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Explanation: Hope you have a great day :) When you reach the 100x objective, raise the objective up, and place a drop of immersion oil on top of the cover slip. The objective will get oil on it, and you will have to really clean it to get the oil off. However, oil has an index of refraction similar to the glass lens in the objective. Be sure you have a cover slip on your sample. the objective lens. There are, however, some disadvantages when using a water immersion objective. You don’t want your oil mixing with the sample or water, and you certainly don’t want to get your sample or water on (or in!) Ans.) Once through with the microscope, use the lens paper to wipe the oil from the 100X objective lens. Once you have gone into oil immersion, do NOT GO BACK TO THE 40X OBJECTIVE. For example, by placing a substance such as immersion oil with a refractive index that is equal to the glass slide in the space filled with air, more light is directed through the objective and a clearer image is observed. Oil Immersion Objective (100x) This objective lens will achieve the greatest magnification and has a total magnification of 1000x (10x eyepiece lens x the 100x objective equals 1000). But the refractive index of air and your glass slide are slightly different, so a special immersion oil must be used to help bridge the gap. In light microscopy, oil immersion is a technique used to increase the resolving power of a microscope.This is achieved by immersing both the objective lens and the specimen in a transparent oil of high refractive index, thereby increasing the numerical aperture of the objective lens.. 3. Place a drop of immersion oil on the cover slip over that area, and very carefully swing the oil immersion lens into place. Oil Immersion Objective Lens (100x) The oil immersion objective lens provides the most powerful magnification, with a whopping magnification total of 1000x when combined with a 10x eyepiece. To use an oil immersion lens, first focus on the area of specimen to be observed with the high dry (400x) lens. Additionally, you do not need to use specific immersion oil depending on the imaging you are carrying out, nor do you need to use an immersion medium as specified by the manufacturer of the microscope and objective. Firstly, while using a microscope objective lens with lower magnification (4x, 10x, 40x) the refraction of light is usually not noticeable. Under a 100x objective lens, light will refract in different ways, causing the image to look very unfocused. The 10X can be returned to, since the lens should not touch the slide anyway. If you look closely, you will actually see that the lens touches the oil on the slide, hence the name "Oil immersion lens". But when we use a … This is obviously easy to apply and clean off. Attempting to use immersion oil with a "dry" objective will only foul the lens. However, since the refractive index of air and the glass slide are slightly different, a special oil must be used to help fill the gap between the two.

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