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What are the water conditions in terms of water speed and clarity? This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Sheepishly he showed me his pink jig and I went about happily sharing the hot bite with him for the rest of the afternoon, tit for tat. In his book, Color Guide to Steelhead Drift Fishing, Bill Herzog writes more about matching the size and aggressiveness of the bait to water levels and water clarity than about pure color selection. Trying to predict what colors they see at any given moment becomes extremely problematic. Made of natural stone, these beads are heavy, fast sinking and deadly effective for catching fish. Along the way, the color changes. A system is necessary to be efficient. I prepare for everything, even on River X (because I've been fishing River X for 30 years and I can remember other colors besides chartreuse working). How can they be conditioned to a color that was hot last year? Sockeye Salmon (Reds) have the smallest and reddest eggs of all the salmon. The stage of spawn and how it affects bead color: Each species of salmon has a basic color and size to their eggs as they are freshly released. Mark’s Metalhead Magnets (individually hand painted beads) in Dark Roe, Natural Roe, Tangerine and Orange Clear. "Science can tell us what steelhead can see best, but sometimes what they prefer is something totally different. For example, say you are productively fishing a 6mm Mark’s Trout Food in Dark Roe among spawning sockeye on a sunny day. Conversely, if the water is low and clear, you will want to bump down a size. Beads are all a lot of anglers are fishing and talking about. - Check out these beads: On the other hand, patterning fish with color is ­critical, making it a big mistake to head for the river thinking you know what color is going to work. 2. They enter rivers once, sometimes twice, to spawn. Knowing what size, color and style of bead to use can be the difference between catching a few trout and char and catching a LOT of trout and char. Mark’s Trout Food (individually hand painted beads) in 8mm Orange Clear, Glow Roe and Natural Roe. Without a doubt, "nail-polish pink" is going to be less visible than bright fluorescent pink or neon chartreuse in those conditions. Early in the salmon spawn, trout and char will tend to key in on beads that best resemble eggs being freshly laid. As Dr. Kageyama points out in his book, steelhead can see and feed up or down with a field of vision that covers about 300 degrees, and their color-vision sensitivity differs in different directions. As the season goes on and the salmon eggs start to wash out of the salmon and the redds, the best colors are the lighter pink. The makeup of the eye determines which colors can be seen. Blue light penetrates best in clear water. Bass pro Clent Davis gives the inside info on Yo-Zuri's new-for-ICAST lures. In his book, Trout Biology, biologist W. B. Willers relates how rainbow trout situated in a stream setting were offered various colored salmon eggs against various colored backgrounds. We can spend a lot of money on a fine fly rod and reel, but in the end it's the fly that... Give a Gift   With the exception of a few big rivers, the best wintering holes in the Midwest are rarely "deep." Then there's River X, where it doesn't matter if it's sunny, the water is high or low, if it's morning, noon, or evening, because steelhead always respond best to the same color, day in, day out, for years. Even if the eggs in the water are close to 8mm in size, a 10mm or even a 12mm bead will show up better. ", Then we have the enigma posed by Ralph Manns: "There's no way of knowing that another person is seeing what you're seeing. Discussions regarding color selections for steelhead are potentially ­endless. Steelhead either see your bait against the bright, frosty glare of the surface or against some background object. Mark’s Trout Food (individually hand painted beads) in 8mm Orange Clear, Glow Roe and Natural Roe. A jig under a float (the best thing to use most of the winter) has to hit them on the nose. Bead fishing a technique front and center of the salmon, trout, and steelhead world right now! The point at which this happens comes earlier in cloudy water. when the steelhead of a certain river bite spawn bags tied with chartreuse netting and chartreuse beads more frequently than any other color for eight highly skilled, highly intuitive, highly experimental anglers over the course of a decade (River X), something tells me they're all seeing the same thing. He has chapters and segments devoted to every lure type, including spinners, drift bobbers, crankbaits, yarn, even cures and dyes—applying them to his "See Best" system (which has been adopted by Mepps for a line of spinners). White is the absence of all color, reflecting the entire spectrum, while black absorbs all colors and reflects nothing (which is why black clothing is hot and white clothing cool on a sunny day). If something is red, it reflects light from the red portion of the spectrum and absorbs the rest. Little is known about the effects of softbait ingestion on bass. But those brains are better at decision making than any computer on earth. Just like the guy who fishes only unpainted beads, we all know somebody that fishes just one color of painted bead and catches fish, and there are days when it doesn't matter what you throw at steelhead - you could throw hotdogs tied to water-ski rope at them, and they will still eat it. All of a sudden clouds roll in and the fish stop biting, you should try switching to a lighter colored bead such as Natural Roe or Tangerine. Using bright, fluorescent chartreuse baits or plastics under a bright sun in a low, clear stream usually fails, probably because they become too bright—too visible. Much has been written about the color-selection process for steelhead. Most of the steelhead we cast to are making their first spawning run. As more and more salmon spawn and more eggs are getting kicked out of the redds, trout and char will have the choice of fresher eggs, milky eggs and dead eggs. So many variables exist that no other system can simplify it as well for me. By dissecting the eyes of various fish species, analyzing contents chemically, and viewing cells with microscopes, scientists observe subtle differences. - Check out these beads: Mark’s Trout Food (individually hand painted beads) in 8mm Orange Clear, Glow Roe and Natural Roe. Steelhead live 4 to 7 years, sometimes a little longer. What we need to understand is how the eyes of a steelhead work, and what they can or can't see once they enter the river. If the bead you chose still isn’t working then you will need to consider secondary factors such as: I've watched them refuse a silver-green spoon while every fish in the river ripped a silver-blue spoon. Red light has the longest wavelength, and violet light, at the other end of the spectrum, has the shortest. Steelhead don't care about eating much once they enter rivers. We identify a color as a child, we're told it's blue, and we agree to call it blue the rest of our lives, but there is no scientific method for determining if the color you call blue is the same as the color I call blue. Trout often feed at the surface, so perhaps they're able to use their ultraviolet vision to identify insects," which would be important for steelhead fry, parr, and smolts, and less important, it would seem, for adults. But fluorescent colors can work under the same conditions. In the clearest possible water, the amount of light that penetrates to 150 feet is about half of what's available at the surface. The color of a background object is determined, in part, by its own natural color as affected by the color of the water and by color shifts caused by intervening distances. Steelhead are color-conscious to the extreme. In this short video we take a look at where […], At first, setting up a leader for bead fishing can seem confusing. He adds, however, that colors need not be so bright, and that his favorite shade is an "old-style nail-polish pink" Okie Drifter. Patterned after Humminbird's LakeMaster charts for freshwater anglers, CoastMaster charts bring the same features for salt anglers. Mark’s Metalhead Magnets (individually hand painted beads) Dark Roe, Natural Roe, Tangerine and Orange Clear. A fluorescent color is one that gives off a wavelength longer than the one it receives, and it tends to appear as that color from longer distances underwater, and may begin to elicit a response from a longer distance. Something about sudden light-intensity changes turns ­steelhead on. Instagram ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. As the season progresses and the end of the spawn comes into sight, the amount of fresher eggs diminish and the trout and char will have to make due with opaque and dead eggs. However, if you are fishing the late stages of a salmon spawn, you will want more washed out dead egg colors. Knowing which shade steelhead will key on ahead of time when free-drifting eggs are available isn't possible. Herzog said that using contrasting colors to make one stand out is seldom advisable under optimum conditions. To bank 20 instead of 2, pay strict attention to color and apply it systematically. This takes into account the fact that I won't know all the backgrounds steelhead will observe the bait against, and that steelhead rarely react to a subtle bait or fly until it approaches within a few feet, where colors, under most circumstances, remain true or become silhouettes. Mottled TroutBeads Natural Roe, Tangerine, Mandarin Roe, Peach Roe  and Orange Clear. So if you go to a low, clear river in winter without any bright colors, your chances of success drop by a few percentage points. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Another weather related factor is cloud cover. The best spinner fishermen I know use relatively huge #6 silver-plate blades in winter to, as they put it, "wake fish up" when the water is colder than 35°F and force some kind of emotive response. A fisherman doesn't have time to analyze the water for sediment, meter the light coming from the sky, or make a relative water-clarity analysis. Instructions say to place a lure or bait you intend to use on a bright background on a bright day or a dark background on a cloudy day, and use a filter that matches water color (blue for clear water, green for green water and brown for muddy water), to eventually ­determine "which lures are the brightest and most visible? "Infrared light penetrates freshwater, but ultraviolet is almost absent, except at the surface. Several methods are available to estimate the weight of a fish. C'mon McTrout. The most common advice has always been to use bright, fluorescent colors in high, dark, or cloudy water and to use subtle colors in low, clear water. Chartreuse is highly visible in low, clear water, but it's too much. It can also be the difference between hooking a 30’ rainbow or having him ignore every offering you make. So the color of the thing as it slowly approaches within a foot or two in the low, cold flows of winter remains fairly true. |   Light intensity can change over and over again within an hour's time, and often does as direct sunlight passes in and out of cloud banks. Chum Salmon (Dog Salmon) are best represented by 10mm beads in peach and light orange colors. Determining which color is hot on any given day requires ­experimentation. "Even great science can't replace on-the-river experience for an angler," Herzog says. CoastMaster delivers unrivaled nearshore and offshore fishing performance. The profile of its head and torso resemble that of a variety of chubs, shiners, and darters. Mottled TroutBeads in Natural Roe, Tangerine, Mandarin Roe, Peach Roe  and Orange Clear. And sometimes the best color is the color nobody else is using, especially on rivers that endure more than a fair share of angling pressure. Chum Salmon (Dog Salmon) are best represented by 10mm beads in peach and light orange colors.

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