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In 1983 I had the good fortune to meet Phil Keaggy. Olson #1 Fretboard Inlay But once I got through that backlog, I was able to make some adjustments. Abalone Top Border, Headstock Border, Rosette, and Back Strip In the morning after loading up the motor home it was off to the desert, Upon arrival it was set up camp and gas up the "Quads". All of the Brazilian JT Signature Model guitars have been sold. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Queen Annes Revenge, loyal sea dog, grog. Ebony Headstock Veneer w/MOP Olson Logo Top: Cedar I’d deliver a guitar to a customer only to see it show up on eBay for twice the price I had just delivered it at. With no controls on the guitar, you’ll have to rely on a good monitor engineer, or invest in one of the many acoustic guitar preamps available. 3 Ring BRW/Abalone Rosette I didn't know guitars could sound so good and play so well. Hoffee Case, Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides I’ve had several over the years, but I usually found that I ended up spending so much time teaching them and repairing mistakes that I preferred working alone. That’s just the nature of life and business. BRW/Abalone/BRW 3 Ring Rosette Left handers: Yes That’s how it is with guitar makers also. Bob was also interested in the Space Ship Company tour, and Doug was interested in seeing the new Taylor factory. His guitars were a little more expensive (nearly $1000! 2 9/32″ Spacing @ Saddle BRW Top, Fretboard & Headstock Borders You can never stop going forward. 3 Ring BRW/Abalone Rosette Two years later, however, his fortunes changed forever. Of course you could belt out street songs if you so desired, but this guitar cries out for the more sophisticated, subtle player. Cedar Soundboard 3 Ring BRW/Abalone Rosette MOP Diamond Inlay on Fretboard Bob and James.. Coincidentally, though, it was also the dawn of the disco era, and with its rise, came the fall of everything acoustic. Abalone Dove Fretboard Inlay BRW Bridge Cedar Top | 1955 D-18 | 1972 D-18 | D-28A 1937 | D-18A 1937 | D-18 GE | CS-Bluegrass-16 | D-21 Special | D-35 | OM-18V |. Life is a blessing and a gift! Two Taylor’s have changed my life. 3 Ring BRW/Abalone Rosette Chrome Gotoh 510 Tuners w/Ebony Buttons Gold Gotoh 510 Tuners w/Ebony Buttons Fossilized Nut, Saddle & Strap Button w/Abalone Dots Talked to the soundman after, and he said it was pretty much straight up with very little EQ or effects. Each JT Signature Model guitar bears a label personally signed by both James Taylor and Jim Olson, visible through the soundhole. At this price you expect perfection, and the Olson is certainly made with incredible attention to detail. Cutaway Said James Taylor: “They haven’t self-destructed on the road in the couple of decades that I’ve been giving them hell.”. These build photos are of a guitar that Jim made for Doug Shane, who at the time, was Burt Rutan’s right hand man and the lead test pilot for Scaled Composites. Here are some of the pictorial highlights from the trip. the night here with me, in the morning we can fly out to visit Doug and spend the day with him. Gold Gotoh 510 Tuners w/Ebony Buttons, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides Ebony Headstock Veneer w/MOP Olson Logo Spacing at bridge: 58mm But that's just my subjective opinion. Gold Gotoh 510 Tuners w “O” Logo/Ebony Buttons Cutaway BRW & Double Wide Abalone 3 Ring Rosette Wow!! Gold Gotoh 510 Tuners w/Ebony Buttons, Olson SJ #1168 Paua Partial Vine Fingerboard Inlay He doesn’t play guitar much anymore, though he occasionally accompanies his wife’s singing at church. Abalone Top Border, Rosette & Backstrip SOLD, Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides Ebony Headstock Veneer w/MOP “O” Logo You have got to learn the new chord, the next song. Most of Olson’s competitors toil in tiny workshops, crafting a few guitars a year. Ebony Headstock Veneer w/MOP “O” Logo Abalone Rosette Having no experience at this sort of thing, Jim was a bit like a “fish out of water” to start, but with a little help, he soon had the hang of it. Paua Top Border w/42 Style Fingerboard Extension 1 3/4″ Nut Width Almost every seasoned guitar maker has witnessed that nightmare scenario. Tree of Life Abalone Fretboard Inlay Today an impressive number of well-known players in styles spanning fingerstyle to bluegrass to country to pop are proud Olson owners, including Leo Kottke, David Wilcox, James Taylor, Graham Nash, Sting, and many others. [Webmaster’s note: Olson Guitars is now a one-man operation, producing somewhat more than this amount.]. MOP Dove Inlay on Fretboard production. I sold most of what I made to church members and friends just to buy more wood. The neck and headstock are bound in black plastic, while the body is trimmed in attractive mock tortoiseshell. Went to a worship conference a few years back, and sat in on a seminar with Brian Doerksen, one of the songwriting stalwarts of the Christian music industry. Cutaway Burgundy Calton Case w/ “O” Logo, Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides Herringbone Top Border & Backstrip Calton Case, Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides Flamed Koa Bindings Gold Gotoh 510 Tuners w/Ebony Buttons, Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides Players Say: "One of the finest acoustic guitar shops" Dream Guitars® is one of the finest acoustic guitar shops I know of.All the instruments are high quality and Paul is extremely knowledgeable about each and every one in the store. We were trying to figure out how to coordinate it all when Bob graciously said ” How about we take our jet”. JT model SJs come fitted with LR Baggs transducers; very open-sounding and natural, with perhaps the least ‘electro-acoustic’ sound of any. Calton Case w/ “O” Logo, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

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