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He has been in a relationship with Swedish actor Alida Morberg for at least four years, however the details are a little scarce. The first is that his daughter grows up to suffer from a debilitating case of coulrophobia. I think it’s probably safe to say that in most homes, the nursery is the least frightening room in the house... unless, of course, that home happens to belong to Bill Skarsgård. Bill Skarsgard can certainly keep a secret. In September 2019, Bill was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and said that 11 months earlier, he had welcomed a baby girl with Alida. I suppose you probably can’t portray an iconic evil as terrifying and disturbing as Pennywise effectively if you don’t at least have something a bit twisted about you, and this shows that Bill Skarsgård has that box thoroughly checked. Bill Skarsgård says he’s filled his infant daughter’s room with Pennywise dolls. While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote It Chapter Two, the actor revealed he had an 11-month-old daughter with his partner Alida Morberg. So rather than his daughter, who is new to life and still discovering the world, looking around and seeing sweet, smiling stuffed animals, she’s seeing Pennywise. After graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University with an NCTJ and BJTC-accredited Multimedia Journalism degree, Cameron ventured into the world of print journalism at The National, while also working as a freelance film journalist on the side, becoming an accredited Rotten Tomatoes critic in the process. For Bill, the last photo he shared on social media were professional shots uploaded in July 2020, however the last image that features Alida was posted back on Oct. 29, 2017 when the two were out with friends. Bill Skarsgård's 11-Month-Old Daughter Has A Room Full Of Pennywise Toys PA/Alida Morberg/Instagram First it was Tim Curry, now it’s Bill Skarsgård: Pennywise the … Do kids still have clowns at their birthday parties when they’re little? Bill Skarsgard inhabited the role of the creepy clown with the terrifying laugh in It, and now he's back for It Chapter 2. This includes an image from the first day of the It premiere, the remake of the Pennywise movie which had Bill playing the infamous horror clown. Curry’s indelible turn in 1990’s otherwise dire mini-series birthed a multitude of phobias (including my own), and SkarsgÃ¥rd’s more infantile, terrifying take should see him worshipped in the house of horror for years to come. In Bill Skarsgård’s daughter’s nursery, you’ll find Pennywise teddy bears, which I didn’t even know was a thing that existed. Bill Skarsgård says he’s filled his infant daughter’s room with Pennywise dolls. At that age, her brain is still developing and reacting to things for the first time. Bill Skarsgard has a long-time girlfriend who has been by his side through many career highlights. "It's been a scheduling nightmare during COVID," he explained. The actor, who plays killer clown who’s not really a clown created by author Stephen King in 2017's IT and the currently-playing IT Chapter Two, is the father to an 11-month old baby girl, and let’s just say he’s brought his work home with him. Its sequel, again directed by Andy Muschietti, has recently floated into cinemas, and sees the Losers Club 27 years after the events of the first film, forced to return to Derry after ‘it’ returns. His life goal is to walk the earth, meet people and get into adventures. Stellan Skarsgård, patriarch and all around cool, hippy dad, is responsible for gifting us with these tall, handsome, and talented individuals. There are some celebrity families that have been in the spotlight for a long time and they love it. So, What Exactly Is Ice Cube's "Contract With Black America"? ", 'The Shawshank Redemption' Was Almost a Very Different Movie, West Ham Is Not a Real Town, But Netflix's New Show 'The Society' Was Filmed in One, 'Sexy Pennywise' Is This Year's Trendiest Halloween Costume Idea, A post shared by Bill Skarsgård (@billskarsgard_), Here's Why Mariska Hargitay Briefly Left Us During Season 8. According to Bustle, Alida's Instagram used to be public, but is now private, and she had shared a few images of the two of them together. She might just turn out to be a horror enthusiast later in life. However, at that time, his daughter was only a few weeks old. For reasons that are still unclear, he thought a good place to put this merch was in his daughter’s room. If anything, SkarsgÃ¥rd’s baby couldn’t care less. He later spoke with Good Morning America and said that while he was filming the movie, he would FaceTime Alida and his daughter while still in full costume. While both Bill and Alida are actors, neither are very active on social media, likely a decision made precisely because of their profession. The two are notoriously private about their personal life and their relationship together. Apparently, as he told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Bill Skarsgård has received a bunch of IT and Pennywise merchandise over the years, including the aforementioned Pennywise teddy bears. The time before that was posted on July 5, 2016, where it looks like the two attended a wedding together. When Colbert said jokingly she should never see the movie, SkarsgÃ¥rd said: I’ve gotten a bunch of fun merch and stuff throughout the years, so her little baby room is filled with all these Pennywise teddy bears. "She didn't know," he explained, but said he'd share that with her when she was older — he made sure he got a "great screenshot" of it. The way I see it, there are two, maybe three possible outcomes here.

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