendrick Lamar? “Safe to say my life’s on fleek,” says Action Bronson on “Capoeira.” It’s also safe to say this description is accurate to describe the sound of his latest album Only For Dolphins. Lets His Soul Bleed On “Letter 2 U”, Stunna 4 Vegas Sounds Untamable On “4Risk”, Lil Duval & T.I. They have three daughters and are expecting a son soon. Aupium The Prince Of N.Y. Rich with Civil Rights references, the song is a fitting platform for IDK’s urgent, high-stakes rap.

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