Yes8sg Review

There are lots of online gambling Singapore sites readily available right now for everyone to try. Gamblers of different kinds are in the dilemma of figuring out which online casino would be the best pick. Lucky for you, web casino reviews like this exist to bring you an in-depth knowledge of what sets each of them apart.

Today, we’ll be doing a review of Yes8sg and we’re going to take a closer look at whether this Singapore online casino is truly worth your every penny and time.

At first glance, you can immediately tell that you are in for a treat. First, you’ll quickly see the real-time counter of the progressive jackpot increasing every second. This tells you how huge the number of existing members is active in Yes8sg. From the scrolling images of the homepage, you’ll find several exclusive offers you can look forward to once you sign up as a member.

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yes8sg Pros and Cons

Like all other online betting websites, they come with its pros and cons. Here are just some of the notable ones for Yes8sg


list arrowSafe and secured transactions and services
list arrowTons of bonuses and free credits
list arrowMultiple languages available
list arrowMany selections of betting games and betting styles
list arrowVirtual sports betting
list arrowMobile gaming


list arrowselected access to different region/countries

yes8sg Bonuses

The sheer number of available bonuses and promos available in Yes8sg is astounding. Simply put, whether you are into online casino games or football betting, there’s one that you can benefit from. At its surface, both new members and long-time ones can enjoy this assortment of bonuses. This Singapore online casino mixes things up with regular new additions to keep things fresh.

Unlike the many other online casino websites in its competition, their bonuses are more often than not, achievable. Meaning, you don’t need to put that much effort just so you can claim them. This is truly a winning formula to keep all kinds of players invested. Everyone wins.

What makes everything an absolute win is that cashing out is easy, too. There are a ton of rebates, gifts, rewards, starter packs, challenges, and freebies that are not limited to newcomers or long-time players of Yes8sg. They also offer referral bonuses and perfect attendance bonuses.

Banking at yes8sg

list arrowMinimum deposit: SGD 30
list arrowDeposit methods: Debit/Credit Card, Online Banking, Cash Deposit Machine, DBS PayNow
list arrowWithdrawal methods: Debit/Credit Card, Online Banking, Cash Deposit Machine, DBS PayNow
list arrowWithdrawal limits: N/A
list arrowSupported currencies: SGD

yes8sg Sportsbook

Live betting: Yes

Sports enthusiasts as well as sports betting fans will enjoy the variety of action and entertainment that Yes8sg has to offer. You can immediately tell right off the bat that a lot of care and thought was spent to deliver the unique sports betting Singapore experience.

Two of the sportsbook options are mainly focused on traditional sports like basketball, horse racing, golf, football betting, etc. There’s also something for Esports fans as they are newly added in the already-huge roster of amazing and recognizable sports. Betting is now bigger and better because of this.

Similar to other online gambling Singapore websites, live betting is available, too. This means you can place your bets even during the event itself. Additionally, unique to Yes8sg is their dedicated section for Virtual sports. Now you do sports betting even when there’s no major sports event in real life because it isn’t restricted by any date, time, and even unexpected circumstances.

yes8sg Live Casino

Yes8g isn’t just about sports. Admittedly, there are not many options when it comes to game providers but the number shouldn’t be an issue at all simply because the providers themselves are the biggest and most reputable names in the online betting market.

That being said, you can expect to enjoy your favorite online casino games such as poker games, baccarat, and all the other table card games in its highest quality. A good Singapore online casino knows to find the balance between the variety available to that of quality. With these providers as your option guarantees a truly unique online casino Singapore experience.

You can play with friends or go against random people online wherever they may be. Play at your most convenient time as you take the game with you on-the-go. Yes8sg allows its players to enjoy all these in any major device that’s capable to connect to the internet. Testing them all out is just as satisfying as one would expect.

Top Providers: SA Gaming, Dream Gaming, AE Sexy, Allbet, Evolution

yes8sg Slots

It is quite common that every casino in Singapore is filled with many slot game variations. Yes8sg is no exception. Similar to their partnerships with developers and providers for online casino games, they have teamed up with only the biggest names in the slot gaming industry. What this means is that everyone gets to enjoy the best of slot games in the market.

While each provider offers a wide selection of play styles and multiple variations or categories, all games offer the same rewarding gaming experience. Simply put, the huge library of slot games they have managed to build is exceedingly good for an online gambling Singapore website’s standard.

Something you won’t regret learning about is that they indeed offer slots free with a bonus! This is especially beneficial to those players either new to the concept of online gambling or a veteran seeking to sign up as a new member. Everybody wins!

Top Providers: Spade Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Ultimate Classic, SA Gaming, MEGA888, 918Kiss, Play ‘N Go

yes8sg Loyalty Program


list arrowCustomer manager support
list arrowMonthly reload amount of SGD 50,000
list arrowBirthday Bonus of SGD 288
list arrowSlot game rebate bonus of 0.80%
list arrowLive game rebate bonus of 0.60%
list arrowSport game rebate bonus of 0.80 %
list arrowYearly reward of one gift
list arrowMaximum daily rebate of SGD 6,000


list arrowCustomer manager support
list arrowMonthly reload amount of SGD 150,000
list arrowBirthday Bonus of SGD 388
list arrowSlot game rebate bonus of 0.80%
list arrowLive game rebate bonus of 0.70%
list arrowSport game rebate bonus of 0.90 %
list arrowYearly reward of one gift
list arrowMaximum daily rebate of SGD 7,000


list arrowCustomer manager support
list arrowMonthly reload amount of SGD 500,000
list arrowBirthday Bonus of SGD 888
list arrowSlot game rebate bonus of 0.90%
list arrowLive game rebate bonus of 0.90%
list arrowSport game rebate bonus of 1 %
list arrowYearly reward of two gifts
list arrowMaximum daily rebate of SGD 8,000


list arrowCustomer manager support
list arrowMonthly reload amount of SGD 1,000,000
list arrowBirthday Bonus of SGD 1,888
list arrowSlot game rebate bonus of 1%
list arrowLive game rebate bonus of 1%
list arrowSport game rebate bonus of 1.20%
list arrowUnlimited VIP withdraw service
list arrowYearly reward of three gifts
list arrowUnlimited maximum daily rebate

yes8sg User Experience

You’d say “yes” to Yes8sg user experience! While this online casino Singapore website isn’t visually outstanding by any means, you are going to miss a ton of good opportunities that may await you if you solely base your judgment on how an online betting website looks. It is, at its simplest form, the perfect example of how one shouldn’t be judging a book completely by its cover.

As mentioned in the earlier parts of this review so far, it proves that Yes8sg is more than capable of delivering a true Singapore online casino experience. Even if there is nothing special in its visual presentation or execution, it doesn’t affect the functions that it is supposed to accomplish. In a lot of ways, it does not define what user experience is all about.

Navigating through every nook and cranny of the website felt familiar and natural. There are menus that can be a tad clunky at times, but it doesn’t necessarily ruin the experience overall. There is a helpful FAQ section that can always come in handy whenever you feel the need for help.

yes8sg Customer Service

It is important for some players to seek validation to have peace of mind even before they get started. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It is rather important to pay attention to every detail of what an online casino has in store for its customers instead of going all out on a blindfold. This includes terms and conditions, as well as its customer service.

Any business of any kind isn’t without its flaws. No company will ever be perfect and no one is even going to try. Preventing all the unexpected mishaps or problems they may encounter is the least they can do to prove their trustworthiness. Becoming open and reachable in every means possible is the best way to build a healthy relationship with them and their customers.

Luckily for us, Yes8sg offers a number of ways to contact them. Whether it would be through their 24/7 contact centers or even through social media accounts, they are willing to help. They’ve got plenty of contacts on other communications services as well such as LINE, Telegram, and WeChat. You can also send them a more traditional email or use their quick-access live chat available on their website.

yes8sg Social Media


yes8sg Contact Information

LINE: yes8sg
WeChat: yes8sg96
Customer Support: +6590560838
Mobile number: +6587302936

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