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Mansion88 Review

Mansion88 is one of the leading online casinos in Asia and aims to hit global success, too. Will this goal see the light of the day?

Today’s review will undoubtedly not provide the best answer to that question. Instead, we’ll focus on what makes them determined to do so. Amidst the rise of so many online gambling sites, it gets tougher and tougher each day to outsmart your competition.

It’s a choice between whether to isolate from the norm by trying out new stuff, or completely stick to what is safe and is proven to work. Not all companies can afford to take the risk.

While Mansion88 did not choose the latter, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that they still deliver a very promising service to be reckoned with. Offering a variety of slots and table games, interactive live casinos, and football betting, they are never short of exciting entertainment.

It can perhaps be one of the best websites to do all that in one place. This review will help you understand why.

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Mansion88 Pros and Cons


list arrowSafe and secured transactions
list arrowSelection of bonuses, free credits, spins, rebates and more
list arrowQuality customer service
list arrowMultiple languages available
list arrowMultiple currencies across countries or region
list arrowMany selections of sports betting, slots, live games and more
list arrowSimple UI


list arrowLimited international customer support line
list arrowAwkward menu selection

Mansion88 Bonuses

Bluntly speaking, Mansion88 could use a lot of better promotions when compared to its competitors. Not saying that they’re all bad, though.

Unlike any other online casino out there, Mansion88 offers rebates and deals for a much lower amount which is kind of a letdown. With such a good reputation of being one of the biggest companies in Asia, it may throw some people off.

On the brighter side of things, they make it up with their welcome bonus of 125% for new players. This is one of the highest bargains for any newcomers for an online casino. You can check their terms and conditions for more detailed information including qualifications and restrictions. Commendably, they made a great job of indicating all of these on the same page including the countries that this bonus is applicable and the games that are eligible for it.

Bonuses are not just about playing slots free with bonus or free spins. They also offer reloads and a bunch of tournaments to look forward to. Referring a friend also earns you a bonus which is uncommon but helpful, nonetheless. All promotions allow you the chance to improve your profit margin and they are mostly achievable.

Mansion88 Banking

list arrowMinimum deposit: MYR 30, USD10, IDR 100K,000, CNY 50, THB 250, VND 100K, KRW 10,000
list arrowDeposit methods: Online Deposit, Bank Transfer, Mobile Deposit
list arrowWithdrawal methods:  Local Bank Transfer
list arrowWithdrawal limits: MYR 50,000, USD 15,000
list arrowSupported currencies:  MYR, USD, IDR, CNY, THB, VND, KRW

Mansion88 Sportsbook

Mansion88’s sportsbook will put other online casinos to shame. They categorized their selection in 3, Sports, Virtual Sports, and mSports.

The Sports section is the main go-to for traditional sports betting. Bet on your favorites such as Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Cricket, Darts, Table Tennis, and more. You can view upcoming match-ups and events or choose to view the current ones for the day. You also have to option to view the sports of your choice live. A quick and smart filter will easily sort things you wanted to see which makes everything a lot easier. Worrying where to find what you need is not going to be a problem at all.

Virtual Sports are all about simulated sports. Enjoy a selection of rare and fun games such as Lucky Six which is a fun number game you should try, Lucky X, Greyhound Races, Horse Racing, Motorcycle Speedway, Next Six, and Slot Car Races. Smart options for special online betting are also available for a more diverse way of playing sports betting.

Lastly, mSports is currently unavailable at the time of this writing. However, the previous iteration of the page shows that it is very similar to their other Sports page. The only difference is that at the time, Virtual Sports shares the same page with Sports.

Mansion88 Live Casino

Asia was the first in the world to fully embrace live dealer games due to the fact that it brings a different level of realism and over-all feel of an actual casino despite being at the comfort of one’s home.

Going against actual human players rather than artificial intelligence achieves a more realistic experience. Mansion88 also nails on this aspect.

While the quantity of casino games isn’t that as many, each casino game is packed with great quality. Games from reputable and known developers, it’s not hard to see why it is the case. Because of this, you have the assurance of playing top-notch games from world-class providers. You can also play multi-table or multiple games at once if you wish.

Games to try are Sic Bo, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and more. Like all other casino websites, these live games can also be played portably on a smart device. QR codes can be scanned and the software can be downloaded smartphones running an Android operating system.

Top providers: Pragmatic Play, Asia Gaming

Mansion88 Slots

Slot games are mostly similar across all casino websites. The only major differences could be its graphics, interface, bonuses, pay lines, controls, and themes. For the most part, only on the aesthetic side of things. There are also different kinds such as the traditional slots or the progressive ones that can easily help you win big time. Mansion 88 has all that.

With such an enormous number of slot games to choose from, it’s not going to be surprising to feel intimidated about which game to try first. Highly recommended games for you to try are Double

Lucky Line, Jolly Roger, Dragon Shard, Relic Seekers, Wild Melon, Knight’s Saga, and Egyptian Dreams Deluxe. Obviously are tons more for you to explore on your own. Although it still all boils down to one’s preference, all games are just as thrilling.

Truth to be told, the filter option to narrow down a list of games you wanted to view is a bit clunky and can still do a little more work. Several button clicks are not that hard but can still save us time if they can be minimal.

Top providers: Play N’ Go, Soft Bet, Pragmatic Play

Mansion88 User Experience

How a website presents itself to its audience is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind if business owners wanted to attract customers. More than its look, it has to be utilized effectively in order to leave a great and positive impression on its users.

Who would want to go on a website with little to nothing going for it? Or perhaps, bombarded with unnecessary buttons and images?

Mansion88 isn’t the most brilliant example that excels on this facet. For the most part, it’s overall look and design do not reinvent how a typical online casino looks like.

This does not necessarily mean that it is a bad thing. In this case, it actually creates a very familiar feel which can really be helpful especially for new players or customers.

What Mansion88 manages to nail is the simplicity of things.

They are constantly categorizing their pages based on appropriate groups. You’ll never feel lost or have to struggle to find where exactly you needed to go.

Mansion88 Loyalty Program

Casino Cash Rebate 0.55%Casino Cash Rebate 0.60%Casino Cash Rebate 0.65%Casino Cash Rebate 0.70%Casino Cash Rebate 0.80%
mSports, Sports Cash Rebate 0.22%mSports, Sports Cash Rebate 0.22%mSports, Sports Cash Rebate 0.22%mSports, Sports Cash Rebate 0.25%mSports, Sports Cash Rebate 0.30%
Keno Cash Rebate 0.85%Keno Cash Rebate 0.85%Keno Cash Rebate 0.85%Keno Cash Rebate 0.90%Keno Cash Rebate 1%
Welcome, Birthday FreebetWelcome, Birthday FreebetWelcome, Birthday FreebetWelcome, Birthday FreebetHighest Welcome, Birthday Freebet
Priority Deposit, Withdrawal ProcessingPriority Deposit, Withdrawal ProcessingPriority Deposit, Withdrawal ProcessingPriority Deposit, Withdrawal ProcessingPriority Deposit, Withdrawal Processing
Higher Withdrawal LimitHigher Withdrawal LimitHigher Withdrawal LimitHigher Withdrawal LimitHigher Withdrawal Limit
Rewards Points – No ExpiryRewards Points – No ExpiryRewards Points – No ExpiryRewards Points – No ExpiryRewards Points – No Expiry
Dedicated VIP ConciergeDedicated VIP ConciergeDedicated VIP ConciergeDedicated VIP ConciergeDedicated VIP Concierge
Festive Gifts/TreatsFestive Gifts/TreatsFestive Gifts/TreatsFestive Gifts/Treats
Higher Bet LimitHigher Bet LimitHigher Bet Limit
Personalised Solutions
Private Diamond Club Access

Mansion88 Customer Service

We mostly associate customer services with the company’s flaws. While it is most reasonable, it isn’t the whole story.

Flaws are just as common to any other website. Without it, things can get stale and boring eventually as everything would remain the same with no changes or improvements.

Mansion88 has several ways to be contacted. The first is through email. The neat thing about sending them an email is that they have several emails for different kinds of concerns. What this means is that the recipient to whom you’ll send an email to will be specialized to discuss solutions for you.

You can also reach them via their call center however this seems to only be available for Malaysia so it is not toll-free. Alternatively, they have a live chat for quick and real-time responses.

Lastly, they also have a WhatsApp account as an alternate option.

Regardless of which method you decide to use, they’ll ensure to get back to you as promptly as they could.

Mansion88 Social Media

Mansion88 Contact Information

  • Mobile: +60149605285
  • Email:

Mansion88 Details

Withdrawal Methods
Withdrawal Limits
125% Welcome bonus

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Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.3 Overall Rating
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