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UFAbet Review

UFAbet remains the top online gambling service provider in Thailand and one of the best in Asia. With its pool of bets, games, sports betting and more, along with a reputation of a secured and safe transactions, it’s hard not to see why. Our review will tackle all that it is to know about UFA.

Asia is a big marketplace for all things gambling. When you talk about betting, it’s hard to imagine not having UFAbet on the list of the most popular ones. It reaffirmed its position as the number 1 online gambling website in the continent.

With so many gambling sites to choose from, it can be tough if faced with a variety of selection and it gets confusing where to begin. But you’re in good luck. Our review might just help you consider it. Without further ado, let’s evaluate what UFAbet has to offer for everyone out there who’s looking for a place to gamble.

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UFAbet Pros and Cons


list arrowBig bonus on first deposit
list arrowMultiple sports betting options
list arrowUser-friendly interface
list arrowFriendly and 24/7 customer support
list arrowAccessible across different platforms and devices
list arrowSecure privacy
list arrowExciting rewards from its Loyalty Program


list arrowNot all countries have access

UFAbet Bonuses

What’s your favorite betting site without its bonuses? Admit it, it’s more often than not that bonuses are what entices us to try stuff in general. It could be in any form such as playing slots for free bonus.

There are several notable bonuses you can get in UFAbet and getting them is fairly doable and can be achieved with so much ease. Honestly, there’s isn’t much of a variety but still, something to look forward to.

Like all other betting sites, UFAbet gives welcome bonuses for all its new members. Signing up for the first time earns you a free bonus of 5,000 baht, terms and conditions apply. Also, making your first deposit of 300 baht rewards you with an additional 500 baht bonus.

Another thing to take advantage of is their referral bonus. All you have to do is refer your friends and invite them to join and you’ll get 300 baht. The great thing about this referral program is that you get to invite as many friends and people as you can and earn bonuses on top of the other. Please refer to their terms and conditions for more detailed information on how their referral bonus works.

UFABet Banking

list arrowMinimum deposit: SGD 20
list arrowDeposit methods: Online Banking
list arrowWithdrawal methods: Online Banking
list arrowWithdrawal limits: Minimum of SGD 30 up to SGD 100,000 (Will depend on VIP status)
list arrowSupported currencies: SGD, THB

UFAbet Sportsbook

Visiting UFAbet’s website for the very first time might make you think that it only caters to football or soccer players and bettors. And that is one thing you can’t be blamed for. In any case, what most people don’t know is that they also host a variety of popular sports betting such as basketball, baseball, tennis, American football, ice hockey, rugby, race car, handball, badminton, and many others.

Choose whether you’d play odds, mix parlay, predictions or any other props. All services are satisfactory in itself.

As you can already tell, UFAbet is no stranger to soccer or football betting among other sports. Bet on total goals, half or full-time scores, first and last game, or out right predict the winner. They have it and it’s all in one place. This makes things easier for players whose main interest is for this sport and of course, opens up a wide selection of play styles for starters.

One last thing to add is that UFAbet also provides news and highlights on your favorite sports. Something that is rarely seen implemented among betting websites.

UFAbet Live Casino

There is no shortage of casino games that can be played in UFAbet. Browse through a handful of thrilling online casino games at the comfort of your home. Or if you’re elsewhere, whether it would be at a coffee shop or outdoors in general, you can play them wherever and whenever. They made playing games and online betting available on smart devices. Talk about convenience right at your fingertips!

Play roulette, black jack, poker and more! But perhaps, there’s no better game to play on UFAbet other than Baccarat. Regardless of which you decide to play, there’s a variety of sub-options for each game you would wish to play so you’ll never run out of choice. One thing you’ll love about this great selection of handpicked online games is how helpful the guides and tips are. Pretty much every kind of game has its dedicated page or section for rules and guides. This encourages new players to be familiar with the games they haven’t tried yet.

Top providers: SA Gaming

UFAbet Slots

Across your favorite developer of slot games, your favorites are in here. It’s not even hard to stumble upon a slot game that can offer you free spin, too! Select the theme of your liking. Whether it would be Golden Chicken, Child of Wealth or Prosperity Tree, you’d find one that suits your taste for sure.

All slot games are handpicked and guaranteed world-class. Similar to all the online casino games available on UFAbet, slot games are also conveniently available on smart devices.

For those who just can’t get enough of playing slot games, installing the game on your iOS or Android devices is a miracle indeed. Gone are the days when your gaming habit is limited and quite a hassle.

Needed assistance? Your favorite slot games come with their dedicated page or section of helpful guides to walk you through. Now even beginners can enjoy diving deep into each game with no worries at all.

Top providers: Evolution Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, SA Gaming

UFAbet User Experience

If the overall experience can be summed up in the fewest words possible, that is “just-right”. UFAbet is not perfect by any means, but it doesn’t hold back in delivering a promising online gaming and gambling experience. There are no shortages of options which mostly result in an engaging play.

There’s nothing new that UFAbet offers and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad thing. Although it lacks uniqueness and distinguishable aspects, what it does not lack is its consistency. Being consistent across all the gambling essentials influenced the service they are trying to achieve. News, highlights and tips, what more can you ask for?

The user interface is your typical casino-feel. It’s very easy to navigate around and you’d naturally feel familiar with no difficulty despite if it is your first time on their website. The same thing can be said with their games that are made available on smart devices.

UFAbet Customer Service

If there is anything that you need assistance of, the only people to go to is through customer service. Luckily, there are several ways to raise your concerns with UFAbet. You may contact them directly on their call center numbers or message them through LINE. Also, there is an option for you to reach them via live chat.

Starting with live chat, they are very responsive and you can expect an answer in a very timely manner. This helps if the only time you have is to enjoy another round of poker or something else. They are very polite and perhaps one of the friendliest.

The majority of their games including sports betting has their own dedicated page, a blog, or a section where everything is explained well in details making it less of a necessity to contact their customer support.

UFAbet Contact Information

  • LINE: @ufabet.service
  • Contact Center: 091 763 1111 / 091 764 1111

UFAbet Details

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