Your Ultimate Guide For The Best Online Betting Sites In Singapore

Thinkbookie provides a unique tool to compare online casinos and sports betting online Singapore sites. We provide all our visitors with a complete guide to help them choose an Online Sportsbook best fitted to their needs.

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Finding the best sports betting online in Singapore is easy if you know where to look. Below, you’ll find five of the most reliable and enjoyable options our reviewers identified after ranking hundreds of online betting sites. Of course, Singapore is not a big country with nearly 5.954 million people as of 2022.

Free $25 Welcome BonusThis article sets out the legal status of online sports betting in Singapore. It also details the common deposit and withdrawal methods available in the country that have access to online sports betting.

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We'll help you find your favourite sportsbook

Are you having trouble finding the right online gambling platform? Don’t disappoint your hopes because we will help you choose the best Online betting site that suits your style and taste.

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Whether it’s sports betting, online casinos in Singapore, or slots and fishing games in Asia, ask us because we know the best among the rest. We ensure that our reviews are well-researched and curated by our professional punters in charge of studying every betting site from worst to most excellent. We will go through every angle and aspect of the popular and least-known betting sites globally.

We look into the bookmakers' bonus offers and how fast they can give these offers to their players. This includes sign-up offers, first deposit bonuses, rebates and cashback, and loyalty promotions. Furthermore, we check the type of games and providers each bookie offers. For example, if they have free slot games or the latest casino games for new members to try.

In terms of their online sports betting platform, we take a look at their odds and the number of betting categories they have. No information will pass our keen eyes and we make sure that what you're looking for in a bookmaker will be looked into by our ThinkBookie punters and professional reviewers.

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How Thinkbookie Rank The Best Online Sports Betting Sites In Singapore

Because there aren't nearly as many Singapore betting sites as there are in other countries, it's very important to pick reputable bookmakers.

In order to determine which Singapore online betting site is the best, our team of specialists takes a number of factors into account. This strategy allows players to see that the bookies we recommend have received high marks in the following areas.


Because not all betting sites you come across online are trustworthy, we make sure to emphasize safety as a major feature in our reviews of online sportsbooks. While we stand by all of the sites listed below, it's best to go with a trusted, established Singapore online sportsbook that has customers from across the planet. If you want to try your luck at one of the many online gambling Singapore brands out there, you'll need to do some research to find a reputable online casino or sportsbook. In the same vein, if you want to place a wager on a sporting event, you should do so only with a reliable gambling provider. After all, legal bookies have a lot of restrictions they must follow, including being very cautious with customers' personal information and money. Finding certified bookies is the first step you should take to guarantee your own safety.


Despite the fact that Singapore does not have the best environment for online gamblers, there is no lack of trustworthy offshore betting organizations that are eager to enhance your betting experience. With the meteoric rise of the online betting industry, most betting companies now provide the latest World Cup betting odds 2022 including odds on other major athletic events. Singaporeans not only wager on more mainstream sports like horse racing and cockfighting online, but they also spread the word about less mainstream events like lacrosse, bandy, as well as chess.


The chances (odds) for a given outcome in a particular sporting event are determined by bookmakers based on their analysis of the data. Fractional, decimal, and American are the three most typical representations of odds. As a result, you could come across odds of 3.00, which is equal to 2/1 in fractional odds and 200 in American odds. The odds are what set the payment for a winning bet. It is important to keep in mind that odds change frequently and that no online bookie in Singapore can offer the lowest prices on every wager. If you're serious about betting on the 2022 World Cup or the 2022 EPL, though, you should visit at least two more betting sites to compare the EPL betting odds 2022 or the Qatar World Cup odds to see if the market that you're particularly keen on is worth it.


Despite the allure of the welcome bonuses offered by the best Singapore betting sites to new customers, many punters are just as interested in the ongoing free bets, increased odds, reward programs, and other World Cup bet offers. And only a select few websites, due to their products and loyalty programs, deserve significant consideration as possibilities for new and returning clients both.


Unique elements that improve the sportsbook's betting experiences for clients are often what set one sportsbook apart from another. Bet builders, odds calculators, and other amazing services such as free livestream features aren't as widespread as they are in the UK. Acca Boots are also more common in the UK than in the rest of the world. The convenience with which a bettor may find the sports, markets, and official schedules on which they want to place wagers, such as the Premier League fixtures 2022 timetable, is crucial.


A majority of the population of Singapore, or around 4.8 million individuals, now has a smartphone. It's probably safe to assume that most Singaporeans who gamble have smartphones and would like to try out online betting websites on the go. Given the vastly greater number of people who have access to smartphones, the convenience of mobile betting apps over laptop or desktop gambling websites becomes overwhelming. The majority of Singaporeans may only have access to the Internet via their mobile phones. You can also play on the fly with no forward planning by using a mobile device to access online betting Singapore sites.


Providing first-rate customer service is a prerequisite for any reputable online bookmaker. Sports bettors in Singapore should prioritize sites with responsive support staff. You need to be able to get help quickly in the event of an emergency. The majority of online casinos offer multiple ways to contact customer service, including a live chat feature, email, and phone numbers. Of course, this assumes that they are cooperative enough to help you out. There will always be a time when you need help, no matter how experienced you are. Because of this, having a helpful and well-informed support team is crucial.


Due to prohibitions on many online gambling Singapore websites, local punters are often driven to use offshore bookies, highlighting the need for a Singapore-friendly online bookie's diverse deposit and withdrawal alternatives. For those who are looking to gamble in Singapore, there is a wide variety of banking choices to choose from. Most stores accept not only major credit cards and instant bank transfers but also eWallets and prepaid cards. If anonymity while betting is a top concern, you can utilize Bitcoin and other digital currencies at a number of today's offshore bookies. Players who wish to maintain the privacy of their financial dealings should only use cryptos or digital wallets to fund their betting accounts.


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Thinkbookie is such a great companion. It’s where I’ve discovered all the best online casino websites where I can really get my money’s worth. They even feature a great selection of the most up-to-date casino promos and bonuses.


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Available betting markets in Singapore

The number of sports lovers in Singapore, who watch a variety of games, continues to rise. That's why it's crucial for bookmakers to post odds for games all across the world. So, let's take a closer look at many of the most popular sports betting online Singapore websites.


Football has remained the most popular spectator sport on the planet for a long time. Even if the domestic league in Singapore isn't even close to being among the greatest in the world, the love that the people of Singapore have for the beautiful game is unrivaled. There are a number of domestic events offered at sportsbooks, but the real money is in the activity in the major European leagues.


Almost considered the national sport of Singapore next to football is basketball. The game has become a popular spectator sport in Singapore beyond just football. In contrast to the NBA and the EuroLeague, which both feature betting markets, the NBL may not be a popular choice. The Olympics and other significant international competitions may also occur around this time. The moneyline, total points, and the player to score the most points are the three most popular types of wagers.


Among the fastest growing sports in Singapore is cricket. The national team for men is often considered to be among the top 20 teams in the world, and their Test and One Day International games consistently draw large crowds. Every Singapore online betting site we recommend provides cricket betting markets, such as the most valuable batsmen, the total runs scored, the method of dismissal, and even who would also win the toss.


Singaporean badminton players consistently perform well at the international level. The high level of expertise and rapid tempo of play attracts players and bettors alike. Recently, there has been a massive influx of bets on badminton at online bookies. Wagers on the match winner, accurate score, game-winner, and -/+ spread are prevalent.

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Choosing the best Singapore online sports betting site

The variety of online gambling platforms in Singapore is expanding rapidly. Carefully consider your options before signing up with a betting site. However, despite appearances, this is much simpler than it sounds because there are so many identical-looking online bookies.

Therefore, locating the best online betting sites Singapore can be accomplished in a number of ways. If you want to bet on football or any other sport online, here are a few points to remember before joining up.

Check for online reviews

The Internet is rife with reviews from a wide variety of bookies, as well as a number of reputable betting review sites. These sites give in-depth comparisons of different service providers, highlighting their similarities and differences.

Take a closer look

Learn more about the odds, banking options, markets, and bonuses available, as well as whether or not your activities are legal. Review articles allow people who are in a hurry to get a feel for how a certain bookmaker operates.

Customer feedback matters

If you're used to playing games like online slots Singapore, blackjack, and roulette for free before placing a real money wager at an online casino, you might be dismayed to hear that gambling sites don't provide the same service. However, no obstacle prevents gamblers from physically entering a sportsbook and exploring their betting alternatives.

More importantly, it will demonstrate to potential purchasers how easy it is to care for. The opinions of current and former customers are usually the most trustworthy when it comes to giving a one-of-a-kind betting experience.


The general consensus about the trustworthiness of any given online casino should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. There exists curiosity about it, given how simple it is to get responses from the substantial proportion of online betting Singapore service providers, there is no excuse for ignoring this advice.

Overall experience

Expertise as a whole — Do not sign up for a playing account with a bookmaker who does not hold a current license issued by a government-issued gaming authority. If you do this, you could end up as the target of a scam or deception. We only list reputable, trustworthy, and legitimate betting sites below.

4.8 rating
4.3 rating
3.0 rating
3.0 rating
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  • Are Singapore Online Sportsbooks Safe?
    A lot of sportsbooks have safety features that show that the betting site is offering safe and secure betting services. There are many factors that one can consider to determine if the sportsbook is operating legally.
  • World Cup 2022 Betting Tips
    Little do most people know but 2022 is one of the most important years in the football industry. After scarce football activity in the past two years because of the pandemic, we will get another FIFA World Cup in November.
  • How Do You Pick a Winning Bet in Football?
    Winning bets are hard to come by in football betting. Not only due to the intense competition among bettors in the sport but ensuring a profitable win is also rare.
  • How Do Premier League Betting Odds Change?
    Injuries, however, are among the most typical reasons why the odds shift during the course of a football game. A match may also be stopped due to a red card, a substitution, a penalty, a goal, a change in the weather, or any other unforeseen circumstance.
  • How Does the World Cup Group Stage Work?
    In the FIFA World Cup, the 32 qualified teams are divided into eight groups of four teams. All of the 32 teams will play against the other three teams in their bracket in a round-robin format.
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FAQs About Betting Sites & Betting Bonuses

Online sports betting allows you to place a wager on any type of event across all sports disciplines. Sports betting online Singapore has several selections that you can include into your bets to maximize your sports gaming.
Online betting Singapore is strictly regulated in the city-state. However, the legality of the game is still vague, it is safe to place your bet on the site for guaranteed online casino gambling.
The gambling market is saturated with Singapore online sportsbook. However, you will easily find a reputable sportsbook like ThinkBookie that offers a myriad of surprising prizes.
Almost every betting site has bonuses and promotions available.

Take a look at the list of bonuses and promotions we've compiled. Make sure to check the rebates, cashback, turnover requirements and their validity period before signing up.
Yes. Most of the betting sites either old or new offer free bets as their bonus or promotions.

There are some instances that they offer this after you sign up or as a reload bonus.

You can compare different reload bonuses on our website so you can gauge your options in choosing the perfect gambling platform fro you.