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Entertainment Earth DC Icons Atomica Deluxe Action Figure 3 Pack 4.4 out of 5 stars 39. Powers/Skills At the end of the bridge, he finds Superman Prime who came to help but was too late. In the Tangent Comics imprint, the Atom is "Arthur Harrison Thompson", a subject of radiation testing on human beings. They later team up with the Crime Syndicate. Violent and sadistic, Pineda was apparently particularly fond of killing children. Atomic Combo: All Atomic Combos cost less power and deal reduced damage. This nifty 3-pack includes a female version Atomica from the Crime Syndicate of America, a "mid-size" figure of Ryan Choy, and an almost atom-sized figure of Ray Palmer! This template will categorize articles that include it into the "A.R.G.U.S. We do not have any recommendations at this time, DC Icons Atomica Ryan Choy Ray Palmer Atom Action Figures 3-Pack. One night after killing two cops, they are cornered on the roof of S.T.A.R. [6] Adam is apparently destroyed by the Manhunter's self-destruct mechanism, unleashing an explosion of Green Lantern energy that eradicates the Black Lanterns.[7]. So imagine what might happen if we were to flip the message. Big Gang - A gang who uses big gimmicks and target big items in their heists. Quark-Gluon Aura is activated by using your Atomic Combo abilities. • The Atom appeared in "The Roast", the second of two 1979 live-action TV specials aired under the umbrella title Legends of the Superheroes. Official DC Comics Lois Lane 8 inch Action Figure on Retro Style Retro Card. He is later murdered by Deathstroke and his Titans. Tap the Melee Attack or Ranged Attack button after any Atomic Combo ability to gain a bonus effect. Waiting - A microscopic race who have their cities on the back of dogs. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Tank Role : Molecular Charges reconstitute a portion of your tissue when applied, healing you an amount equal to 40% of your max Dominance. Original ingame animations are now themed after Radiation, Nuclear Biohazard and Kryptonite effects, but are still in the Atomic category. Dean Mayland - The dean at Ivy University who dislikes Atom. DC Collectibles DC Icons: Earth 2 - Mister Miracle Action Figure, DC Comics Multiverse Damian Wayne Robin (Build King Shark) Action Figure 6 Inches, DC Collectibles DC Essentials: Batman Action Figure, DC Collectibles Essentials: Supergirl Action Figure, Multi Color, One-Size, Mattel DC Comics Multiverse Beast Boy Action Figure, DC Comics DC Super Hero Girls Ultimate Collection 6 Action Figure 6-Pack. Innate The Atom has been the star of multiple solo series, and four of the five have appeared as members of various superhero teams, such as the Justice Society of America, the Justice League, the Suicide Squad, and the Justice Legion Alpha. The two were empowered and became Johnny Quick and Atomica, members of the Crime Syndicate. Eventually the Injustice League fight back, with Black Manta going up against Atomica. Is Iron Man naked under his armor? The names of the characters and the team are not mentioned in the panel in which they appear, but the Atom is visually similar to the Al Pratt Atom. Atomica began her career as a betrayer to the Justice League. RELATED: 10 Of DC’s Major Crises, Ranked. Cooldown: 18s Adam Cray, son of the murdered Senator Joseph Cray, first appeared as the Atom in the pages of Suicide Squad #44 by John Ostrander (August 1990). When Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor first formed their version of the team to help keep the main League in check during the New 52, Atomica served as the mole on both teams. Create many small but dangerous explosions to heal yourself and gain immunity against control effects for a short time. Directed by Dagen Merrill. The second Beta Flood will refresh your Quark-Gluon Aura if it is already active. Atom and Hawkman discovered that this was the evil side of Johnny Burns that manifested due to an exposure to the Photonoscope and a device that Ray Palmer was analyzing which affected his mother who worked as Ivy University's cleaning lady.

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